• Promotion of biogas and biomethane according with the European and National policies on energy, environment and agriculture.
  • Growth of farming activities, driving a sustainable integration between agro-energy production and livestock farming with benefits for the environment (less CO2 emissions), the soil (less Nitrates) and the farm’s income.
  • Optimization of production processes to improve the management of biogas plant, through the combination of Anaerobic Digestion technologies with other industrial and agricultural practices, fostering an ecological agricultural intensification and increasing the resilience of farmers to ongoing climate change effects following the principles of Biogasdoneright®.
  • Social and economic development by creating new jobs and the valorisation of the territory.



  • Lobby and relationship with European and National regulatory authorities to promote and support the development of biogas and biomethane sector.
  • Technical services for the Members in the following fields:
    • Energy
    • Legal
    • Agronomy
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Certification (currently under implementation)
  • Field Trials to test crop varieties and intercropping, digestate distribution techniques, agriculture mechanization improvements, conservative agriculture, irrigation and fertigation systems, agronomic knowledge dissemination.
  • Research & Development: CIB coordinates and takes part to research projects concerning biogas, gasification, biomethane and biomethane liquefaction, Power-to-gas, carbon capture storage (CCS) and new biomasses utilization, collaborating with Universities, Research institutes and consulting firms. CIB provides training and information, working with Local Communities to disseminate the principles of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy.
  • CIB currently joins three H2020 projects: Biosurf  (BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel); ISAAC (Increasing Social Awareness and ACceptance of biogas and biomethane); Sabana (Sustainable Algae Biorefinery for Agriculture aNd Aquaculture).
  • Organization of Biogas Italy, the main biogas and biomethane event in Italy.
  • Participation to conferences, fairs and exhibition on biogas & biomethane, gasification, co-generation, agriculture & livestock, renewable energies.
  • Publication of CIB’s quarterly house organ Biogas Informa in Italian and English, periodical newsletters and a daily press review on biogas and gasification.

Opportunity for CIB Members:

  • Discount in the main agriculture & bioenergy fairs: Ecomondo (Rimini), Fieragricola (Verona).
  • Participation to Biogas Italy, the annual meeting of the biogas producers in Italy, as exhibitor, sponsor or speaker.
  • Be involved in workshops and events organized by CIB regarding the Members’ technologies and activities.
  • One free advertisement on the Quarterly Biogas Informa and CIB’s newsletter.
  • Special prices for advertising on the magazine, technical publications, website, newsletters.
  • Publication and distribution of articles about the technologies of the company; dissemination of corporate events among all CIB Members and contacts, also through CIB press office.


  • Associations and NGOs

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