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Title Main Topic Location End Date
Odor Treatment Odor TreatmentCanada2018-10-01
Organic Sorting for Biogas Plant SortingCroatia2018-10-12
Study of Anaerobic Digestion Potential for Transport Application - Cotentin BiomethaneFrance2018-09-24
Utility Vehicles CNGBelgium2018-09-24
Sample R & I Flowcharts for Biogas Production Plants Professional ServicesGermany2018-09-24
Purchase of New Suburban Buses and Their Maintenance Services - CNG CNGLithuania2018-09-25
Public-Service Transport CNGCzech Republic2018-09-25
Three Lab Bioreactor Systems Biogas & RNG SystemsUnited States2018-09-25
Design of Four (4) Landfill Gas Collection System Expansions Professional ServicesCanada2018-09-26
Installation Works - WWTP Professional ServicesCanada2018-09-26
Water Pollution Control Facility Digester Improvements Phase Ii Professional ServicesUnited States2018-09-26
Lviv Wastewater Biogas Project BiogasUkraine2018-09-27
Legal, Technical and Economic Study for the Realization of A Closed Biogas Network Linked to an Agricultural Biogas Unit Professional ServicesFrance2018-09-27
CNG Combination Truck-Sewer VehiclesUnited States2018-09-27
Solid Waste Management Plan - Identification and Evaluation Professional ServicesCanada2018-09-27
Landfill Gas System Operations and Maintenance Professional ServicesUnited States2018-09-27
Biogas Potential Assessment in Timor-Leste Professional ServicesEast Timor2018-09-27
Design and Production of Biomethane Grid Injection Unit and Connected Work At Clos De Hilde WWTP UpgradingFrance2018-09-28
Biogas Works At Isdnd of Tienne Professional ServicesFrance2018-09-28
Design-Build Contract for the Construction of an Anaerobic Digestion Unit with Biogas Purification EPCFrance2018-10-01
Delivery of 9 Low-Emission Buses with CNG Engine CNGCzech Republic2018-10-01
Biogas Boiler - Services Professional ServicesUnited States2018-10-02
Measuring Equipment EquipmentDenmark2018-10-02
Renewable Liquefied Natural Gas Supply RNGUnited States2018-10-02
Biogas and Natural Gas Supply Professional ServicesSweden2018-10-03
Purchase of New Gas Bus VehiclesSweden2018-10-03
Landfill Gas Civil Works Professional ServicesCanada2018-10-03
Landfill Gas Vertical Well Installation Professional ServicesCanada2018-10-03
CNG Bus-Fueling Facilities Repair and Maintenance Services CNGCanada2018-10-03
Digester Improvements and Rehabilitation Professional ServicesUnited States2018-10-03
Public-Private Partnership: Renewable Energy Projects MiscellaneousUnited States2018-10-04
Construction and Operation of 3 Biogas Plants (Energy Stations) Biogas & RNG SystemsNorway2018-10-08
Equipment for Biogas, Ram, and Load Management EquipmentNorth Korea2018-10-08
Design and Develop an Organic Waste Greenhouse Gas (Ghg) Calculator Professional ServicesCanada2018-10-09
Provision of Odorant Intensity Assessor Services to Gni Professional ServicesIreland2018-10-09
CNG Delivery CNGPoland2018-10-09
Closure of Landfill Cells - Let of Valoris Professional ServicesCanada2018-10-09
Heavy Duty CNG Buses VehiclesCanada2018-10-10
Digester Mixing Improvements Professional ServicesUnited States2018-10-10
Organics Processing Professional ServicesCanada2018-10-10
Road-Maintenance Vehicles VehiclesGermany2018-10-11
CNG Passenger Road Vehicles CNGCzech Republic2018-10-11
Biosolids Processing Professional ServicesCanada2018-10-12
Liquefied Natural Gas Supply Call for projectsCanada2018-10-15
Partnership Invite - Treatment Technologies to Convert Digestate Into A Suitable Fertilizer Partnership invitationSpain2018-10-15
Organics Infrastructure Grants Funding opportunityUnited States2018-10-15
Services for Project Activities in the Area of Biogas Technology in South Africa Professional ServicesAustria2018-10-15
RNG Purchase RNGUnited States2018-10-15
High-Quality Organic Fertilisers from Biogas Digestate Funding opportunityBelgium2018-10-16
CNG Procurement CNGNetherlands2018-10-19
Monitoring of Groundwater, Waste Produced (Leachate), Biogas and Air Quality Professional ServicesItaly2018-10-19
Anaerobic Digester/ Biodigester for Swine and Poultry Farms Biogas & RNG SystemsUruguay2018-10-19
Landfill Engineering Services Professional ServicesCanada2018-10-19
Public-Service Buses NGV and Fueling StationsCzech Republic2018-10-19
Motor Vehicles CNGBelgium2018-10-22
CNG Fuel Station Maintenance CNGUnited States2018-10-25
Bioenergy Program Funding opportunityCanada2018-10-31
Call for Projects - Acquisition, Implementation and Commercialization of Technologies to Reduce Ghg Emissions Funding opportunityCanada2018-11-16
Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program Call for projectsUnited States2018-12-15
Climate & Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia BiogasIndia2018-12-31
Call for Applications - Natural Gas Innovation Fund Funding opportunityCanada2018-12-31
Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Storage Solutions Call for projectsUnited States2018-12-31
Partnership Invite - Biogas Plant Builder from Germany, Austria Or Switzerland Partnership invitationItaly2019-01-15
Combined Heat and Power Grant Program Funding opportunityUnited States2019-02-15

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