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Title Main Topic Type Location End Date
Integrated Anaerobic Digester System Program Renewable EnergiesRFPUnited States2017-07-03
Biogas refuse collection vehicles CNGRFPNorway2017-05-25
Request for information for agricultural biogas plant (3,500 dairy cows) BiogasRFIGeorgia2017-05-31
Landfill-gas electricity generating plant construction work CHPRFPGreece2017-06-20
Gasholder works BiogasRFPFrance2017-06-08
Digestion plant construction work BiogasRFPItaly2017-05-26
Low biogas flow meter and blower BiogasRFIMexico2017-06-30
District heating BiogasRFPGermany2017-05-31
Composting plant construction work CompostingRFPRomania2017-05-31
Netherlands - Oosterhout: Composting services CompostingRFPNetherlands2017-05-29
16 low-floor CNG-operated buses CNGRFPCzech Republic2017-06-08
Dry batch Digestion Small scale plantRFPCanada2017-05-29
Consulting services for digester 3 upgrades Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2017-06-05
Phosphorus Removal & Digester Improvements BiogasRFPUnited States2017-06-07
Remediation | Camp Ellis WWTP Sludge Digesters BiogasRFPUnited States2017-05-30
Non-hazardous refuse and waste treatment and disposal services Waste TreatmentRFPGermany2017-05-29
Biogas Flare BiogasRFICanada2017-05-30
Biogas holder BiogasRFICanada2017-05-30
H2S removal BiogasRFICanada2017-05-30
Agrifood Renewable Natural Gas Transportation Sector Readiness Assessment RNGRFICanada2017-06-19
Supply & Delivery of Ten Dual Fuel Half Ton Pickup Trucks CNGRFPCanada2017-05-26
Conveyor system for organic matter after shredding ConveyorRFPCanada2017-05-29
Feasibility Study for Motor coach CNG Fuel Alternative Feasibility studyRFPCanada2017-05-26
Sludge Press Equipment Installation Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2017-05-31
Schwartz WWTP Removal and Disposal of Digester #1 Equipment Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-05-26
Feasibility study for the installation of biogas plant Feasibility studyRFPFrance2017-06-06
Compost Turner CompostingRFPCanada2017-06-27
Digester Roof Repairs BiogasRFPCanada2017-05-29
Waste management, recycling & composting services CompostingRFPCanada2017-06-12
Two 1 Megawatt Biogas Gen Sets CHPRFPUnited States2017-05-31
Design-Build Biogas Flare System at Fresno/Clovis WWTP FlareRFPUnited States2017-06-20
WWTP improvements (digester pump mixers) WWTPRFPUnited States2017-06-29
Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation CNGRFPSweden2017-06-16
Ecopole project for LPG and Biogas Plant Consulting ServicesRFINigeria2017-08-31

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