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Title Main Topic Type Location End Date
Concrete tank mixing MixingRFIUnited States2017-12-13
AD plant construction from cow manure (small-scale)ConstructionRFPSouth Africa2017-12-14
AD plantCo-DigestionRFPCameroon2017-12-15
AD System for slaughterhouse waste (small-scale)Small scale plantRFPTunisia2017-12-15
Portable gas analyzers InstrumentationRFPCanada2017-12-15
Small scale livestock (pigs) ad plant - biogas to electricity Biogas to ElectricityRFPNorthern Ireland2018-07-01
Ccwpcp improvements to digester gas handling DigesterRFPUnited States2017-12-12
Contract for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a treatment center for organic materials by composting - arr. st. lawrence CompostingRFPCanada2017-12-13
Cng powered dump trucks with snow removal CNGRFPUnited States2017-12-14
Supply and delivery of ester-based defoamer Chemicals for digesterRFPCanada2017-12-15
Modernization of the methanisation unit and creation of a biogas recovery unit ConstructionRFPFrance2017-12-18
wastewater treatment plant - primary digester complex improvements ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-12-20
Supply of the liquid effluent treatment process by stripping and production of ammonium sulphate WWTPRFPCanada2017-12-20
Removal and dewatering of residual solids from a secondary anaerobic digester Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-12-27
Call for projects - agricultural projetcs for ghg reduction Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-01-08
Lease of town property extend the existing septage treatment facility via developmen Septage TreatmentRFPUnited States2018-02-16
Animal waste to energy grant program GrantRFIUnited States2018-02-28

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