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Title Main Topic Type Location Date Added End Date
Diesel to Natural gas conversion kits for buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFIMexico2017-03-302017-04-30
Pratt & Whitney Canada is looking for biomethane BiomethaneRFICanada2017-03-302017-04-30
Biogas storage bags of 30l, 60l and 80l MiscellaneousRFPSpain2017-04-102017-05-10
Digester Tank TankRFICanada2017-05-152017-05-23
Biogas Flare MiscellaneousRFICanada2017-05-092017-05-30
Biogas holder MiscellaneousRFICanada2017-05-092017-05-30
H2S removal MiscellaneousRFICanada2017-05-092017-05-30
Request for information for agricultural biogas plant (3,500 dairy cows) MiscellaneousRFIGeorgia2017-04-192017-05-31
H2S Removal system from biogas MiscellaneousRFIMexico2017-06-012017-06-22
Low biogas flow meter and blower MiscellaneousRFIMexico2017-04-272017-06-30
Syngas Flare EquipmentRFIMali2017-05-312017-06-30
Digester maintenance and refeeding Consulting ServicesRFICanada2017-06-052017-06-30
Portable Biogas Analyser InstrumentationRFIMexico2017-06-232017-07-24
Solid/Liquid digestate separator digestateRFIEl Salvador2017-06-262017-07-26
H2S Removal System (440 m³/hr) MiscellaneousRFIEl Salvador2017-06-262017-07-26
Landfill biogas upgrading system (1000 SCFM) Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2017-07-122017-08-16
Dry digestion system (4000 tons/yr) Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIHaiti2017-06-282017-08-30
Ecopole project for LPG and Biogas Plant Consulting ServicesRFINigeria2017-05-242017-08-31
Biogas upgrading Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2017-08-212017-09-08
Mucinipal biogas plant upgrading system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2017-09-052017-09-15
Municipal biogas plant Professional ServicesRFICanada2017-09-052017-09-15
GHG reduction in Rhode Island with RNG RNGRFIUnited States2017-10-042017-10-13
RNG importation from Mexico to USA RNGRFIMexico2017-10-042017-10-13
Digester Tank Budgetary Price TankRFICanada2017-09-222017-10-27
90,000 tons/year sugarcane silage biogas plant in Mexico Professional ServicesRFIMexico2017-10-132017-10-27
5000 tons biogas plant in Haiti Professional ServicesRFIHaiti2017-09-062017-10-31
Chicken manure biogas plant (60 to 120 tons/day) Professional ServicesRFIArgentina2017-10-232017-11-13
Tank level and conductivity probes InstrumentationRFIMorocco2017-11-082017-11-22
Slow and high speed mixers WWTPRFPTunisia2017-11-072017-11-28
Digestate dewatering (19 000 t/yr at 18%TS) DewateringRFIFinland2017-11-072017-12-05
Concrete tank mixing MixingRFIUnited States2017-11-152017-12-13
AD plant construction from Cow manure (small-scale) ConstructionRFPSouth Africa2017-11-162017-12-14
AD Plant Co-DigestionRFPCameroon2017-11-172017-12-15
AD System for slaughterhouse waste (small-scale) Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPTunisia2017-11-272017-12-15
Portable Gas Analyzers InstrumentationRFPCanada2017-11-222017-12-15
Procurement of reception, treatment and digestion of food waste Professional ServicesRFPSweden2017-12-052017-12-20
Biogas plant design Professional ServicesRFIPhilippines2018-01-022018-01-31
Pumps EquipmentRFITurkey2018-01-022018-01-31
Double layer gas holder (250m³) MiscellaneousRFITurkey2018-01-022018-01-31
Octillion AD Project Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2018-01-012018-03-01
Agriculture Waste MiscellaneousRFPFrance2018-02-122018-03-15
Biogas Flaring BiomethaneRFPFrance2018-02-132018-03-15
MSW Treatment Options RFI Professional ServicesRFICanada2018-02-232018-03-23
Assistance request - Development of Territorial Biogas Center MiscellaneousRFPFrance2018-03-042018-03-26
Grit removal from cowdung (200 TPD) EquipmentRFIIndia2018-03-062018-03-27
Hydrolysis tank mixing MixingRFIFrance2018-03-072018-03-28
Organic waste extraction from MSW Waste sortingRFIIndia2018-03-072018-03-28
Small-scale industrial AD plant Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2018-02-282018-04-01
Farm AD project (12 000 pigs) Professional ServicesRFIPortugal2018-03-052018-04-05
Aaland Island Farm AD project Professional ServicesRFIFinland2018-03-162018-04-20
Biogas upgrading on farm AD project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIFinland2018-03-182018-04-22
Biogas upgrading and transport NGV & Fueling StationsRFIDominican Republic2018-04-052018-05-10
Small Scale CHP & Biomethane CHPRFPZimbabwe2018-02-142018-05-14
Organic Waste to Electricity CHPRFPIndia2018-02-152018-05-15
Gas Booster, Flow Meters & Analysis for Biogas and Slurry Demonstration Project EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2018-02-152018-05-15
MSW Organic Fraction to Electricity CHPRFPArgentina2018-02-152018-05-15
Landfill-gas electricity generating plant construction work landfillRFPGreece2018-04-242018-06-11
AD plant for pig manure Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIFrench Polynesia2018-05-152018-06-12
Custom AD system for remote community EngineeringRFIUnited States2018-05-182018-06-22
Revelstoke Landfill Design and Operation Plan Update landfillRFPCanada2018-05-302018-06-27
AD system in Africa - Grant application support Feasibility StudyRFICôte d‘Ivoire2018-06-262018-07-09
Expression of Interest for Biogas/Biomethane Production to Supply Renewable Natural Gas BiomethaneRequest for Expression of InterestCanada2018-06-292018-07-30
Gas Holder Gas HolderRFPSingapore2018-07-172018-08-06
Membrane Gas Holder Gas HolderRFPSingapore2018-07-232018-08-06
Digester & External Double Membrane Gas Holder DigesterRFPIndia2018-02-072018-08-07
Canadian Renewable Gas Innovation Program - Draft for comments Federal ProgramDraft for commentsCanada2018-08-022018-08-21
Biomethane study for Wallonia, Belgium RNGRFIBelgium2018-08-022018-08-30
RNG compression and refueiling site NGV & Fueling StationsRFIUnited States2018-07-252018-08-31
Double Membrane Gas Holder System Gas HolderRFPIndia2018-07-252018-08-31
LFG upgrading project in Virginia, USA RNGRFIUnited States2018-08-072018-08-31
Biosolid biogas plant - 20 000T/year Professional ServicesRFINigeria2018-07-182018-09-01
Air stripping of ammonia from digestate digestateRFIFrance2018-08-082018-09-07
H2S and Water removal from raw biogas MiscellaneousRFICanada2018-08-162018-09-07
Garbage trucks - Biogas and Hybrid VehiclesRFPSweden2018-07-262018-09-12
Turkey & Cattle manure to biogas Professional ServicesRFIKazakhstan2018-08-132018-09-17
Odor Treatment Odor TreatmentRFICanada2018-08-102018-10-01
Organic sorting for biogas plant SortingRFICroatia2018-09-072018-10-12
Double membrane roof gas holder Gas HolderRFISouth Africa2018-10-042018-10-31
Small-scale digestion in Puerto Rico Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIPuerto Rico2018-10-162018-11-20
Biogas flare EquipmentRFIIreland2018-10-232018-11-27
Pulp and Paper sludge - AD System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2018-09-202018-11-30
Small-scale membrane biogas upgrading Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIFrance2018-10-222018-11-30
Argentina - Biogas Cluster Projects - Partnership request Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPArgentina2018-10-262018-11-30
Active and passive fan for biogas chimneys EquipmentRFPCanada2018-10-312018-11-30
Gas Detection System EquipmentRFPCanada2018-10-012018-12-14
Biogas Desulphurisation Technology EquipmentRFPAustralia2018-12-032018-12-14
Dryer, Condensate Trap and Flare EquipmentRFPNorway2018-11-282018-12-17
Organic feedstock available - processing needed MiscellaneousRFPCanada2018-11-232018-12-21
Digester for Spent Wash Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIndia2018-11-292018-12-21
Biogas Flare (1200 m³/hr) EquipmentRFIIndia2018-11-252018-12-31
Dry digestion system (40,000 t/yr) Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIGreece2018-11-282018-12-31
Small-scale Digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPDjibouti2018-12-102019-01-11
Agricultural digester system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2018-11-292019-01-31
CNG stations NGV & Fueling StationsRFISweden2018-12-102019-01-31
Deinking sludge biogas system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2019-01-242019-02-08
Biogas Plant - Engineering Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPPakistan2019-01-312019-02-20
Biogas Flare EquipmentRFQMalaysia2019-02-142019-02-22
Turn-key biogas plant from MSW Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIColombia2019-01-112019-02-28
MSW to Biogas Plant - 2 projects Partnership RequestRFPUzbekistan2019-01-152019-02-28
Chicken manure biogas plant Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIPhilippines2019-01-222019-02-28
Biomass to Electricity Project MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2019-01-282019-02-28
CO2 Liquefaction System EquipmentRFPFrance2019-02-042019-03-06
H2S Removal Solution EquipmentRFQSouth Africa2019-02-192019-03-15
Biogas Plant Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPPakistan2019-02-282019-03-18
Digester Mixing System EquipmentRFPIndia2019-02-082019-03-29
Screw Press for Lab/Pilot Project EquipmentRFPFrance2019-03-212019-04-04
Supply and Installation of Gasholder EquipmentRFPFrance2019-03-272019-04-05
Request for Quote - Dairy Biogas Project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQUnited States2019-03-252019-04-10
Quote Request - Biogas Systems to Treat Food Waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQFrance2019-03-252019-04-10
Farm AD Project - Electricity Production Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2019-03-122019-04-12
Pilot Project - AD System Required Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCzech Republic2019-03-202019-04-19
