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Title Main Topic Location End Date
Small-Scale Digestion in Puerto Rico Biogas & RNG SystemsPuerto Rico2018-11-20
Biogas Flare EquipmentIreland2018-11-27
Pulp and Paper Sludge - AD System Biogas & RNG SystemsCanada2018-11-30
Small-Scale Membrane Biogas Upgrading Biogas & RNG SystemsFrance2018-11-30
Argentina - Biogas Cluster Projects - Partnership Request Biogas & RNG SystemsArgentina2018-11-30
Active and Passive Fan for Biogas Chimneys EquipmentCanada2018-11-30
Gas Detection System EquipmentCanada2018-12-14
Renewable Energy Power Purchase Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-20
Digester - Delivery and Installation EquipmentBelgium2018-11-20
Construction of A New Landfill Cell - Plan and Estimate, Certificate of Authorization and Site Supervision Professional ServicesCanada2018-11-20
Saint Barthélémy D\'Anjou Operating Center to the RNG / Biogas Use for Buses Professional ServicesFrance2018-11-21
Organic Waste Recycling Facility Feasibility Study Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-21
Measuring Systems for Potential Biogas Tests EquipmentGermany2018-11-21
Landfill Environmental Monitoring & Consulting Services Professional ServicesCanada2018-11-21
WWTP Operation Professional ServicesCanada2018-11-21
WWTP Operation and Related Work Professional ServicesCanada2018-11-21
Landfill Gas Beneficial Use Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-21
Organic Material Processing MiscellaneousUnited States2018-11-21
Manufacture and Supply Horizontal Filter Separators EquipmentCanada2018-11-21
Landfill Works Professional ServicesFrance2018-11-22
Humber Treatment Plant Waste Gas Burner Upgrades Professional ServicesCanada2018-11-22
Compressor Plant for Biogas EquipmentSweden2018-11-22
Tank Facility for Biogas EquipmentSweden2018-11-22
Robust, Energy-Positive Wastewater Treatment System for Forward Operating Bases Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-22
Guelph Wastewater Treatment Plant, Digester 3 Refurbishment Professional ServicesCanada2018-11-22
Service Provider for the for the Upscaling of Biogas Production Integrated Croplivestock System Professional ServicesSouth Africa2018-11-22
Refurbishment of the Biofilter No. 1 in the Wastewater Treatment Plant Professional ServicesPoland2018-11-22
Electric and Gas Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsFinland2018-11-23
Delivery of 20 Buses NGV & Fueling StationsPoland2018-11-26
Bioenergy Request for Proposal MiscellaneousCanada2018-11-26
Installation of Biogas Collection System At Landfill Professional ServicesRussia2018-11-26
Quality of Biogas Derived from Wastewater Solids and Co-Digested Organic Wastes: A Characterization Study Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-27
Purchase, Installation and Commissioning of A Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressor System EquipmentUnited States2018-11-27
Landfill Gas Control Repairs & Installation Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-27
Landfill Cap Maintenance and Repairs Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-27
Landfill Gas Control Repairs and Installation Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-27
Closed Landfill Gas Monitoring, System Maintenance and Operations Consultant Services Professional ServicesUnited States2018-11-28
High Capacity Natural Gas Meters EquipmentCanada2018-11-28
Waste Sludge Pump -Knob Creek WWTP EquipmentUnited States2018-11-28
Organic Waste Treatment At Landfill Professional ServicesFrance2018-11-30
Technical Assistance and Supervision for Hakkâri Integrated Solid Waste Management Project Professional ServicesTurkey2018-11-30
Treatment of Organic Waste - Longueuil MiscellaneousCanada2018-11-30
Wildcat Hill WWTP Digester Gas System Improvement Project Professional ServicesUnited States2018-12-03
Crd Kitchen Scraps and Organics Residuals Processing MiscellaneousCanada2018-12-04
