About Us

BiogasWorld: The Largest Commercial, Technical and Information Network of the Biogas Industry

Our Mission

Biogasworld is a knowledge-based company working to accelerate the biogas and RNG (biomethane) industry worldwide through our business generation platform & network.

We aim to support all project developers and suppliers of the industry.


Our Vision

BiogasWorld’s vision is to become the starting point of every biogas and RNG (biomethane) project. We allow the centralization and standardization of information for everything related to biogas and RNG through multiple useful tools and resources such as :


Advantages of Joining Biogasworld 

For producers and project developers

BiogasWorld offers:

  • market intelligence
  • due diligence
  • insight into the latest technology solutions and trends
  • free project quotes
  • free and advanced biogas tools


For technology suppliers and EPCs

Our offer includes:

  • business generation opportunities and leads
  • direct connection with project developers around the world
  • trade show discounts and promotion
  • market intelligence and professional support
  • promotions across the industry

 For more information about our services, please visit OUR SERVICES page


Our Partners 

We have officially established partnerships with a number of associations from Europe and North America:

  • ABC|  American Biogas Council (USA)
  • AQPER |  Association Québécoise de Production d’Énergie Renouvelable (Quebec, Canada)
  • EBA |  European Biogas Association (Europe)
  • IBBK |  Internationales Biogas & Bioenergie Kompetenzzentrum (Germany)
  • CBA |  Canadian Biogas Association (Canada)
  • RNG Coalition |  Renewable Natural Gas Coalition (USA)
  • CIB |  Italian Biogas Consortium (Italy)
  • Écotech Québec |  (Canada)


Biogasworld Outreach 

BiogasWorld mainly targets the European and North American biogas market.

 Although still underdeveloped compared to the E.U. market, the North American biogas market has a strong potential. Developments are mainly driven by the ban of organic waste from landfills, the RNG pricing (up to 100 USD/GJ) and the necessity to reduce GHG emissions.

 BiogasWorld is currently supporting dozens of biogas/RNG projects worldwide. The projects are working on the 1st generation of biogas production (anaerobic digestion systems & landfills systems) and on the 2nd generation (Power-to-gas, or methanation, and wood gasification).


BiogasWorld is your unique connection to the biogas industry!