Small-scale System - Dog Boarding Project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2019-03-272019-04-24
Small-Scale CHP Units EquipmentRFPJapan2019-04-032019-04-24
Partnership Request - Waste-to-Energy Project Partnership RequestPartnership requestEgypt2019-03-252019-04-25
Biogas Analyzer EquipmentRFPSlovenia2019-04-222019-04-25
Small-scale Biogas System - Dairy Farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2019-03-292019-04-26
Biogas Plant with Upgrading Option Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIndia2019-03-262019-04-30
Press to Reduce Moisture from Biomass EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-04-122019-04-30
WWTP Equipment: Gas Holder, Flare, Heater, Desulphurisation Unit EquipmentRFPMorocco2019-04-182019-05-03
Biogas Analyzer EquipmentRFPCanada2019-04-192019-05-03
Portable Biogas Analyzer EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-05-032019-05-10
Compressed Natural Gas Dispenser NGV & Fueling StationsRFQUnited States2019-05-062019-05-10
Biogas Analyzer for University AD Project EquipmentRFQUnited States2019-05-062019-05-10
Large Scale Biogas Project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPAustralia2019-04-192019-05-17
Biogas Upgrading - Pilot Project EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-04-292019-05-17
Analysis of Untreated Biogas - Quebec Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-212019-05-31
Double Membrane Gas Holder - Quote ASAP EquipmentRFQUnited States2019-06-072019-06-21
Gasholder for Syngas Storage EquipmentRFPFrance2019-06-102019-06-21
Siloxane Removal System - ASAP EquipmentRFQGreece2019-06-112019-06-21
Mixer for the Fermenter Tank EquipmentRFPLithuania2019-05-312019-06-28
Poultry Farm - Small-scale AD System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2019-06-102019-06-28
Biogas Plant - EPC Services Required Professional ServicesRFPEl Salvador2019-06-122019-07-01
RFQ - Open Flare / Enclosed Flare EquipmentRFQPortugal2019-05-212019-07-04
Biogas Plant - Kenya Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPKenya2019-06-032019-07-04
URGENT: Biogas Holder Quote EquipmentRFQUnited States2019-07-032019-07-10
Siloxane Removal System EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2019-05-152019-07-15
Engineering consultant - Waste to power project Professional ServicesConsultingUnited Arab Emirates2019-07-032019-07-17
AD System and Upgrading Equipment - BioCNG Projects Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIndia2019-06-112019-07-26
Small scale food waste project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2019-07-162019-07-30
Financing for Palm Mill Oil Effluent (POME) to Power Professional ServicesRFPMalaysia2019-07-162019-08-07
Natural gas enclosed flares EquipmentRFQEcuador2019-07-292019-08-12
AD System to Treat Organic Portion of MSW Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPMalaysia2019-04-192019-08-15
Gas analyser EquipmentRFQUnited States2019-08-052019-08-19
Biogas pretreatment for CTBM project in Quebec, Canada Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2019-07-112019-08-20
Biogas upgrading for CTBM project, Quebec, Canada Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2019-07-112019-08-20
Double membrane biogas holder, Scrubber and Flare EquipmentRFQMalaysia2019-08-232019-08-29
Design, build and operate AD facility in Las Vegas (40,000 tons) Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIUnited States2019-06-032019-08-31
Lab-scale biogas system EquipmentRFQUnited States2019-08-122019-08-31
Farm AD Project - Cow and turkey manure Biogas & RNG SystemsPrequalificationIsrael2019-08-082019-09-13
Landfill gas project - LFG to RNG upgrading Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2019-08-192019-09-20
H2S removal solution for off-gas EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2019-08-222019-09-20
Small-scale biogas upgrading system and storage Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPFrance2019-08-222019-09-20
Dry digestion system - small-scale project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPFrance2019-09-112019-09-27
Biogas upgrading - polishing step Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2019-09-172019-09-27
Quote for 3 Biogas analysers EquipmentRFQUnited States2019-09-192019-09-30
Demand for site tour from a canadian Municipality developing a project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2019-09-162019-10-07
RNG offtake agreement & project financing Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2019-09-232019-10-07
Small scale digester for winery Professional ServicesRFQUnited States2019-09-262019-10-10
Turn-key AD systems for 180 000 pigs manure in Portugal Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIPortugal2019-10-012019-10-12
Digester rehabilitation and upgrade, WWTP EquipmentRFQJordan2019-08-302019-10-15
H2S Removal System EquipmentRFIUnited States2019-10-032019-10-18
SSO processing to methane production in landfill Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-10-222019-10-22
Design build finance and operate - Dairy Digester (4,350 cows) Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIUnited States2019-09-262019-10-24
Turn-key upgrading system for dairy manure digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIUnited States2019-09-262019-10-25
Small flow biogas blower - 5 units EquipmentRFICanada2019-10-092019-10-25
RNG offtake from Quebec, Farm-based AD Professional ServicesRFICanada2019-10-022019-10-31
Biogas plant inerting protocol or technique Professional ServicesRFICanada2019-10-022019-10-31
350 tons per day of SSO - biogas plant proposal Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIMalaysia2019-10-092019-10-31
Operation of existing digester & upgrades Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-10-112019-10-31
Design build finance and operate - Dairy Digester (6,800 cows) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-10-112019-10-31
Design Build Finance and Operate - Dairy Digester (3,700 Cows) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-10-112019-10-31
Operation of Existing Digester & Upgrades (2nd project) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-10-112019-10-31
Operation of Existing Digester & Upgrades (3rd project) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-10-112019-10-31
Design Build Finance and Operate - Dairy Digester (2,250 Cows) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-10-112019-10-31
Biogas storage technology EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-10-182019-11-01
Portable biogas analyzers and gas detection for monitoring of biogas quality EquipmentRFQMalta2019-11-042019-11-06
Biogas upgrading system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIMexico2019-10-152019-11-15
Siloxane removal EquipmentRFIIsrael2019-11-042019-11-18
Two biogas projects for sale Professional ServicesRFPSerbia and Montenegro2019-11-042019-11-18
Biogas project (palm oil waste) - Colombia Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIColombia2019-11-082019-11-25
Equipment for a Biogas Pilot plant EquipmentRFQMalawi2019-11-212019-12-05
Proof of concept - Methane conversion with no catalyst/reformer EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-11-262019-12-10
Financing for WWT to RNG project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-11-272019-12-11
Biogas upgrading technology Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2019-12-122019-12-27
Biodigester equipment auction EquipmentRFQCanada2019-12-122019-12-27
RNG offtake from Quebec Professional ServicesRFICanada2019-12-022019-12-31
Biogas flare EquipmentRFQMorocco2019-12-132020-01-17
Design and manufacture of BioCNG plant Professional ServicesRFPIndia2019-12-162020-01-25
Supply and Installation of Lab Scale Anaerobic Digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQIndia2020-01-292020-02-03
Shredding technology - small scale biogas project EquipmentRFIFrance2020-01-222020-02-05
Biomethane Project: EPC, Biogas and Upgrading Systems Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIndia2020-01-232020-02-07
Professional services for farm biogas plant Professional ServicesRFPPakistan2020-01-282020-02-11
Biogas treatment unit (activated carbon) and compressor EquipmentRFPSpain2020-01-292020-02-12
Centrifuge thickener & screw thickener EquipmentRFQSaudi Arabia2020-02-112020-02-14
Appraisal services for 2 biogas plants Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2020-01-232020-02-17
Lab-scale digesters Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2020-01-232020-02-20
Biogas system and CHP for a pilot plant Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQMongolia2020-01-162020-02-21
Biogas plant, upgrading technology and EPC services Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIIndia2020-02-122020-02-26
Small-scale biogas system - Farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPBelarus2020-02-112020-02-28
Lagoon geomembrane liner EquipmentRFPCanada2020-02-242020-03-04
CNG mobile pipeline NGV & Fueling StationsRFPMexico2020-02-192020-03-06
Brewery - Conditioning of the gas, storage and filling station Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPMauritius2020-02-192020-03-06
Biogas/Upgrading systems and EPC for a dairy project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2020-02-242020-03-09
Biogas flare components EquipmentRFQGreece2020-02-242020-03-09
New Biogas blowers EquipmentRFIThailand2020-02-272020-03-12
Dairy to biogas project Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2020-02-272020-03-12
Quote for Biogas System and CHP unit: farm and slaughterhouse Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQCyprus2020-02-272020-03-13
