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Title Main Topic Type Location Date Added End Date
Revelstoke Landfill Design and Operation Plan Update landfillRFPCanada2018-05-302018-06-27
Digester & External Double Membrane Gas Holder DigesterRFPIndia2018-02-072018-08-07
Renewable Energy Installations - Request for Proposals Funding opportunityRFQUnited States2018-05-292018-06-25
Supply and Installation of an Anaerobic Digestion Plant and A Biogas Cogeneration Plant EquipmentExpression of InterestItaly2018-06-122018-06-25
Delivery of Biogas BiogasRFPSweden2018-05-242018-06-26
Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Renewable Energy CreditsRFPUnited States2018-06-012018-06-26
Final Works At Bellechasse Landfill landfillRFPCanada2018-05-302018-06-27
Refuse-Collection Vehicles - Run on Compressed Biogas VehiclesRFPNorway2018-05-302018-06-28
Biogas, Groundwater, Surface and Leachate Analysis Campaigns At the Landfill of West At Laurent-Du-Maroni and Community of Apatou. landfillRFPFrance2018-06-032018-06-28
Conception-Construction of an Anaerobic Digestion Site with Biogas Purification and Injection Into the Distribution Network in the Municipality of Maen Roch RNGRFPFrance2018-04-182018-06-29
Purchase of Mobile Gas Flakes EquipmentRFPCanada2018-05-142018-06-29
Final Coverage and Biogas Management of Zone 3 of Landfill At Chezy landfillRFPFrance2018-05-302018-07-02
Delivery, Construction and Commissioning of A Cogeneration Unit for the Use of Biogas CHPRFPGermany2018-06-182018-07-02
Burton Creek WWTP Digester Modifications DigesterRFPUnited States2018-06-042018-07-03
Biogas Wells Drilling - Cell 1 and 3, Saint-Etienne-Des-Gres Landfill landfillRFPCanada2018-06-152018-07-03
Gas Compressor Stations for Upgraded Biogas EquipmentRFPDenmark2018-06-122018-07-03
Biosolids Evaluation and Planning Study BiosolidsRFPUnited States2018-05-162018-07-06
Biogas Powered Trucks VehiclesRFPSweden2018-06-072018-07-09
Construction of Gasometer and Moving of the Flares ConstructionRFPFrance2018-06-112018-07-09
Extension of Biogas Test Facility Professional ServicesRFPDenmark2018-06-082018-07-09
Wet and Dry AD Feasibility Study - Ami Tiga - Engineering Phase Feasibility studyRFPFrance2018-06-052018-07-11
Development of an Anaerobic Digester Prototype for Aircraft Use R&DFunding OpportunityBelgium2018-04-122018-07-12
Supply of Biogas BiogasRFPFrance2018-06-082018-07-13
Modernization of the Maera Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTPRFPFrance2018-05-202018-07-16
Burbank Landfill Gas to Energy Project landfillRFPUnited States2018-05-232018-07-17
Offtake of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from Landfill Biogas for Transportation Fuel Offtake service providerRFPUnited States2018-06-052018-07-18
Dry Digestion Facility, Biogas Upgrading and Filling Station Design EPCRFPFinland2018-05-252018-07-20
Lviv Wastewater Biogas Project WWTPRFPUkraine2017-07-312018-07-31
RFP for Local and Regional Renewable, Low-Carbon, and Zero Carbon Energy and Capacity Resource Options to Serve the City of Glendale Renewable EnergiesRFPUnited States2018-05-042018-08-03
Co-Digestion of Biological Sludge and Grease and the Implementation of the Biogas Process for Injection Into the Natural Gas Distribution Network - Furania Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTPRFPFrance2018-06-202018-08-20
Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Materials BiogasRFQUnited States2018-06-192018-09-07
WWTP Biogas Project EPCRFPNetherlands2018-06-142018-09-17
Climate & Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia BiogasRFPIndia2018-04-262018-12-31
Partnership Invite - Biogas Plant Builder from Germany, Austria Or Switzerland Partnership invitationRFPItaly2018-06-182019-01-15

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