The RNG Coalition advocates for renewable natural gas development and deployment so that present and future generations will have access to domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy supply.


The RNG Coalition is a member-led non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of renewable natural gas (biogas, biomethane or 'RNG') as a clean, green, alternative and domestic energy resource.

The RNG Coalition was formed to provide an education platform and advocacy voice for the protection, preservation and promotion of the renewable natural gas industry.

The RNG Coalition's diverse membership proudly includes each sector of the RNG industry: waste collection, waste management & recycling companies, renewable energy developers, engineers, financiers, gas marketers, gas transporters, technology manufacturers & providers, environmental advocates, research organizations, organized labor, law firms, utilities and ratepayers.



Members of the Coalition do not merely sign-up to join, they put significant skin in the game. The result? A vested group of individuals and organizations with a high level of expectation. You get what you pay for.

The Coalition is proud to represent member companies from each sector of the RNG industry, including business intelligence, waste collection, waste management & recycling companies, renewable energy developers, engineers, financiers, gas and electric power marketers, gas transporters, technology manufacturers & service providers, environmental advocates, research organizations, organized labor, law firms and utilities.

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The RNG Coalition will continue to place a heavy emphasis on public policy advocacy, as it is a fundamental creator of markets and driver of demand. Rules and regulations impact project feasibility, profitability, sustainability, and ultimately determine where or whether RNG Coalition Members will build new RNG projects.

We will measure our level of engagement on each policy by its potential impact on the viability of existing or future RNG projects. Our priority necessitates protection of operating RNG projects. Our priority also necessitates the development and growth of favorable markets for RNG. To the extent a policy impacts more than RNG, we will focus our advocacy on the relevant components impacting RNG and comment on the whole only as it relates to RNG and the RNG industry.

Prior to all policy engagement, we will ask:

Does our engagement best position the RNG industry in North America to double in size over the next 10 years?

Entering 2016, the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) and California Low Carbon Fuel Standard(LCFS) are having the most significant impact on RNG industry growth, project development and product deployment. As such, we will continue to advocate for RNG within these and similar federal, state and provincial policies. We will consider both the immediate and long-term effects of our policy positions on the RNG industry.

Non-discriminatory pipeline access and realistic gas quality standards are critical to the viability of RNG projects. We will continue to advocate for both in California and throughout North America.

Financial incentives like cap and trade revenue, grant programs, and tax credits impact the financial viability of RNG projects. We will work with federal, state and provincial governments and allies to better position the RNG industry to gain eligibility for and take advantage of these incentives.



Public awareness of renewable natural gas is growing, but given the nature of politics and the size of the RNG industry, we still have much work to do. We will continue to utilize social and traditional media to increase awareness and understanding of RNG.

We will continue to educate policy makers at the federal, state and provincial levels about the economic and environmental benefits of RNG so that they can make well- informed policy decisions regarding RNG.

We will collect, develop and share relevant data and research to substantiate RNG policy and education claims, and to inform and equip our Members.

We will host the RNG 2016 Conference to bring the renewable natural gas industry together. We will promote best practices and work to enhance a civil dialogue about the best ways help the RNG industry grow and thrive. We will host the first RNG Expo to showcase companies and technologies. We will attend and speak at relevant conferences and events and educate potential allies about the nexus between natural gas, biogas and RNG.




We will serve all RNG Coalition Members with personal and timely attention – always attempting to exceed your expectations.



We will provide a clear, strong and unified voice for the RNG industry.



We will think long-term with the RNG industry’s best interest in mind.



We will listen to and value Member feedback.



We will clearly and consistently communicate pertinent information to our Members.



We will respect and keep Member’s confidential business information private.



We will advocate for the protection and advancement of the RNG industry.


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