Gasholder for WWTP project EquipmentRFPFrance2020-03-172020-04-03
RFQ - Biogas and upgrading systems Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQTrinidad and Tobago2020-03-192020-04-03
Flares EquipmentRFPFrance2020-04-162020-05-01
Biomethane and other analyzers EquipmentRFQPortugal2020-04-232020-05-08
Micro biogas system - Equestrian facility Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQUnited States2020-04-272020-05-11
Modular UASB EquipmentRFPUnited States2020-04-282020-05-15
1 MW biogas power plant tender Professional ServicesRFPIran2020-05-042020-05-18
Biogas upgrading plant Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPLatvia2020-04-222020-05-22
CHP units EquipmentRFPRomania2020-05-052020-05-22
Biogas storage tanks EquipmentRFPJapan2020-05-262020-06-12
CHP unit (including prior desulphurization and water removal) EquipmentRFQVietnam2020-05-272020-06-12
Organic waste available in QC and ON Professional ServicesRFPCanada2020-05-222020-06-26
Waste to electricity project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQCôte d‘Ivoire2020-06-052020-06-26
Compressors for methane mixing systems EquipmentRFPCanada2020-06-152020-07-03
Small-scale biogas systems Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUruguay2020-06-232020-07-10
Small-scale AD system - Olive mill waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPPortugal2020-07-072020-07-10
Small-scale AD system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2020-06-302020-07-17
Double membrane storage tank EquipmentRFPIndonesia2020-07-202020-08-07
Biogas system for food waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPMauritius2020-08-052020-08-21
Small-scale digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited Kingdom2020-08-032020-08-21
Biogas+CHP system solution for dairy farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQEgypt2020-08-102020-08-28
Tank - fabrication, transport and installation EquipmentRFQCanada2020-08-112020-08-28
AD System + CHP - Agricultural and food waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQUnited Kingdom2020-08-112020-08-28
AD System + Upgrading unit - Food and agricultural waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQUnited Kingdom2020-08-112020-08-28
In-ground HDPE lined digester EquipmentRFQAustralia2020-09-022020-09-23
RNG Purchaser Required Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2020-09-152020-10-02
Quote and information for slaughterhouse waste AD system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQAlgeria2020-09-162020-10-02
Dry digestion solution - Pig and horse farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited Kingdom2020-10-082020-10-23
Energy crop biogas system - Request for Expression of Interest Biogas & RNG SystemsCall for Expression of InterestGuyana2020-10-132020-10-23
AD system cost estimate Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQUnited States2020-10-192020-10-25
Sugar mill AD system: biogas system, CHP and services Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPGuatemala2020-10-142020-10-30
H2S removal solution for landfill gas EquipmentRFPFrance2020-10-192020-11-06
RNG compressor units EquipmentRFQCanada2020-11-052020-11-20
Small-scale solution for food and residential organic waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIUnited States2020-11-052020-11-20
Reckitt Self-equip pump (Original only) EquipmentRFPCanada2020-11-192020-11-20
Upgrading system needed Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPLithuania2020-11-132020-12-04
Biogas supply wanted Biogas & RNG SystemsRFOUnited States2020-08-032020-12-16
PVC - coated polyester fabric to cover double-membrane gas holder EquipmentRFPThailand2020-12-022020-12-18
Syngas Combustion Flare EquipmentRFQFrance2020-12-032020-12-18
Buyer seeking landfill gas Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2020-12-102020-12-25
SmartGrowth Program Funding OpportunitiesFunding opportunityCanada2020-12-162021-01-22
Call for projects - non-RNG fuel pathway Biogas & RNG SystemsRFOUnited States2020-11-132021-01-29
Biogas holders EquipmentRFPSaudi Arabia2021-01-142021-01-29
Membranes for existing digesters EquipmentRFPCanada2020-12-162021-02-05
Partnership request: wet digestion and engineering services Biogas & RNG SystemsPartnership searchMalawi2021-01-182021-02-05
Upgrading system - membrane separation Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIndia2021-01-192021-02-05
Compressor EquipmentRFPIndia2021-01-192021-02-05
Small-scale AD system - Fruits and vegetable waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIColombia2021-01-202021-02-05
H2S scrubber EquipmentRFPMalaysia2021-01-292021-02-12
Biogas upgrading system - membrane filtration Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPMalaysia2021-01-292021-02-12
Sludge dewatering unit EquipmentRFQCanada2021-02-082021-02-26
Stainless steel digester tank Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQSwitzerland2021-02-162021-03-05
Syngas Flare EquipmentRFQFrance2021-02-182021-03-05
Biogas Flare System EquipmentRFQPalestine2021-03-022021-03-19
Hydrolyser and digester tanks with mixers and gas holder EquipmentFRQCanada2021-03-162021-03-31
Biogas Flare System EquipmentRFQMalaysia2021-04-012021-04-05
Small-scale biogas system - Pig farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2021-03-252021-04-09
Partnership opportunity - small-scale biogas systems Partnership RequestPartnership searchGreece2021-03-252021-04-09
Engineering Services - Anaerobic Digestion Facility Professional ServicesRFPCanada2021-03-162021-04-12
Activated carbon and other chemicals for biogas treatment, digesters and water treatment EquipmentRFQCanada2021-04-152021-04-19
Biogas purification system - PSA/VPSA Unit Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQIndia2021-04-052021-04-23
Bolted Tanks EquipmentRFQIraq2021-04-062021-04-23
Estimate required for AD project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2021-04-152021-04-30
Assessment of biogas potential Professional ServicesRFPCanada2021-04-152021-04-30
Quote request: small-scale solution for sargassum weed project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQAntigua and Barbuda2021-04-142021-05-07
GLS Tank - Water EquipmentRFQOman2021-04-282021-05-14
Quote for a small-scale farm system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQPortugal2021-05-032021-05-21
C02 recovery plant & purification system EquipmentRFQTanzania2021-05-122021-05-28
Waste treatment for electricity production: Biogas and gasification systems Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPHaiti2021-05-172021-06-04
Biogas Upgrading System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIFrance2021-05-262021-06-11
Feedstock available - cannabis waste MiscellaneousRFPCanada2021-05-312021-06-18
Portable and Online Biogas Analyser EquipmentRFPIndia2021-06-012021-06-18
Biogas Closed Flare System EquipmentRFQSingapore2021-06-152021-06-18
Farm project - biogas and CHP systems quotes necessary Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQCongo2021-06-152021-07-02
UASB reactor for wastewater treatment EquipmentRFPAustralia2021-06-172021-07-02
Partnership request: Desulphurization Technology; US / North American B2B Market Partnership requestPartnership requestUnited States2021-06-172021-07-16
Biogas Boiler EquipmentRFQGeorgia2021-07-012021-07-16
Digestate Tank EquipmentRFQAustralia2021-07-132021-07-30
Small-scale AD system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQAustralia2021-07-262021-08-13
Biogas Technology Engineering Services - Sugar Beet Vinasse Professional ServicesRFPUkraine2021-08-112021-08-27
Small-scale AD system - Plant-based feedstock Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2021-07-152021-08-31
Syngas Flare - Quote request EquipmentRFQGermany2021-08-262021-09-10
Anaerobic digester system for dairy farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPSpain2021-09-152021-10-01
Ovoid digesters for a wastewater treatment plant EquipmentRFQEcuador2021-09-172021-10-08
Biogas system - Information and quote request Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIRussia2021-10-122021-10-29
Digestate for organic fertilizer project MiscellaneousRFIUnited States2021-09-092021-10-30
Anaerobic Digester for MSW Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPBangladesh2021-10-182021-11-01
Community Wastewater + Manure, Small scale Anaerobic Digestion project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2021-10-182021-11-01
Digester Mixing System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPJordan2021-10-202021-11-03
Investment opportunity for major project in Midwest, USA Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2021-10-252021-11-08
Hog manure AD system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2021-10-282021-11-11
Gas holder for RAEBL RFP EquipmentRFQCanada2021-09-292021-11-26
Upgrading of Flare stack and Associated Equipment at Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPHong Kong2021-11-152021-11-29
Agricultural biogas upgrading equipment Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUkraine2021-11-292021-12-13
Three Digesters with Mixing for a Dairy Project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2021-12-022021-12-16
Biogas Boiler at WWTP Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPQatar2021-12-062022-01-07
Request for Expression of Interest Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPPakistan2021-12-172022-01-13
Anaerobic digestion plant Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIran2021-12-212022-01-14
