Product Description

Superior Storage

SMARTSTORE® is ideal for areas where infrastructure is undeveloped, large containers are not permitted, storage space is limited, and surrounding roads have restricted load conditions. It’s perfect for swap and tandem operations, supplying multiple customers in one trip, and onsite refueling in remote or temporary locations.

Superior Design

  • Multi-receptacle design allows for fast fueling and defueling
  • Cylinder arrangement allows for easy drainage of compressor oil and liquids
  • Easy access to all piping and valves from front and backside of the module
  • Robust steel frame has Swagelok fittings, all stainless steel tubing, and no welded piping
  • Boss mounting eliminates surface damage to tanks from metal straps
  • Optional cascade design for operation with mobile compressor stations

Superior Safety

SMARTSTORE® modules and trailers come equipped with a state-of-the-art fire protection system. If the ambient temperature surrounding the tanks reaches 230 F/110 C, the tank contents will be released to the top of the module and vented into the atmosphere.

Inspections & Service

SMARTSTORE® modules are certified to ISO 11439 and are ADR/TPED approved. National regulations may require periodic reinspection. If not required, Hexagon recommends performing periodic reinspection to ISO 1149:2000 with visual inspection every 36 months according to ISO19078 where applicable and in line with our inspection manual. Our systems are designed and built to be maintenance free over their services life. They may require reinspection and service after accidents or other unscheduled events.


SMARTSTORE® Specifications

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