Biosolids Valve and Piping Modifications At South Cross Bayou Water Reclamation Facility Professional ServicesUnited States2018-12-04
Sewage-Treatment Plant Construction Work Professional ServicesPoland2018-12-04
Lfg Header Replacement and Sanitary Upgrades Professional ServicesCanada2018-12-05
Economic Advisory and Consulting Services Professional ServicesUnited States2018-12-06
Alternative Landfill Managements Options Professional ServicesCanada2018-12-06
Works for the Purification, Counting and Burning of Biogas from the Isdnd De Chagny, and Corresponding Follow-Up Services Professional ServicesFrance2018-12-06
Renewable Energy Request for Proposals MiscellaneousUnited States2018-12-10
Delivery of Spare Parts and Consumables for Engines and Gas System of Man Lion\'S City G CNG NGV & Fueling StationsBulgaria2018-12-10
Supply of Gas Parts EquipmentUnited Kingdom2018-12-11
Replacement of Engine, Management System and Controls for Two Biogas Compressors and Related Work At Cesm Professional ServicesCanada2018-12-11
Demonstrating Innovative Solutions to Convert California’S Residual Forest Biomass Resources Into Renewable Gas Funding opportunitiesUnited States2018-12-12
CHP Plant EquipmentGermany2018-12-12
Purchase and Installation of CNG Compressors NGV & Fueling StationsUnited States2018-12-12
Portable Gas Analyzer EquipmentCanada2018-12-13
Wrf Solids Handling Expansion Professional ServicesUnited States2018-12-13
Improvement of the WWTP Sludge Treatment, Injection of Produced Biogas and Energy Optimization Professional ServicesFrance2018-12-13
Post-Exploitation Monitoring of the Technical Center for Landfill At Lucé Professional ServicesFrance2018-12-13
Wscc Gas and Environmental Monitoring Services Professional ServicesUnited Kingdom2018-12-13
Clean Growth Fund: Request for Proposals MiscellaneousUnited Kingdom2018-12-14
Landfill Works Professional ServicesFrance2018-12-14
Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program Funding opportunitiesUnited States2018-12-15
Anaerobic Chamber System EquipmentCanada2018-12-17
Center for Organics Treatment Via Anaerobic Digestion - Supply of Chemical Tanks EquipmentCanada2018-12-17
Professional Services for Anaerobic Digestion Unit, Including Biogas Upgrading and Grid Injection Professional ServicesFrance2018-12-17
Construction of AD Systems At La Teste De Buch WWTP Professional ServicesFrance2018-12-17
Tenneville Cogeneration Plant EquipmentBelgium2018-12-19
Delivery and Replacement of the External, Internal and Bottom Coating of the Biogas Tank Professional ServicesPoland2018-12-28
Climate & Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia MiscellaneousIndia2018-12-31
Call for Applications - Natural Gas Innovation Fund Funding opportunitiesCanada2018-12-31
Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Storage Solutions Funding opportunitiesUnited States2018-12-31
Supply of Biomass MiscellaneousIreland2018-12-31
Leading By Example Program - Feasibility Studies Grant Program for State Facilities Funding opportunitiesUnited States2018-12-31
Supply of Gas (Including Biogas) and Electricity Professional ServicesFrance2019-01-03
Procurement of Isotopic Analyser EquipmentNorway2019-01-04
CNG Passenger Road Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsCzech Republic2019-01-10
Procurement of Real Time Monitoring Systems (Rtms) At 3 Landfill Sites and of A Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (Maaqms) EquipmentJordan2019-01-14
Partnership Invite - Biogas Plant Builder from Germany, Austria Or Switzerland Partnership invitationItaly2019-01-15
Design and Construction of New Landfill, Closure of Existing Old Dumpsites and Operation of Existing and New Sites Professional ServicesArmenia2019-01-18
Combined Heat and Power Grant Program Funding opportunitiesUnited States2019-02-15
Energy Programme in Romania - Renewable Energy MiscellaneousRomania2019-03-14

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