AD System for mid-sized dairy farm and beef farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited Kingdom2022-01-052022-01-19
Small-scale AD system - meat processing Biogas & RNG SystemsRFIUnited States2022-01-062022-01-21
Farm Anaerobic Digester with CHP application Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPEgypt2022-01-112022-01-25
Biogas Waste Flaring System and all associated equipment Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIraq2022-01-262022-02-04
Small-scale Agricultural Digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPSerbia and Montenegro2022-02-022022-02-16
Biogas Boiler Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIreland2022-02-022022-02-16
Small-Scale CHP Unit Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIreland2022-02-022022-02-16
Supply and installation of 3 No. Double membrane Gas holders Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPEgypt2022-02-172022-02-28
Small-Scale Biodigester for Farm Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited Kingdom2022-02-152022-03-01
Lab Digester EquipmentRFPSouth Africa2022-03-022022-03-16
Small-Scale AD for Wine-Waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPSpain2022-03-032022-03-17
Partnership Request for Membrane Upgrading Facility Partnership RequestRFPTurkey2022-03-102022-03-24
Biogas Consultancy Assignment Professional ServicesRFPPakistan2022-02-102022-03-31
GE Jenbacher Engine EquipmentRFPKazakhstan2022-03-242022-04-07
Small-Scale Farm Digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPRomania2022-04-122022-04-26
Portable GHG Analyzer EquipmentRFPCanada2022-04-222022-05-06
Biogas Generator EquipmentRFPIndia2022-05-022022-05-16
Biogas Systems Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPSri Lanka2022-05-122022-05-17
Small-Scale Digester System Biogas & RNG SystemsBudgetary QuoteUnited States2022-05-312022-06-03
Flue Gas Treatment System EquipmentRFPUnited States2022-06-012022-06-15
LFG Gas Holder EquipmentRFPTurkey2022-06-032022-06-15
Leachate treatment system EquipmentRFPIreland2022-06-092022-06-22
Partnership Request and RNG Offtake Agreement Partnership RequestRFPUnited States2022-06-092022-06-23
Project costing for R&D Pilot Biogas & RNG SystemsRFICanada2022-06-102022-06-24
Cogeneration unit EquipmentRFPFrance2022-05-272022-06-27
Farm Biogas System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2022-06-142022-06-28
Biogas Storage, Equipment and Upgrading Unit Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIndia2022-06-222022-06-29
ASAP Double membrane for a post-digester tank EquipmentRFQCanada2022-06-272022-06-29
Biogas upgrading system Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUkraine2022-06-212022-07-08
Small-Scale Membrane Purification System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPFrance2022-06-292022-07-08
Biogas Optimization Trial Professional ServicesRFPSpain2022-06-102022-07-10
Biogas Cleaning System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPChina2022-06-302022-07-10
Small-Scale Agricultural Digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPLebanon2022-06-012022-07-12
Biogas CHP Information Biogas & RNG SystemsRFITunisia2022-07-112022-07-14
MSW Digester Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPNigeria2022-07-052022-07-19
Small-Scale Biogas CHP Generator Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIndia2022-07-122022-07-26
Small-Scale AD System Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPHonduras2022-07-142022-07-28
LFG Flare Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2022-07-252022-08-15
H2S and H2O removal EquipmentRFQUnited States2022-07-292022-08-19
Biogas filtration equipment EquipmentRFQUnited States2022-07-292022-08-19
RFQ for Tank Inspection and Repairs Professional ServicesRFPCanada2022-08-102022-08-24
Anaerobic Digester with CHP Unit Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited Kingdom2022-08-052022-08-26
Biogas Project Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPIreland2022-08-232022-09-06
Heat Exchangers EquipmentRFPUnited States2022-08-312022-09-08
Scrubbers (Odor and Biogas) EquipmentRFPUnited States2022-08-312022-09-20
Biogas Handling System EquipmentRFPUnited States2022-08-312022-09-20
Biogas Boilers EquipmentRFPUnited States2022-08-312022-09-20
Biogas Blower EquipmentRFPCanada2022-09-142022-09-21
WWTP Gas Instrumentation Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPVietnam2022-09-152022-09-22
Biogas Upgrading Facility Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPEthiopia2022-09-092022-09-23
Membrane System for LFG to CNG Gas Upgrading Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2022-09-142022-09-28
Directed Biogas Derived from Swine Waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2022-08-192022-09-30
Liquid Organic Waste Receiving and Biogas Treatment Upgrades Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2022-09-232022-10-07
Membrane Separation Consultant Professional ServicesRFPCanada2022-10-112022-10-19
Combined Heat And Power (CHP) Facility CHPRFPUnited States2018-01-032017-03-05
Natural Gas Vehicle Fill Station NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2017-03-202017-04-04
Technico-economic feasibility study for the co-digestion of residual organic matter by anaerobic digestion Feasibility studyRFPCanada2017-03-162017-04-06
Renewable Energy Studies and Associated Consulting Services Consulting ServicesRFICanada2017-03-242017-04-07
Professional architectural services for Quebec biogas plant Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-03-152017-04-12
Construction of a mechanical sludge dryer along with modernization of sewage treatment facilities in Rzeszow. DryerRFPPoland2017-04-042017-04-12
Foxboro Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades WWTPRFPCanada2017-04-032017-04-13
Engineering/Consultant Services for Regional Bio-Solids Handling Facility Using Anaerobic Digestion EngineeringRFPUnited States2017-03-222017-04-14
Compost and mulch sale program for residents CompostingRFICanada2017-04-252017-04-16
Small semimobile biogas plant Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCzech Republic2017-04-032017-04-18
Financial and regulatory technical studies relating to the realization of biogas projects Feasibility studyRFPFrance2017-03-232017-04-19
Automatic sorting of waste bags SortingRFICanada2017-03-132017-04-19
Treatment of household and similar waste from the transfer docks of Bernay and Bottereaux Waste TreatmentRFPFrance2017-03-302017-04-21
Project management assistance for co-digestion plant (Biosolids and SSO) Project managementRFPFrance2017-03-282017-04-25
Composting of Residential Organic Material CompostingRFPCanada2017-03-242017-04-26
Operation of biogas filling station and supply of biogas RNGRFPNorway2017-03-282017-04-26
Organics and Inert Waste Processing (Composting and Recycling) CompostingRFPUnited Kingdom2017-03-302017-04-28
Contract for Professional Services in Architecture - Organic Recycling Center (CeReMo) Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-04-132017-05-01
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Renewable Liquid Natural Gas (RLNG) RNGRFPUnited States2017-04-182017-05-01
Purchase of two sanitation vehicles with cranes and biogas motors NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNorway2017-03-092017-05-03
Leaf Composting Service CompostingRFPUnited States2017-04-132017-05-04
Technical Consulting for Generation Facilities EngineeringRFPCanada2017-04-052017-05-05
Process Plant for Biogas Upgrade and Liquefaction Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPNorway2017-04-032017-05-09
Contractual Services Related To Hauling and Land Application of Liquid Digested Biosolids Material Waste ManagementRFPUnited States2017-04-132017-05-09
Digestion plant construction work ConstructionRFPGermany2017-03-212017-05-09
Turkey Creek WWTP-Anaerobic Digester Repairs MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2017-04-182017-05-11
Peterborough Wastewater Treatment Plant Number Four Digester Relining ConstructionRFPCanada2017-04-132017-05-11
Organics Processing System for the City of Peterborough Feasibility studyRFICanada2017-04-212017-05-11
Nutrient Recovery and Reuse Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2017-04-102017-05-11
Biogas purchaser for vehicle fuel from the calumet water reclamation plant RNGRFPUnited States2017-04-052017-05-12
France - Strasbourg: Composting services CompostingRFPFrance2017-04-142017-05-15
Digester and Heating Upgrade Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2017-04-212017-05-16
Repair Digester Cover at the Waste Water Treatment Plant ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-03-302017-05-16
Water reclamation digester cleaning project Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-04-252017-05-16
Consulting Services to assess the impact of a Disposal Ban in Ontario Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2017-04-262017-05-17
Total Solids Analyzer InstrumentationRFPUnited States2017-05-012017-05-18
Compost Facility Expansion Phase 4 CompostingRFPCanada2017-05-052017-05-19
Dewatering and Cleaning of One Anaerobic Digester MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2017-05-072017-05-22
Vegetative Disaster Debris Processing CompostingRFPUnited States2017-05-072017-05-23
Biogas refuse collection vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNorway2017-04-182017-05-25
Digestion plant construction work MiscellaneousRFPItaly2017-04-262017-05-26
Supply & Delivery of Ten Dual Fuel Half Ton Pickup Trucks NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2017-05-122017-05-26
Feasibility Study for Motor coach CNG Fuel Alternative Feasibility studyRFPCanada2017-05-092017-05-26
