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Title Main Topic Location End Date
Double Membrane Gas Holder - Quote Asap Equipment United States 2019-06-21
Gasholder for Syngas Storage Equipment France 2019-06-21
Siloxane Removal System - Asap Equipment Greece 2019-06-21
Mixer for the Fermenter Tank Equipment Lithuania 2019-06-28
Poultry Farm - Small-Scale AD System Biogas & RNG Systems United States 2019-06-28
Biogas Plant - Epc Services Required Professional Services El Salvador 2019-07-01
Biogas Plant - Kenya Biogas & RNG Systems Kenya 2019-07-04
Siloxane Removal System Equipment United Kingdom 2019-07-15
AD System and Upgrading Equipment - Biocng Projects Biogas & RNG Systems India 2019-07-26
Design, Build and Operate AD Facility in Las Vegas (40,000 Tons) Biogas & RNG Systems United States 2019-07-31
AD System to Treat Organic Portion of MSW Biogas & RNG Systems Malaysia 2019-08-15
2019 Indiana Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Program Funding Opportunities United States 2019-06-17
Lab Services - WWTP Professional Services Canada 2019-06-17
Portable Multi-Gas Detection Equipment Equipment Canada 2019-06-17
Reconstruction of Landfill Cells Professional Services France 2019-06-17
H2S Monitoring for City of Calgary Sanitary Infrastructure Equipment Canada 2019-06-17
Transportation, Receipt and Reclamation of Organic Materials Professional Services Canada 2019-06-17
Residual Waste for Energy Recovery Professional Services Norway 2019-06-18
Center of Biomethanisation of Organic Matter (Cbmo): Quality Control of Materials Professional Services Canada 2019-06-18
Supply and Installation of WWTP Operating Equipment Equipment Germany 2019-06-18
Delivery of Biogas Professional Services Sweden 2019-06-18
Organics Processing Services Program Professional Services United States 2019-06-18
Landfill Gas System Expansion - Landfill Gas Piping Installation Professional Services Canada 2019-06-18
Landfill Gas System Expansions - Lfg Well Installation Professional Services Canada 2019-06-18
Landfill Gas System Expansions - Lfg Well Installation Professional Services Canada 2019-06-18
Renewable Natural Gas Services Professional Services United States 2019-06-19
Landfill Gas System Wellhead Conversions Professional Services Canada 2019-06-20
Water Soluble Polyelectrolyte for Biosolids Dewatering and Waste Activated Sludge Thickening Equipment Canada 2019-06-21
Village of Ludlow Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade - Construction Professional Services United States 2019-06-21
Procurement of A Real Time Monitoring System (Rtms) for Landfills Equipment Jordan 2019-06-24
Development of Ngv / Biognv Mobility in Lot-Et-Garonne Professional Services France 2019-06-24
Project Development, Execution of the Works and Exploitation of the New WWTP of Silvouta Professional Services Spain 2019-06-24
Renewable Liquid Natural Gas Miscellaneous United States 2019-06-24
Biomethane Injection Facilities Equipment Ireland 2019-06-25
Waste Activated Sludge Pump System - Supply and Installation Equipment Canada 2019-06-25
Organic Materials Processing Services of Montcalm Mrc Professional Services Canada 2019-06-25
Center for the Recovery of Organic Matter (Crmo): Supply of Process Equipment for Sorting and Pre-Treatment Equipment Canada 2019-06-26
Sludge Thickening Polymer Equipment United States 2019-06-26
Beneficial Biosolids Reuse Program Professional Services United States 2019-06-27
Landfill Gas Utilization Project Biogas & RNG Systems United States 2019-06-27
Pre-Qualification Landfill Contractors Professional Services United States 2019-06-27
Organics to Energy Funding Opportunities United States 2019-06-28
Grant - Feasibility Study for Existing Or New Anaerobic Digester Facilities for Use of Biogas As A Renewable Energy Source Funding Opportunities United States 2019-06-28
CNG Buses NGV & Fueling Stations Poland 2019-06-28
Organics Processing Facilities Owner\'S Engineer Services Professional Services Canada 2019-06-28
Landfill Development Optimization and Landfill Gas Action Plan Update Professional Services Canada 2019-06-28
Ma Clean Vehicle Program Replacement of Diesel Waste Collection Vehicles with Cng/propane Funding Opportunities United States 2019-06-30
Program for the Establishment and Dissemination of Biodigesters in Rural Areas of Senegal Professional Services Senegal 2019-07-01
Operation and Maintenance of the Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Center Professional Services Greece 2019-07-01
Emissions Monitoring Professional Services France 2019-07-01
Transport and Final Treatment of Food Waste Professional Services Norway 2019-07-01
Solution for the Sludge Management System Professional Services Poland 2019-07-03
Fuel and Biofuel Partnership Professional Services Netherlands 2019-07-03
Dehydration Service for Sludge Professional Services Italy 2019-07-04
Cogeneration Plant and Biomass Granulator Equipment Belarus 2019-07-05
Request for Expressions of Interest for Renewable Energy Solutions Miscellaneous Canada 2019-07-08
Trucks for Biogas and Slurry Transport Equipment Denmark 2019-07-08
Landfill Generator Maintenance Services Professional Services Canada 2019-07-10
Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Recovery Project (Erp) Professional Services United States 2019-07-12
Nitrogen Purging and Digester Maintenance Professional Services United Kingdom 2019-07-12
Centrifuge for Sewage Sludge Dewatering Equipment Poland 2019-07-16
Multichannel Gas Analyzer and Other Instrumentation Equipment Greece 2019-07-16
Net Zero Energy (Nze) Wastewater Treatment Plants Funding Opportunities United States 2019-07-18
Study of Renewable Energy Potential Professional Services France 2019-07-25
Service Contract for 2 Biogas Block Heat and Power Plants (CHP) Professional Services Germany 2019-07-31
Construction of Elbistan Wastewater Treatment Plant and Wastewater Collection System Professional Services Turkey 2019-08-20
Construction of Bandirma Integrated Water Project Professional Services Turkey 2019-08-20
Organics Processing Professional Services Canada 2019-08-29
Disposal, Destruction and Recycling of Seized Goods (Potential AD Use) Professional Services United Kingdom 2019-09-26
Request for Proposals for Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Storage Solutions Miscellaneous United States 2019-12-30
Alternative and Clean Energy Program (Ace) Funding Opportunities United States 2019-12-31

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