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Title Main Topic Location End Date
Biogas Plant - Engineering Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning Biogas & RNG Systems Pakistan 2019-02-20
Biogas Flare Equipment Malaysia 2019-02-22
Turn-Key Biogas Plant from MSW Biogas & RNG Systems Colombia 2019-02-28
MSW to Biogas Plant - 2 Projects Partnership Request Uzbekistan 2019-02-28
Chicken Manure Biogas Plant Biogas & RNG Systems Philippines 2019-02-28
Biomass to Electricity Project Miscellaneous United States 2019-02-28
Co2 Liquefaction System Equipment France 2019-03-06
Digester Mixing System Equipment India 2019-03-29
Design, Supply, Construction and Maintenance of A Natural Gas Fueling Station for Ngv and Upgraded Biogas Professional Services France 2019-02-18
Analysis of Environmental Samples Professional Services Canada 2019-02-18
Construction of A Heat and Power Plant Professional Services Poland 2019-02-18
The Supply of A Biogas Pilot Scale Equipment Unit Biogas & RNG Systems Ireland 2019-02-18
Design, Supply, Construction, and Maintenance of Fueling Station for Ngv and Biongv NGV & Fueling Stations France 2019-02-18
Gas Analyzers Equipment Romania 2019-02-19
Portable Gas Analyzer Equipment Canada 2019-02-19
Test Biogas System for Laboratory Biogas & RNG Systems Germany 2019-02-20
Purchase of Fixed Lng - CNG Charging Facility NGV & Fueling Stations Hungary 2019-02-20
Small Vehicles Run on Biogas NGV & Fueling Stations Norway 2019-02-20
Gas Analyzers Equipment Czech Republic 2019-02-20
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Aeros-Coolants for Biogas Upgrading Unit Equipment France 2019-02-20
Vans Procurement NGV & Fueling Stations Germany 2019-02-21
Replacement of Eight Biogas Wells Professional Services Canada 2019-02-21
Purchase of 30, 35 & 40-Foot Transit Buses NGV & Fueling Stations United States 2019-02-22
Gas Supply System with A Gas Mixing System Equipment Germany 2019-02-22
Sewage Plant Equipment Equipment Switzerland 2019-02-25
Procurement of Biogas Miscellaneous Sweden 2019-02-25
High Rate Anaerobic Digester Design Professional Services Canada 2019-02-25
Concession Production Installation - Green Gas Facility Professional Services Netherlands 2019-02-25
Gas Adsorption-Desorption Analyzer Equipment Canada 2019-02-25
Bellows Gas Meters and Meter Fittings Equipment Denmark 2019-02-26
Supply and Delivery of A Greenhouse Gas Analyzer System Equipment Canada 2019-02-26
Supply of CNG Compressed Gas NGV & Fueling Stations Belgium 2019-02-27
Supply of RNG Miscellaneous Canada 2019-02-28
Supply and Installation of Cogeneration System Equipment France 2019-03-01
Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative - Clean Technology Funding Opportunities Canada 2019-03-01
Purchase of Gas-Powered City Buses NGV & Fueling Stations Estonia 2019-03-04
3 Passenger Cars of Category M1 with CNG / Petrol NGV & Fueling Stations Czech Republic 2019-03-04
Biogas Desulphurization System Pre-Selection Equipment Canada 2019-03-04
Construction of Kastamonu Wastewater Treatment Plant Professional Services Turkey 2019-03-05
Cbmo - Centre of Anaerobic Digestion Treatment of Organics - Supply of Tanks Equipment Canada 2019-03-05
Polymer for Centrifuges-Furnish and Deliver Equipment United States 2019-03-06
Upgrade of CNG Facility Equipment NGV & Fueling Stations United States 2019-03-06
Upgrade of CNG Facility Equipment NGV & Fueling Stations United States 2019-03-06
Cbmo - Centre of Anaerobic Digestion Treatment of Organics - Civil Engineering Professional Services Canada 2019-03-06
Existing Qualified Historically Farm-Related Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Systems Funding Opportunities United States 2019-03-07
Refurbishment Exist. Qualified Historically Farm-Related Adg to Elec. Category C (Pon 3739- Category C) Funding Opportunities United States 2019-03-07
Demonstration of New Business Models, Marketplace Development and Refurbishment of Existing Qualified Historically Farm-Related Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Systems Funding Opportunities United States 2019-03-07
Partnership Streams of the Low Carbon Economy Challenge Funding Opportunities Canada 2019-03-08
Purchase of Gas Meters Equipment Hungary 2019-03-12
Energy Programme in Romania - Renewable Energy Miscellaneous Romania 2019-03-14
Gas Monitoring Systems Equipment Canada 2019-03-15
Sanitary Landfill Gas Collection & Control & Leachate Collection Equipment United States 2019-03-15
Maintenance and Modifications to Biogas Systems Professional Services Netherlands 2019-03-15
Remodeling of the Can Barba Composting and Biomethanization Plant Professional Services Spain 2019-03-15
Supply of Equipment for the “Renewable Youth Energy Operation” Equipment Turkey 2019-03-18
Pumps Equipment Ireland 2019-03-19
WWTP Upgrade Professional Services Germany 2019-03-21
Wellhead Compressors, Spare Parts and Maintenance Service Equipment Romania 2019-03-27
Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Guaranteed Loans & Grants Funding Opportunities United States 2019-04-01
Smart Energy Module for the Translational Energy Research Centre (Terc) Equipment United Kingdom 2019-04-01
Construction of the New Wastewater Treatment Plant At Jouanas in Mont-De-Marsan Equipment France 2019-04-02
Design, Construction and Operation of AD Plant Professional Services France 2019-04-03
Renewable Natural Gas for Stia Professional Services United States 2019-04-12
Organic Waste Recycling Facility Feasibility Study Professional Services United States 2019-04-12
Vermont 2019 Standard Offer Program Request for Proposals Funding Opportunities United States 2019-05-01
Exploitation of Biomethanization Unit Professional Services France 2019-05-20
Organics Processing Professional Services Canada 2019-05-30
Organics to Energy Funding Opportunities United States 2019-06-28
Grant - Feasibility Study for Existing Or New Anaerobic Digester Facilities for Use of Biogas As A Renewable Energy Source Funding Opportunities United States 2019-06-28
Net Zero Energy (Nze) Wastewater Treatment Plants Funding Opportunities United States 2019-07-18
Request for Proposals for Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Storage Solutions Miscellaneous United States 2019-12-30
Alternative and Clean Energy Program (Ace) Funding Opportunities United States 2019-12-31

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