Schwartz WWTP Removal and Disposal of Digester #1 Equipment Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-05-132017-05-26
Netherlands - Oosterhout: Composting services CompostingRFPNetherlands2017-04-202017-05-29
Dry batch Digestion Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2017-05-022017-05-29
Non-hazardous refuse and waste treatment and disposal services Waste TreatmentRFPGermany2017-05-042017-05-29
Conveyor system for organic matter after shredding ConveyorRFPCanada2017-05-112017-05-29
Digester Roof Repairs MiscellaneousRFPCanada2017-05-152017-05-29
Remediation | Camp Ellis WWTP Sludge Digesters MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2017-05-022017-05-30
District heating MiscellaneousRFPGermany2017-05-012017-05-31
Composting plant construction work CompostingRFPRomania2017-05-012017-05-31
Sludge Press Equipment Installation Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2017-05-092017-05-31
Two 1 Megawatt Biogas Gen Sets CHPRFPUnited States2017-05-092017-05-31
Consulting services for digester 3 upgrades Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2017-05-032017-06-05
Feasibility study for the installation of biogas plant Feasibility studyRFPFrance2017-05-112017-06-06
Phosphorus Removal & Digester Improvements MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2017-04-252017-06-07
Gasholder works MiscellaneousRFPFrance2017-04-262017-06-08
16 low-floor CNG-operated buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2017-05-012017-06-08
Supply and Delivery of 8 Dual Fuel 16,000 and19,000lb Trucks NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2017-05-262017-06-08
Organics Processing MiscellaneousRFPCanada2017-05-302017-06-08
Waste management, recycling & composting services CompostingRFPCanada2017-05-172017-06-12
Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation NGV & Fueling StationsRFPSweden2017-05-222017-06-16
Agrifood Renewable Natural Gas Transportation Sector Readiness Assessment RNGRFICanada2017-05-092017-06-19
Composting Yard Waste and Other Organics CompostingRFPUnited States2017-05-252017-06-19
Renovation work on the methanisation unit and creation of a biogas recovery (heat) unit at the Port Douvot WWTP MiscellaneousRFPFrance2017-06-052017-06-19
Landfill-gas electricity generating plant construction work CHPRFPGreece2017-04-262017-06-20
Design-Build Biogas Flare System at Fresno/Clovis WWTP EquipmentRFPUnited States2017-05-222017-06-20
Digestion plant construction work Consulting ServicesRFPFrance2017-05-252017-06-21
Feasibility Study for the Development of an Anaerobic Digestion Facility Feasibility studyRFPCanada2017-05-262017-06-21
Supply & Del.of 1 14,500lb GVW Dual Fuel Cab Over Engine Truck NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2017-06-072017-06-21
Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant Cogeneration System CHPRFPUnited States2017-06-062017-06-26
High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility Performance Consulting and Testing Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2017-06-122017-06-26
Compost Turner CompostingRFPCanada2017-05-162017-06-27
Digester Boiler Replacement BoilerRFPUnited States2017-06-062017-06-27
Engineering Design Services For The Cng Fueling Station Project NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2017-06-072017-06-27
WWTP improvements (digester pump mixers) WWTPRFPUnited States2017-05-222017-06-29
Integrated Anaerobic Digester System Program Renewable EnergiesRFPUnited States2017-01-032017-07-03
12kW Natural Gas Generators for Secondary Pump Stations CHPRFPCanada2017-06-142017-07-03
Construction work ConstructionRFPUnited Kingdom2017-06-012017-07-04
Methane Emissions Quantifications Consultant Consulting ServicesRFICanada2017-06-192017-07-05
Digester Tanks Cleanout Digester cleaningRFPCanada2017-06-062017-07-06
Biogas Plant Construction ConstructionRFPFrance2017-06-132017-07-07
Landfill infrastructure construction and final recovery works landfillRFPCanada2017-06-162017-07-07
Wright Smith WWTP Primary Digester Cleaning Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-06-192017-07-10
Design, construction and commissioning of a biogas plant Consulting ServicesRFPFrance2017-06-122017-07-10
National Consultant - Biogas Potential Assessment in Timor-Leste Consulting ServicesRFPUnited States2017-06-272017-07-10
Wet Weather and Digester Improvements CM RFP ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-06-152017-07-12
WWTP Digesters-Holding Tank Cleaning and Inspection Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-06-222017-07-12
Co-Digestion Capacity Analysis Consulting ServicesRFPUnited States2017-06-122017-07-12
Biosolids Compost and Marketing CompostingRFPUnited States2017-07-272017-07-16
Provision of services for the treatment of organic waste Waste ManagementRFPCanada2017-06-122017-07-20
Municipal organic waste valorization CompostingRFPCanada2017-06-222017-07-21
Consultancy on the Feasibility Study for Production and utilization of Biogas in South Eastern Botswana BiomethaneRFPBotswana2017-07-052017-07-21
Assessing the Impacts of a Disposal Ban on Select Organic Materials in Ontario Waste TreatmentRFPCanada2017-07-062017-07-25
Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Tool Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2017-07-032017-07-26
Mason Farm Digester and Fermenter System Evaluation and Rehabilitation Consulting ServicesRFPUnited States2017-07-032017-07-28
Furnish & Deliver Granular Media to Remove Hydrogen Sulfide MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2017-07-122017-07-28
Comprehensive supply of compressed natural gas (CNG) with a mobile gas refueling station NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2017-07-072017-07-31
CNG fueling station services NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2017-07-062017-08-01
Digester gas facilities rehabilitation Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2017-06-082017-08-02
Acceptance of Pre-Processed Food Waste for The City of Philadelphia Consulting ServicesRFIUnited States2017-06-222017-08-04
Landfill management services landfillRFPGreece2017-06-282017-08-04
Landfill Gas Concession Contract for the Exploitation of Landfill Gas at the Scotch Corner Landfill Site. landfillRFPIceland2017-07-072017-08-04
Napanee WPCP Anaerobic digestion biogas upgrades Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-06-212017-08-04
Construction work for the oil and gas industry ConstructionRFPNetherlands2017-06-282017-08-10
Construction of Anaerobic Composter CompostingRFPUnited States2017-07-102017-08-10
Supply and commissioning of an organic material separator digestateRFPFrance2017-07-172017-08-16
Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Renewable Natural Gas Facility RNGRFPUnited States2017-07-172017-08-17
Membrane Covered Structure ConstructionRFPCanada2017-07-242017-08-21
Cleaning and Rehabilitation of Digester 13 & 16 at Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant ConstructionRFPCanada2017-07-272017-08-23
Source Separated Organic Waste Processing Services Waste ManagementRFICanada2017-08-012017-08-24
Composting of Organics Across Campus CompostingRFPCanada2017-08-042017-08-24
Design-Build & Maintenance of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Services Facility NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2017-07-282017-08-25
Huddersfield Energy & Recycling Facility (Design and Construct) ConstructionRFPUnited Kingdom2017-07-072017-08-28
Front Load Waste & Compost Dumpster CompostingRFPCanada2017-08-112017-08-28
Design engineering services during the construction of new sludge digester and combined heat and power facility Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2017-07-312017-08-30
Biogas valorization at Lyon Biogas Plant MiscellaneousRFPFrance2017-06-202017-09-05
Call for the construction, operation and maintenance of a Solid Waste Final Disposal Plant of the Department of Canelones, Uruguay landfillRFPUruguay2017-06-272017-09-07
Engineering services for organics management facility Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-08-032017-09-07
WWTP digester mixing pump replacement Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2017-08-132017-09-13
Construction works for sewage treatment plants, purification plants and refuse incineration plants Consulting ServicesRFPFrance2017-06-232017-09-14
Call for qualification for Design, Construction and Operation of a biomethanisation and composting plant Project managementRFICanada2017-06-152017-09-15
Mobile Dewatering/Digester Cleaning Services At Various Wastewater Treatment Plants Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-07-112017-09-15
Anaerobic Digester Replacement Project: General Construction ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-08-012017-09-15
Request for Proposals For the Provision of Compostable Organics Processsing CompostingRFPCanada2017-07-202017-09-17
Residential solid waste collection and disposal, recycling, and composting program issue & receiving office CompostingRFPUnited States2017-08-282017-09-18
Reception, treatment and recovery of organic matter Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-09-012017-09-18
Food Waste Composting Services CompostingRFPUnited States2017-09-072017-09-18
Bridgewater WWTP Anaerobic Digester Cover Replacement MiscellaneousRFICanada2017-08-292017-09-19
Bridgewater WWTP Anaerobic Digester Cover Replacement MiscellaneousRFICanada2017-08-292017-09-19
Kingston WWTP Anaerobic Digester and Wilber Avenue Pretreatment Pump Station Flow Atenuation Tank Cleaning Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-08-212017-09-20
