Mission & Vision

RNG Coalition advocates and educates for sustainable development, deployment and utilization of renewable natural gas so that present and future generations will have access to domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy.

Sustainable Methane Abatement & Recycling Timeline (SMART) is our initiative to capture and control methane produced from the 43,000+ aggregated organic waste sites in North America by 2050, achieving meaningful benchmarks by 2025, 2030 and 2040.

Education & Advocacy

RNG Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable advancement of renewable natural gas (RNG) as a clean, green, alternative and domestic energy resource – and as a key component and partial solution to addressing global climate change.

RNG Coalition was formed to provide an education platform and advocacy voice for the protection, preservation and promotion of the renewable natural gas industry in North America.

Advocacy and education inform public policy. Public policies influence markets. Markets drive demand. Demand determines value. Value impacts revenue. Revenue correlates with sustainability.

Through effective advocacy and education we protect and expand existing markets, and created additional and diverse market demand for RNG.

We support RNG produced from all feedstocks, using competing and sustainable technologies for all sustainable end-use applications.

Coalition Members

RNG Coalition members do not merely sign-up or pay member dues to join our industry organization, they put significant skin in the game by engaging, sharing resources, perspective and expertise. The result? A vested group of entities and individuals with a high level of loyalty to the organization and commitment to carry out our shared industry mission and vision.

RNG Coalition is proud to lead and represent the RNG industry in North America – from Fortune 500 companies to small business and non-profit organizations – including feedstock owners, waste collection, waste management & recycling companies, renewable energy developers and gas producers, engineers, financiers, investors, gas and electric power marketers, gas and power transporters, fueling stations, fleets and transportation companies, technology manufacturers & service providers, environmental advocates, research organizations, organized labor, law firms, cities, counties, airports, ports, municipalities, universities and utilities

Action Plan


  • Advance Pro-RNG Policies that grow demand in fuel, heat, power and products.
  • Bolster RNG’s environmental credibility.
  • Enhance RNG’s economic competitiveness.
  • Expand RNG access to residential, commercial and industrial customers. diverse markets – regulated and voluntary – without losing sight of the fundamentals and the principal markets that have brought us to this point.
  • Grow relationships in Congress to develop ‘RNG Champions.’
  • Expand engagement with FERC.
  • Support biofuel tax credits.
  • Expedite new pathway consideration while ensuring any new volumes is accounted for in the annual RVO.
  • Legislative direction to utilize RNG to help meet state energy and transportation objectives.
  • Legislative direction to study RNG feedstock availability, identify barriers, and offer policy recommendations to overcome barriers.
  • Authorize, incentivize or require the utilization of gas from renewable sources.
  • Support LCFS legislation where introduced.
  • Provide cost relief for pipeline interconnections.
  • Authorize, incentivize or require gas utilities to conduct RNG injection pilot projects.
  • Deem RNG projects to be “carbon free” for the purposes of various climate change programs.
  • Create funds to provide grants to facilitate RNG project development.
  • Create a tax exemption or tax credit for investments in biomethane facilities.
  • Ensure favorable treatment of RNG in established LCFS programs.
  • Advance RNG’s role in building decarbonization.
  • Support state-sponsored and regional RNG and LCFS studies.
  • Promote RNG in RPS programs.
  • Intervene in gas quality tariffs to ensure reasonable access rules that ensure pipeline integrity.


Annual Events

  • We will host our annual RNG SUMMIT (May 11). This event highlights our RNG Policy Forum, followed by an evening reception. Members may also be invited to join delegations to participate in and experience RNG Coalition staff’s ongoing advocacy efforts, for a full day of Capitol Hill meetings to educate key federal policy makers and regulatory agency personnel about RNG and legislation or regulations relevant to the RNG industry.

  • We will host our annual RNG WORKS Technical Workshop & Trade Expo in Nashville, TN (Sept.29-30). This event is a two day technical workshop & expo for international RNG industry operators and vendors to educate, demonstrate and promote industry best practices, discuss financial, development and technical aspects of relevance to RNG projects and showcase RNG-related technologies, capabilities, innovation, services and applications.

  • We will host North America’s annual RNG CONFERENCE in Dana Point, California (Dec. 13-16). This event is a four-day policy, market, politics, strategy and networking conference for RNG Industry Executives to receive real-time updates on relevant political, policy and market developments, to strategize, and celebrate RNG Coalition Member accomplishments, discuss ideas and recalibrate for the work ahead in the New Year.


Commitment to our Members


We will serve all RNG Coalition Members with professional, personal and timely attention – and strive to exceed all expectations, including as follows:


We will think, plan and develop with the RNG industry’s best immediate and long-term interests in mind.


We will provide a clear, strong and unified voice for the RNG industry.


We will listen to and value feedback from all RNG Coalition Members.


We will clearly and consistently communicate pertinent information to our Members in the most timely and professional manner possible.


We will always respect and keep Member’s confidential business information private.


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