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AD System for mid-sized dairy farm and beef farm Biogas & RNG Systems United Kingdom 2022-01-19
Small-scale AD system - meat processing Biogas & RNG Systems United States 2022-01-21
Farm Anaerobic Digester with CHP application Biogas & RNG Systems Egypt 2022-01-25
WWTP Upgrades Equipment Canada 2022-01-18
Biomass Anaerobic Digester Biogas & RNG Systems France 2022-01-18
Agricultural Biomass Biogas Facility Biogas & RNG Systems France 2022-01-18
Landfill Gas Utilization Project Professional Services United States 2022-01-19
Biogas capture and leachate reinjection works Professional Services France 2022-01-20
Electrical work for Biosolids Digester Professional Services United States 2022-01-20
Biogas capture and leachate reinjection work Professional Services France 2022-01-20
Request for proposals for renewable natural gas volumes Funding Opportunities Canada 2022-01-21
EBMUD Sale of Renewable Electricity Miscellaneous United States 2022-01-21
Gas Boiler Replacement Equipment United Kingdom 2022-01-21
Digester Gas Analysis Professional Services United States 2022-01-21
Design and Construction Works of Wastewater Recycling Plant Professional Services Mongolia 2022-01-21
New Sequential Biological Reactor for WWTP Biogas & RNG Systems Canada 2022-01-24
Full service maintenance and management of biogas capture and energy enhancement systems Professional Services Italy 2022-01-24
Anti-Corrosive Coatings for WWTP AD Professional Services United States 2022-01-24
Low Carbon Fuel Standard Verification Services Professional Services United States 2022-01-25
WWTP Polymers Equipment United States 2022-01-25
Landfill Gas Expansion Project Equipment United States 2022-01-25
Wastewater Pipes and Fittings Supplies Equipment United States 2022-01-25
Study on the supply, demand, and cost of hydrogen derived from natural gas Professional Services Canada 2022-01-26
WWTP Equipment, including installation and operation Equipment Greece 2022-01-27
Digester Mixing and System Enhancements Biogas & RNG Systems United States 2022-01-27
Sludge Dewatering/Processing Equipment Equipment United States 2022-01-27
WWTP Cake Conveyor Liner Replacements Professional Services Canada 2022-01-27
WWTP Air Diffuser Upgrades Equipment United States 2022-01-27
Sludge Processing Equipment Equipment Czech Republic 2022-01-28
Delivery of Biomethane and an NGV Filling Station NGV & Fueling Stations Norway 2022-01-28
Delivery of Compressed Biogas for NGV Filling Station NGV & Fueling Stations Norway 2022-01-28
Biomass Boilers Equipment Czech Republic 2022-01-28
Water and Wastewater Engineering Services Professional Services Canada 2022-01-28
WWTP Membrane Backwash Recycling and Sludge Handling Improvement Project Professional Services United States 2022-01-28
Landfill Gas operation, monitoring and maintenance services Professional Services United States 2022-01-30
Model and Demonstration projects to increase the proportion of farm manure in biogas plants Funding Opportunities Germany 2022-01-31
Examining the Effects of Hydrogen in End-Use Appliances for Large Commercial Buildings and Industrial Applications Funding Opportunities United States 2022-01-31
Delivery of high efficiency cogeneration units Equipment Poland 2022-01-31
Landfill Gas Well Expansion Professional Services Canada 2022-02-01
Utility Master Plan & WWTP Capacity Evaluation Professional Services Canada 2022-02-01
Energy Innovation Program - Clean Fuels and Industrial Fuel Switching Funding Opportunities Canada 2022-02-02
Services Supporting the Evaluation, Implementation and Further Development of Air Quality and Air Emissions Policies in a Zero Pollution Perspective Professional Services Belgium 2022-02-02
Supply of Biogas Miscellaneous Sweden 2022-02-02
WWTP Sludge Dewatering Building Odor Control Equipment United States 2022-02-02
Wastewater Plant Modelling, Capacity Evaluation, and Process Expansion Services Professional Services Canada 2022-02-02
Gas Pressure Equipment Equipment Ireland 2022-02-04
Upstream adjustments and maintenance of biogas network Equipment France 2022-02-04
Gas Compressors Equipment Poland 2022-02-04
Call for partnership: European suppliers for distributorship and service agreements Partnership Request Finland 2022-02-06
Gas Compressors for CNG Filling Station Equipment Finland 2022-02-07
Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis Professional Services Romania 2022-02-08
USAID- Development of Foreign Energy Self-Reliance Professional Services Tunisia 2022-02-14
Sludge Storage Equipment Sweden 2022-02-15
Sewage Treatment Plant Equipment Equipment France 2022-02-18
Green Waste (SSO) Treatment Biogas & RNG Systems United Kingdom 2022-02-21
Financing, development, permitting, construction, and operation of landfill gas-to-energy project Biogas & RNG Systems United States 2022-02-22
R&D Services for Urban Conversion to renewable energy Professional Services Slovenia 2022-02-22
Modernization and biomethane production work Biogas & RNG Systems France 2022-02-25
Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme Funding Opportunities United Kingdom 2022-02-28
Expansion and Optimization of WWTP Anaerobic Digester Biogas & RNG Systems Germany 2022-03-25
Program to support RNG production, grid injection or connection to the grid Funding Opportunities Canada 2022-03-31
Request for Proposals for Renewable Energy Generation and Transmission Projects Funding Opportunities United States 2022-05-01
Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Programme Funding Opportunities United Kingdom 2022-07-01
Call for Tenders- Renewable Energy Projects Biogas & RNG Systems Canada 2022-07-21
Gas Pre-heaters and/or Gas Heat-exchangers Equipment Denmark 2022-10-05
Financing of the Ecoleader Fund Funding Opportunities Canada 2022-12-31
Renewable Heat NY Program Funding Opportunities United States 2023-12-31
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) Funding Opportunities Canada 2023-12-31
Technoclimat - Technological demostration projects in Quebec Funding Opportunities Canada 2023-12-31
Capital project: Energy recovery or district energy Funding Opportunities Canada 2023-12-31
EcoPerformance Program Funding Opportunities Canada 2023-12-31
Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program (FACTAP) Funding Opportunities Canada 2023-12-31
Canadian Agriculture Strategic Priorities Program Funding Opportunities Canada 2024-03-31
Oregon Biopower Grant Funding Opportunities United States 2024-12-31
FlexTech Program Miscellaneous United States 2025-12-31
Agricultural Clean Technology Program: Adoption Stream Funding Opportunities Canada 2026-03-31
Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program - Research and Innovation Stream Funding Opportunities Canada 2028-03-31

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