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Title Main Topic Type Location End Date
Slow and high speed mixers WWTPRFPTunisia2017-11-28
Digestate dewatering (19 000 t/yr at 18%ts) DewateringRFIFinland2017-12-05
Concrete tank mixing MixingRFIUnited States2017-12-13
AD plant construction from cow manure (small-scale)ConstructionRFPSouth Africa2017-12-14
AD plantCo-DigestionRFPCameroon2017-12-15
Recycling of organic waste for energy and smallholder livelihood Waste ManagementRFPGambia2017-11-23
Production of biogas by co-digestion valorization of biomethane on arvea udep Co-DigestionRFPFrance2017-11-27
Construction services CNGRFPCanada2017-11-27
Construction services cng modifications CNGRFPCanada2017-11-27
Co-gen resiliency upgrades project Co-GenerationRFPUnited States2017-11-28
Engineering services for the biogas project and dryers of the la pinière wastewater treatment plant Wastewater TreatmentRFPCanada2017-11-28
Ss water reclamation facility digester gas isolation valves project DigesterRFPUnited States2017-11-29
Metropolitan biosolids center (mbc) digester cleaning project Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-11-29
Cng 3/4 -ton pickup truck CNGRFPUnited States2017-11-29
Services for the establishment of biogas recovery units BiogasRFPFrance2017-12-01
General construction of digester roof replacement ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-12-07
General construction of digester roof replacement ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-12-07
Design-realization of the male methanization unit of the pure station of ginestous garonne Plant DesignRFPFrance2017-12-11
Ccwpcp improvements to digester gas handling DigesterRFPUnited States2017-12-12
Contract for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a treatment center for organic materials by composting - arr. st. lawrence CompostingRFPCanada2017-12-13
Dump trucks w/snow removal CNGRFPUnited States2017-12-14
Call for projects - agricultural projetcs for ghg reduction Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-01-08
Animal waste to energy grant program GrantRFIUnited States2018-02-28

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