Biogas & Biomethane: Products of efficient and sustainable use of resources


EBA’s strategic vision – EU biogas and biomethane potential


Biogas is a versatile energy source and the EBA goal is that the fuel will contribute at least 1.5% of the EU’s primary energy mix corresponding to about 5% of the EU’s natural gas consumption (in energy equivalent terms).


EBA believes that there is a realistic overall potential for biogas production from anaerobic digestion of at least 30 billion m3/year. Thermal biomass gasification is developing rapidly and, with the right support, is capable of contributing substantial volumes of syngas and biomethane. Taken together, a conservative estimate for the total production of biomethane is 50 billion m3 per year. With the right policies in place, by 2030, the industry could produce renewable energy equivalent to approximately 10% of EU’s current natural gas consumption, for use for electricity generation, heating/cooling and as a transportation fuel.


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