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Title Main Topic Location Date Added End Date
Canadian Renewable Gas Innovation Program - Draft for Comments Federal ProgramCanada2018-08-022018-08-21
Garbage Trucks - Biogas and Hybrid VehiclesSweden2018-07-262018-08-28
Biomethane Study for Wallonia, Belgium RNGBelgium2018-08-022018-08-30
RNG Compression and Refueiling Site CNGUnited States2018-07-252018-08-31
Double Membrane Gas Holder System Gas HolderIndia2018-07-252018-08-31
Lfg Upgrading Project in Virginia, Usa RNGUnited States2018-08-072018-08-31
Biosolid Biogas Plant - 20 000T/year Professional ServicesNigeria2018-07-182018-09-01
Air Stripping of Ammonia from Digestate digestateFrance2018-08-082018-09-07
Turkey & Cattle Manure to Biogas Professional ServicesKazakhstan2018-08-132018-09-17
WWTP Biogas Treatment System Upgrades Professional ServicesUnited States2018-07-182018-08-16
Digester System Improvements Professional ServicesUnited States2018-07-172018-08-16
Digester Clean-Out At the Waste Water Treatment Facility Professional ServicesCanada2018-07-272018-08-16
Supply and Transmission of Electricity for Delivery Points with A Contract Power of More Than 36 Kva Renewable EnergiesFrance2018-07-132018-08-17
Digester Heat Exchanger Replacement Professional ServicesUnited States2018-07-112018-08-17
Co-Digestion of Biological Sludge and Grease and the Implementation of the Biogas Process for Injection Into the Natural Gas Distribution Network - Furania Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTPFrance2018-06-202018-08-20
Renewable Energy Transition Plan Professional ServicesCanada2018-07-302018-08-20
Local Individual Consultant (Ic) to Collect & Analyze Data for Production of 1000 Small Scale Biogas Digesters in South Eastern Botswana Professional ServicesBotswana2018-08-032018-08-20
Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber EquipmentUnited States2018-08-132018-08-27
Construction Works - Extension of Biogas Test Facility ConstructionDenmark2018-07-132018-08-30
Phase I Upgrades - Project Group C – Primary Digester No. 4 Professional ServicesUnited States2018-08-072018-08-30
Supply of Gas Detection Equipment EquipmentFrance2018-07-052018-08-31
Supply and Installation of A Bioreactor EquipmentCanada2018-07-312018-08-31
Multi-City Renewable Energy Purchase Call for projectsUnited States2018-07-312018-08-31
Lab Services Lab ServicesSweden2018-07-022018-09-03
Measuring Instruments - Biogas InstrumentationSweden2018-07-122018-09-03
Scottish Biogas and Compost Sector Survey Professional ServicesUnited Kingdom2018-08-072018-09-06
Management of A Renewable Energy Production Service Consulting ServicesFrance2018-07-122018-09-06
Egg Shaped Anaerobic Digester Professional ServicesUnited States2018-08-042018-09-06
Biosolids Digester Facilities Project: Early Out Package No. 1 Professional ServicesUnited States2018-08-032018-09-06
Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study Professional ServicesUnited States2018-08-102018-09-06
Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Materials BiogasUnited States2018-06-192018-09-07
Technical Inspection Missions for the Construction of an Anaerobic Digestion Unit Professional ServicesFrance2018-07-312018-09-07
Professional Services for the Preparation of Environmental Documents for the Biogas Renewable Generation Project Professional ServicesUnited States2018-08-022018-09-07
Equipment for the Project of Production of Fertilizers from Digestate - Dryer and CHP Unit EquipmentBelarus2018-08-102018-09-10
Waste Treatment Center: Cover and Biogas Capture Works Professional ServicesFrance2018-08-142018-09-10
Compressed Natural Gas Station Lease and Supply CNGUnited States2018-08-012018-09-11
Renewable Electricity Supply Renewable EnergiesGermany2018-08-082018-09-11
Supply and Installation of Biogas Equipment EquipmentCanada2018-06-062018-09-12
Study - Conversion of Plouharnel and Crach Landfills. Territorial Anaerobic Digestion Study Feasibility studyFrance2018-07-062018-09-12
Construction and Extension of Sewage Treatment Plant in Z?otów Professional ServicesPoland2018-08-012018-09-13
Analysis of Gas Releases At Valtom Facilities, Maintenance and Adjustment of Biogas Collection and Treatment Installations Professional ServicesFrance2018-08-072018-09-13
15 New Natural Gas Buses CNGBulgaria2018-08-022018-09-13
Analytical Services for Lab Professional ServicesItaly2018-07-302018-09-14
Delivery of CNG Minibus CNGCzech Republic2018-08-102018-09-14
WWTP Biogas Project EPCNetherlands2018-06-142018-09-17
Improvement Work on the Biogas Capture and Recovery Facilities of the Ametyst Anaerobic Digestion Unit in Montpellier: Pipes and Flare Connections Professional ServicesFrance2018-08-142018-09-17
Biogas Collection and Exploitation Services to Produce Electricity Professional ServicesGreece2018-08-112018-09-18
Purchase and Delivery of CNG CNGPoland2018-08-062018-09-18
Supply of Renewable Natural Gas RNGUnited States2018-07-182018-09-19
Public Service Delegation for the Creation of A Anaerobic Digestion Center and Its Exploitation By A Semop BiogasFrance2018-07-252018-09-19
Delivery of 9 Low-Emission Buses with CNG Engine CNGCzech Republic2018-08-102018-09-19
Green Gas Installation - Biogas Upgrading UpgradingNetherlands2018-08-082018-09-21
Study of Anaerobic Digestion Potential for Transport Application - Cotentin BiomethaneFrance2018-07-042018-09-24
Purchase of New Suburban Buses and Their Maintenance Services - CNG CNGLithuania2018-08-102018-09-25
Design and Production of Biomethane Grid Injection Unit and Connected Work At Clos De Hilde WWTP UpgradingFrance2018-07-262018-09-28
Design-Build Contract for the Construction of an Anaerobic Digestion Unit with Biogas Purification EPCFrance2018-07-272018-10-01
Climate & Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia BiogasIndia2018-04-262018-12-31
Call for Applications - Natural Gas Innovation Fund Funding opportunityCanada2018-07-312018-12-31
Partnership Invite - Biogas Plant Builder from Germany, Austria Or Switzerland Partnership invitationItaly2018-06-182019-01-15
Combined Heat and Power Grant Program Funding opportunityUnited States2018-07-182019-02-15

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