Landfill-gas electricity generating plant construction work CHPRFPGreece2017-08-182017-09-25
2016 Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2017-08-162017-09-25
Design, construction and operation of a biogas valorisation unit MiscellaneousRFPFrance2017-07-242017-09-29
Enviro-Centre Feasibility Study Feasibility studyRFPCanada2017-09-082017-09-29
Cogeneration System CHPRFPUnited States2017-09-072017-10-04
Solid Waste and Sludge Services for Carroll County Waste ManagementRFPUnited States2017-07-252017-10-05
Supply of Recycling and Organic Bins Waste ManagementRFQCanada2017-09-222017-10-06
Reception, treatment and valorization of the organic materials of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-09-262017-10-12
Construction works for compost facility CompostingRFPSpain2017-07-172017-10-19
Composting for dining services CompostingRFPUnited States2017-10-092017-10-20
Portable Self Contained Compost Aerator, Windrow Turning Machine Compost AeratorRFPUnited States2017-10-122017-10-24
Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Cogeneration and Nitrate Reduction Improvements ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-10-262017-11-01
Kuwahee WWTP digester sludge heating & biogas safety improvements DigesterRFPUnited States2017-10-042017-11-02
Biogas treatment and vehicle fueling station RNGRFPUnited States2017-10-102017-11-02
Provisions for BioGRID digester operating partner DigesterRFPCanada2017-09-292017-11-03
Aerobic Digester #2 Cleaning Project - El Dorado Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-10-062017-11-03
Assistance to project owner for the operation to install sludge methanisation with reinjection of biomethane produced BiomethaneRFPFrance2017-09-072017-11-06
Supply of the digestate dewatering process DewateringRFPCanada2017-09-222017-11-07
Anaerobic Digester #2 Cleaning Project Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-10-172017-11-07
CNG Fueling Station Transit Agencies Partnership Project NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2017-10-252017-11-07
Composting of Residential Organic Materials CompostingRFPCanada2017-10-102017-11-09
WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Waste ManagementRFPCanada2017-10-172017-11-09
Purchase of natural gas requirements and third party consulting services Natural Gas / Consulting ServicesRFPUnited States2017-10-092017-11-10
CNG fuel supply NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2017-10-062017-11-11
South Shore Water Reclamation Facility, Storage Digester #7 Repairs ConstructionRFIUnited States2017-10-142017-11-13
Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Upgrade Engineering Consulting Services RNGRFPUnited States2017-10-232017-11-15
Yard and Organic Waste Processing Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-09-142017-11-16
Replace Water Pollution Control Blower and Digester Building Roofs ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-10-032017-11-16
Request for Qualifications: Organics Management Structure and Long Term Operating Contract Professional ServicesRFQCanada2017-09-282017-11-17
Kuwahee WWTP CHP Facility CHPRFPUnited States2017-10-022017-11-20
Recycling of Organic Waste for Energy and Smallholder Livelihood Waste ManagementRFPGambia2017-10-282017-11-23
Production of biogas by co-digestion valorization of biomethane on arvea udep Co-DigestionRFPFrance2017-10-102017-11-27
Construction Services NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2017-11-022017-11-27
Construction Services CNG Modifications NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2017-11-022017-11-27
Co-Gen Resiliency Upgrades Project Co-GenerationRFPUnited States2017-10-072017-11-28
Engineering services for the biogas project and dryers of the La Pinière wastewater treatment plant Wastewater TreatmentRFPCanada2017-11-082017-11-28
SS Water Reclamation Facility Digester Gas Isolation Valves Project DigesterRFPUnited States2017-10-262017-11-29
Metropolitan Biosolids Center (MBC) Digester Cleaning Project Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-10-302017-11-29
CNG 3/4 -ton Pickup Truck NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2017-10-262017-11-29
Services for the establishment of biogas recovery units MiscellaneousRFPFrance2017-11-082017-12-01
General Construction of Digester Roof Replacement ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-11-132017-12-07
Aerobic Digester Aeration Piping System EquipmentRFPUnited States2017-11-282017-12-08
Design and construction of a sludge methanisation unit at the Ginestous Garonne WWTP Plant DesignRFPFrance2017-11-102017-12-11
Anaerobic Digestion Facility ConstructionRFPCanada2017-11-242017-12-11
Anaerobic Digestion Facility ConstructionRFPCanada2017-11-242017-12-11
CCWPCP Improvements to Digester Gas Handling DigesterRFPUnited States2017-11-102017-12-12
Contract for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a treatment center for organic materials by composting - Arr. St. Lawrence CompostingRFPCanada2017-07-182017-12-13
CNG powered Dump Trucks with Snow Removal NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2017-10-272017-12-14
Supply and Delivery of Ester-Based Defoamer Chemicals for digesterRFPCanada2017-11-242017-12-15
Modernization of the methanisation unit and creation of a biogas recovery unit ConstructionRFPFrance2017-11-242017-12-18
Wastewater Treatment Plant - Primary Digester Complex Improvements ConstructionRFPUnited States2017-12-022017-12-20
Supply of the liquid effluent treatment process by stripping and production of ammonium sulphate WWTPRFPCanada2017-11-282017-12-20
Removal and Dewatering of Residual Solids From a Secondary Anaerobic Digester Digester cleaningRFPUnited States2017-11-222017-12-27
Landfill Operating Contract landfillRFPCanada2017-12-082018-01-10
Compost Facility Operator Study Guide CompostingRFPCanada2017-12-122018-01-15
Supply of polymer preparation and dosing process DewateringRFPCanada2017-12-062018-01-16
Feasibility for Integrated Regional Biogas Production and Nutrient Cycling in the Lower Fraser Valley MiscellaneousRFPCanada2017-12-062018-01-16
Waterford Waste Water Treatment Facility Upgrades WWTPRFPCanada2017-12-182018-01-23
Treatment Plant Low Pressure Sludge Gas (BIOGAS) Pipe Replacement Project Wastewater TreatmentRFPUnited States2017-12-282018-01-23
Bermondsey Yard Garage Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Modifications ConstructionRFPCanada2017-12-192018-01-26
Reception, biomethanisation and valorisation of materials Waste ManagementRFPCanada2018-01-112018-01-30
Wet Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Combined Heat & Power CHPRFPCanada2018-01-092018-02-06
Compressed Biogas Fueling Facilities Project, Phase II ConstructionRFPUnited States2018-01-032018-02-07
Landfill-gas electricity generating plant construction work CHPRFPPortugal2017-12-152018-02-09
Supply of the odor treatment process Odor TreatmentRFPCanada2018-01-092018-02-13
Call for projects - Agricultural projects for GHG reduction Professional ServicesRFPCanada2017-10-262018-02-16
Lease of Town Property Extend the Existing Septage Treatment Facility Via Development Septage TreatmentRFPUnited States2017-11-172018-02-16
Design Build Services for TRWRF Biogas Cleaning & Utilization Project DesignRFPUnited States2018-01-262018-02-22
Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program GrantRFIUnited States2017-09-222018-02-28
Co-digestion and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Initiative RNGRFPCanada2018-03-062018-02-28
Direct Award with BC Bioenergy Network for Agriculture Challenge Direct AwardRFPCanada2018-02-142018-02-28
Con Edison Seeks Non-Pipes Solutions to Meet Growing Natural Gas Demand Natural Gas / Consulting ServicesRFPUnited States2017-12-192018-03-01
NEA Gas System Expansion Waterloo Landfill Site ConstructionRFPCanada2018-02-072018-03-02
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Facility from WWTP CHPRFPUnited States2017-12-202018-03-05
Reception, Biomethanation and Recovery of 12,000 Metric Tons of Organic Matter BiomethaneRFPCanada2018-02-152018-03-07
Feasibility Study for The Implementation of an Anaerobic Digestion Unit Feasibility StudyRFPFrance2018-02-172018-03-09
Installation of Medium-Large Size Biogas System under the Energy NAMA Project GrantRFPSri Lanka2018-02-232018-03-09
Wastewater Treatment Plants ConstructionRFPCanada2018-02-132018-03-15
Recycling & Composting of Yard Waste, Leaves and Brush CompostingRFPUnited States2018-02-222018-03-15
Engineering Services for Biogas Utilization Study at the Wastewater Treatment Facility EngineeringRFPCanada2018-02-202018-03-15
Landfill Gas to RNG Project RNGRFPUnited States2018-03-082018-03-15
Assistance to project - Adaptation of centers of operation and supply of NGV/Biogas for the needs of bus network in Angers Loire Métropole RNGRFPFrance2018-02-152018-03-19
Public Works Concession - Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of New Household Waste Treatment Plant in Tours Métropole Val de Loire Waste TreatmentRFPFrance2018-02-182018-03-20
Winston-Salem (Forsyth County) Muddy Creek and Archie Elledge WWTPs Phase II Rehabilitation Project WWTPRFPUnited States2018-02-222018-03-20
Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative NGV & Fueling StationsRFICanada2018-01-032018-03-22
Design, Construction, Financing, Operation and Maintenance of an Anaerobic Digestion Unit DigesterRFPFrance2018-02-192018-03-23
Feasibility Study - Valorisation of energy potential and other sub products of WWTP Feasibility studyOtherFrance2018-03-092018-03-30
Management of recyclable and compostable residual materials CompostingRFICanada2018-03-192018-04-02
