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Title Main Topic Type Location Date Added End Date
Landfill-Gas Electricity Generating Plant Construction Work landfillRFPGreece2018-04-242018-06-11
AD Plant for Pig Manure Small scale plantRFIFrench Polynesia2018-05-152018-06-12
Supply of Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources Renewable EnergiesRFPGermany2018-05-182018-06-21
Custom AD System for Remote Community EngineeringRFIUnited States2018-05-182018-06-22
Digester & External Double Membrane Gas Holder DigesterRFPIndia2018-02-072018-08-07
Supply and Delivery of Biogas Digester Appliances InstrumentationRFQBotswana2018-05-072018-05-21
Engineering Services - Construction of Cells 10 and 11 Final Recovery and Capture of Biogas Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-05-022018-05-23
Paseo Real Wastewater Treatment Plant Anaerobic Digesters WWTPRFPUnited States2018-04-132018-05-24
Professional Services for Community Manure Digester Feasibility Study Feasibility studyRFPUnited States2018-04-172018-05-24
Development of Renewable Natural Gas Project RNGRFPUnited States2018-03-302018-05-25
ASRDF Landfill Gas Migration Mitigation Works EngineeringRFPCanada2018-04-192018-05-25
Chetwynd Landfill Phase B Closure Cover Design/tender Services Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2018-04-272018-05-25
Equipment Supply and Installation of Biogas and Fertilizer Production Contract for Anping Subproject BiogasRFPChina2018-05-022018-05-25
Cap of Waste Facility Cells 2&3 and Landfill Gas Collection landfillRFPCanada2018-05-032018-05-25
Technical Control Mission for the Construction of the Anaerobic Digestion Unit BiogasRFPFrance2018-04-302018-05-28
2018 Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion landfillRFPCanada2018-04-272018-05-29
Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant Digester Gas Utilization Upgrades WWTPRFPUnited States2018-04-252018-05-31
Landfills Professional Engineering and Surveying Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-04-232018-05-31
Bloom Clean Technology Demonstration Program GrantFundingCanada2018-04-012018-05-31
Biogas Procurement BiogasRFPSweden2018-04-262018-06-05
Construction of the Biogas Pumping and Destruction System and New Cells At Hébertville-Station landfillRFPCanada2018-05-032018-06-06
Anaerobic Digestion Development Plan for Seine-Et-Marne Department Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-04-302018-06-11
Bus Procurement VehiclesRFPSweden2018-05-122018-06-13
Supply and Commissioning of an Osmosis Permeate Evaporation System Using the Biogas Burning Energy Produced By Isdnd De Castries landfillRFPFrance2018-05-062018-06-14
Renovation Work on the Dome of the Labessière Candeil Bioreactor RenovationRFPFrance2018-05-042018-06-14
Procurement of Snow Clearing Truck Running on Biogas VehiclesRFPNorway2018-05-152018-06-18
Framework Agreement - Transport and Supply of Natural Gas and Biomethane BiomethaneRFPFrance2018-05-162018-06-21
Conception-Construction of an Anaerobic Digestion Site with Biogas Purification and Injection Into the Distribution Network in the Municipality of Maen Roch RNGRFPFrance2018-04-182018-06-29
Purchase of Mobile Gas Flakes EquipmentRFPCanada2018-05-142018-06-29
Development of an Anaerobic Digester Prototype for Aircraft Use R&DFunding OpportunityBelgium2018-04-122018-07-12
Lviv Wastewater Biogas Project WWTPRFPUkraine2017-07-312018-07-31
Climate & Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia BiogasRFPIndia2018-04-262018-12-31

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