Food Waste Management System Waste ManagementRFPCanada2018-03-092018-04-03
Operation of the Grand Nancy WWTP, Design and Implementation of Changes in Digestion System and Biogas Valorisation by Injection of Biomethane into the City Gas Network WWTPRFIFrance2018-03-052018-04-03
Study of Sludge Management and feasibility of its treatment via anaerobic digestion MiscellaneousRFPFrance2018-03-152018-04-06
Valorization of biogas from ISDND Mendixka of Charritte de Bas MiscellaneousRFPFrance2018-03-192018-04-06
Secondary Digester Covers and TWAS Storage Tank Rehabilitation WWTPRFPUnited States2018-03-182018-04-06
Gas Holder for Anaerobic Digestion Plant Gas HolderRFPCanada2018-03-132018-04-11
Renewable Natural Gas Request for Proposal RNGRFPCanada2018-03-232018-04-12
Landfill Gas Utilization Project RNGRFPUnited States2018-03-152018-04-13
Collection, Transport and Treatment of Organic Waste CompostingRFPCanada2018-03-132018-04-16
General Contractor for Digester Gas Cogeneration Facilities at the Waterloo, Galt and Kitchener WWTP\'s ConstructionRFICanada2018-03-282018-04-17
Energy Generator Procurement EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-04-012018-04-17
Civil Engineering Consultancy Services WWTPRFPDenmark2018-03-052018-04-18
Waste and Diversion Services for City of Regina Facilities Waste TreatmentRFICanada2018-03-222018-04-19
Professional Services Digester Gas / Combined Heat and Power Evaluation WWTPRFQUnited States2018-03-222018-04-19
Design-build services in turnkey mode, Anaerobic digestion and dryer projects ConstructionRFICanada2018-03-282018-04-24
Expression of Interest - Landfill Gas Utilisation Project landfillRFIAustralia2018-03-102018-04-24
Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) LNGRFPUnited States2018-03-202018-04-26
Purchase and Delivery of Centrifuge Dewatering Equipment for the Aquia Wastewater Treatment Facility WWTPRFPUnited States2018-04-032018-04-26
Biogas Maintenance Biogas MaintenanceRFPUnited Kingdom2018-04-102018-04-27
Vermont 2018 Standard Offer Program MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-04-022018-05-01
Treatment Plant for liquid biogas Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPNorway2018-03-222018-05-02
Supply and commissioning of a centralized cold water production unit for biogas cooling EquipmentRFPFrance2018-04-132018-05-03
Purchase of gas flares - improvement of anaerobic digestion plant AMETYST in Montpellier EquipmentRFPFrance2018-04-062018-05-07
Renovation works of biogas capture network for CSDND of Châtenois landfillRFPFrance2018-03-292018-05-09
Treatment Plant for liquid biogas Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPNorway2018-04-132018-05-09
Supply of natural gas and biomethane to various points of sale in the Federal Republic of Germany BiomethaneRFPGermany2018-04-232018-05-11
New Anaerobic Digesters or Enhancements to Existing Anaerobic Digester Projects on Vermont Farms DigesterGovernment grantUnited States2018-04-272018-05-15
RES RFP - Energy Certificates Acquired by NYSERDA MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-05-252018-05-16
Rehabilitate Two Digesters at El Portal WWTP DigesterOtherUnited States2018-05-072018-05-16
Landfill Gas Flow Assessment landfillRFPCanada2018-05-012018-05-17
Maintenance of the cogenerators - 2 WWTPs at Cherbourg-en-Cotentin WWTPRFPFrance2018-04-122018-05-18
Supply and delivery of Biogas Digester Appliances InstrumentationRFQBotswana2018-05-072018-05-21
Engineering services - Construction of cells 10 and 11 final recovery and capture of biogas Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-05-022018-05-23
Professional Services for Community Manure Digester Feasibility Study Feasibility studyRFPUnited States2018-04-172018-05-24
Development of Renewable Natural Gas Project RNGRFPUnited States2018-03-302018-05-25
ASRDF Landfill Gas Migration Mitigation Works EngineeringRFPCanada2018-04-192018-05-25
Chetwynd Landfill Phase B Closure Cover Design/Tender Services Consulting ServicesRFPCanada2018-04-272018-05-25
Equipment Supply and Installation of Biogas and Fertilizer Production Contract for Anping Subproject MiscellaneousRFPChina2018-05-022018-05-25
Cap of Waste facility Cells 2&3 and landfill gas collection landfillRFPCanada2018-05-032018-05-25
Technical control mission for the construction of the anaerobic digestion unit MiscellaneousRFPFrance2018-04-302018-05-28
2018 Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion landfillRFPCanada2018-04-272018-05-29
Prequalification of General Contractors Required for Primary Digester Number 4 Refurbishment at the Woodward Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant DigesterRFPQCanada2018-05-042018-05-29
Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant Digester Gas Utilization Upgrades WWTPRFPUnited States2018-04-252018-05-31
Landfills Professional Engineering and Surveying Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-04-232018-05-31
BLOOM Clean Technology Demonstration Program GrantFundingCanada2018-04-012018-05-31
Resource Recovery Technologies and Facilities Resource RecoveryRFICanada2018-05-042018-06-01
Cleaning Digester Tanks at the DOS RIOS WRC Digester CleaningRFPUnited States2018-05-152018-06-01
Biogas Procurement MiscellaneousRFPSweden2018-04-262018-06-05
Construction of the biogas pumping and destruction system and new cells at Hébertville-Station landfillRFPCanada2018-05-032018-06-06
Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion South Wake Landfill landfillRFPUnited States2018-05-112018-06-06
Landfill Gas Collection Services landfillRFPUnited States2018-05-142018-06-07
Anaerobic Digestion Development Plan for Seine-et-Marne department Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-04-302018-06-11
Construction Services for the Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas Piping Relocation WWTPRFQCanada2018-05-222018-06-12
McCourtney Road Landfill Gas Extraction Well Installation Project landfillRFPUnited States2018-04-172018-06-12
Bus Procurement VehiclesRFPSweden2018-05-122018-06-13
Equipment for the Conditioning and Use of Biogas Biogas & RNG SystemsRFQUruguay2018-05-232018-06-13
Supply and commissioning of an osmosis permeate evaporation system using the biogas burning energy produced by Isdnd de Castries landfillRFPFrance2018-05-062018-06-14
Renovation work on the dome of the Labessière Candeil bioreactor RenovationRFPFrance2018-05-042018-06-14
Portland General Electric Call for Projects Funding opportunitiesFunding United States2018-05-222018-06-15
Procurement of snow clearing truck running on biogas VehiclesRFPNorway2018-05-152018-06-18
Improvement Work on the Biogas Capture and Recovery Facilities of the AMETYST Biogas Plant in MONTPELLIER Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-05-242018-06-18
Supply of the Biogas Purification Process Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2018-05-222018-06-20
Design of Landfill Cells and Civil Works landfillRFPCanada2018-05-302018-06-20
Construction Management Services for the South Plant Biogas and Heat Improvements Project Project managementRFPUnited States2018-05-252018-06-20
Framework Agreement - Transport and supply of natural gas and biomethane BiomethaneRFPFrance2018-05-162018-06-21
Supply of electricity produced from renewable energy sources Renewable EnergiesRFPGermany2018-05-182018-06-21
Renewable Energy Installations - Request for Proposals Funding opportunitiesRFQUnited States2018-05-292018-06-25
Supply and installation of an anaerobic digestion plant and a biogas cogeneration plant EquipmentExpression of InterestItaly2018-06-122018-06-25
Delivery of biogas MiscellaneousRFPSweden2018-05-242018-06-26
Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Renewable Energy CreditsRFPUnited States2018-06-012018-06-26
Final works at Bellechasse Landfill landfillRFPCanada2018-05-302018-06-27
Refuse-Collection Vehicles - Run on Compressed Biogas VehiclesRFPNorway2018-05-302018-06-28
Biogas, groundwater, surface and leachate analysis campaigns at the landfill of West at Laurent-du-Maroni and community of Apatou. landfillRFPFrance2018-06-032018-06-28
Conception-construction of an anaerobic digestion site with biogas purification and injection into the distribution network in the municipality of Maen Roch RNGRFPFrance2018-04-182018-06-29
Purchase of mobile gas flakes EquipmentRFPCanada2018-05-142018-06-29
Final Coverage and Biogas Management of Zone 3 of landfill at Chezy landfillRFPFrance2018-05-302018-07-02
Delivery, construction and commissioning of a cogeneration unit for the use of biogas CHPRFPGermany2018-06-182018-07-02
Burton Creek WWTP Digester Modifications DigesterRFPUnited States2018-06-042018-07-03
Biogas wells drilling - Cell 1 and 3, Saint-Etienne-des-Gres landfill landfillRFPCanada2018-06-152018-07-03
Gas Compressor Stations for Upgraded Biogas EquipmentRFPDenmark2018-06-122018-07-03
Biosolids Evaluation and Planning Study BiosolidsRFPUnited States2018-05-162018-07-06
Tecator Line Digester System EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-06-272018-07-06
Biogas Powered Trucks VehiclesRFPSweden2018-06-072018-07-09
Construction of Gasometer and Moving of the Flares ConstructionRFPFrance2018-06-112018-07-09
Feasibility Study for Production and Utilization of Biogas at Botswana Meat Commission in Lobatse, Botswana Feasibility studyRFPBotswana2018-06-252018-07-09
Improvements to the processes of the sludge treatment, of the injection of produced biogas and energy optimization at the Troyes Champagne Metropole WWTP WWTPRFPFrance2018-06-082018-07-09
Wet and Dry AD Feasibility Study - AMI TIGA - Engineering Phase Feasibility studyRFPFrance2018-06-052018-07-11
Development of an anaerobic digester prototype for aircraft use R&DFunding OpportunityBelgium2018-04-122018-07-12
Supply of Biogas MiscellaneousRFPFrance2018-06-082018-07-13
Modernization of the Maera Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTPRFPFrance2018-05-202018-07-16
BURBANK LANDFILL GAS TO ENERGY PROJECT landfillRFPUnited States2018-05-232018-07-17
Engineering-design services for Biogas plant EngineeringRFPDenmark2018-07-042018-07-17
Engineering-design services for industrial process and production EngineeringRFPDenmark2018-06-292018-07-18
Offtake Of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) From Landfill Biogas For Transportation Fuel Offtake service providerRFPUnited States2018-06-052018-07-18
Landfill Gas Horizontal Collector Construction ConstructionRFPCanada2018-06-262018-07-18
Dry Digestion Facility, Biogas Upgrading and Filling Station Design EPCRFPFinland2018-05-252018-07-20
Supply of Electricity (including Renewable Energy) Renewable EnergiesRFPGermany2018-06-222018-07-20
Air Emission Source Unit Testing for the Department of Watershed Management Lab ServicesRFPUnited States2018-06-282018-07-24
Lviv Wastewater Biogas Project WWTPRFPUkraine2017-07-312018-07-31
Operation, Monitoring, and Maintenance of the Los Alamos County Landfill Gas Collection and Control System (GCCS) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-07-012018-07-31
Cogeneration and Renewable Energy Consulting Services Feasibility studyRFPUnited States2018-06-272018-07-31
Windham County Renewable Energy Program - Call for projects Funding opportunitiesRFPUnited States2018-07-102018-07-31
Feasibility Study for the Energetic Recovery of Organic Matter on the Saclay Plateau Feasibility studyRFPFrance2018-06-212018-07-31
WWTP Digester Gas Flare Replacement Project - Procurement and Installation EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-07-112018-08-02
RFP for Local and Regional Renewable, Low-Carbon, and Zero Carbon Energy and Capacity Resource Options to Serve the City of Glendale Renewable EnergiesRFPUnited States2018-05-042018-08-03
Audit of Selected 2017 Alberta Renewable Fuels Standard Renewable Fuel Provider and Fuel Supplier Compliance Reports Feasibility studyRFPCanada2018-07-092018-08-03
Landfill Gas Flare - Supply and Replacement landfillRFPUnited States2018-07-192018-08-03
Organics Recycling Program Consulting ServicesRFIUnited States2018-07-192018-08-08
Purchase of Anaerobic Granular Sludge for Biogas Center Commissioning ReagentRFPBelarus2018-07-272018-08-09
Waste Collection Trucks VehiclesRFPNorway2018-06-232018-08-10
Maintenance and Repairs of the Engine - Cogeneration Unit of Biogas System MaintenanceRFPBelarus2018-07-262018-08-13
Liquid Organic Waste Procurement & Management Program Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-07-132018-08-14
PacTVET Consultancy - Motufoua Secondary School Biogas Installation Professional ServicesRFPFrance - New Caledonia2018-07-312018-08-15
WWTP Biogas Treatment System Upgrades Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-07-182018-08-16
Digester System Improvements Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-07-172018-08-16
Digester Clean-Out at the Waste Water Treatment Facility Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-07-272018-08-16
Supply and Transmission of Electricity for Delivery Points with a Contract Power of more than 36 KVA Renewable EnergiesRFPFrance2018-07-132018-08-17
Digester Heat Exchanger Replacement Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-07-112018-08-17
Co-digestion of biological sludge and grease and the implementation of the biogas process for injection into the natural gas distribution network - Furania wastewater treatment plant WWTPRFPFrance2018-06-202018-08-20
RENEWABLE ENERGY TRANSITION PLAN Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-07-302018-08-20
Local Individual Consultant (IC) to Collect & Analyze Data for Production of 1000 Small Scale Biogas Digesters in South Eastern Botswana Professional ServicesRFPBotswana2018-08-032018-08-20
Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-08-132018-08-27
Construction works - Extension of biogas test facility ConstructionRFPDenmark2018-07-132018-08-30
Phase I Upgrades - Project Group C – Primary Digester No. 4 Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-08-072018-08-30
Supply of Gas Detection Equipment EquipmentPre-qualificationFrance2018-07-052018-08-31
Supply and Installation of a Bioreactor EquipmentRFPCanada2018-07-312018-08-31
Multi-City Renewable Energy Purchase Funding opportunitiesRFIUnited States2018-07-312018-08-31
Lab services Lab ServicesRFPSweden2018-07-022018-09-03
Measuring instruments - Biogas InstrumentationRFPSweden2018-07-122018-09-03
Scottish Biogas and Compost Sector Survey Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2018-08-072018-09-06
Management of a Renewable Energy Production Service Consulting ServicesRFPFrance2018-07-122018-09-06
EGG SHAPED ANAEROBIC DIGESTER Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-08-042018-09-06
Biosolids Digester Facilities Project: Early Out Package No. 1 Professional ServicesRFQUnited States2018-08-032018-09-06
Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-08-102018-09-06
Purchase of Anaerobic Granular Sludge for Biogas Center Commissioning ReagentRFPBelarus2018-08-272018-09-06
Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Materials MiscellaneousRFQUnited States2018-06-192018-09-07
Technical inspection missions for the construction of an anaerobic digestion unit Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-07-312018-09-07
Professional Services for the Preparation of Environmental Documents for the Biogas Renewable Generation Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-08-022018-09-07
Equipment for the Project of Production of Fertilizers from Digestate - Dryer and CHP unit EquipmentRFPBelarus2018-08-102018-09-10
Waste Treatment Center: Cover and Biogas Capture Works Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-08-142018-09-10
Landfill Gas to Energy Piping Installation Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-08-262018-09-10
Digester Roof Pipe Support Installation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-08-292018-09-10
Compressed Natural Gas Station Lease and Supply NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2018-08-012018-09-11
Renewable Electricity Supply Renewable EnergiesRFPGermany2018-08-082018-09-11
Supply and Installation of Biogas Equipment EquipmentRFPCanada2018-06-062018-09-12
Study - Conversion of Plouharnel and Crach landfills. Territorial Anaerobic Digestion Study Feasibility studyRFPFrance2018-07-062018-09-12
Construction of New Wastewater Treatment Plant Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-08-012018-09-12
Construction and extension of sewage treatment plant in Z?otów Professional ServicesRFPPoland2018-08-012018-09-13
Analysis of Gas Releases at Valtom Facilities, Maintenance and Adjustment of Biogas Collection and Treatment Installations Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-08-072018-09-13
15 New Natural Gas Buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBulgaria2018-08-022018-09-13
ERA Project Funding Opportunity - Alberta Funding opportunitiesFunding Canada2018-08-012018-09-13
Analytical Services for Lab Professional ServicesRFPItaly2018-07-302018-09-14
Delivery of CNG minibus NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2018-08-102018-09-14
Supply and Delivery of Anti-Foam Chemical ChemicalsRFIUnited States2018-08-162018-09-14
Measuring Instruments InstrumentationRFPSweden2018-08-292018-09-14
Project Navigator Technical Concept Guidelines for Renewable Heating and Cooling systems Professional ServicesRFPGermany2018-08-192018-09-16
WWTP Biogas Project EPCRFPNetherlands2018-06-142018-09-17
Improvement work on the biogas capture and recovery facilities of the AMETYST anaerobic digestion unit in MONTPELLIER: Pipes and flare connections Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-08-142018-09-17
Waste Collection Trucks VehiclesRFPNorway2018-08-162018-09-17
Valley Clean Energy Request for Offers for Renewable Resources Funding opportunitiesRequest for OffersUnited States2018-08-132018-09-17
Biogas Collection and Exploitation Services to Produce Electricity Professional ServicesRFPGreece2018-08-112018-09-18
Purchase and Delivery of CNG NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2018-08-062018-09-18
Organic Diversion Consulting Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-08-212018-09-18
Supply Of Renewable Natural Gas RNGRFPUnited States2018-07-182018-09-19
Public Service Delegation for the Creation of a Anaerobic Digestion Center and its Exploitation by a SEMOP MiscellaneousRFPFrance2018-07-252018-09-19
Biogas Passenger Cars VehiclesRFPSweden2018-08-312018-09-19
35 CUBIC FEET BIOGAS PLANT MiscellaneousRFPPakistan2018-09-042018-09-19
Supply and Installation of Cogeneration Equipment EquipmentRFPNew Zealand2018-09-032018-09-19
Demonstration-Scale Biofuels Production Facilities Funding opportunitiesFunding United States2018-08-072018-09-20
Green Gas Installation - Biogas Upgrading Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPNetherlands2018-08-082018-09-21
Projects Using Swine and/ or Poultry Waste Funding opportunitiesRFPUnited States2018-08-212018-09-21
Promoting the Development of Biogas Energy amongst Select Small and Medium?sized Agro?industries Professional ServicesRFPChile2018-08-312018-09-21
Completion of part built Anaerobic Digester Professional ServicesRFPIreland2018-08-312018-09-21
Study of Anaerobic Digestion Potential for Transport Application - Cotentin BiomethaneRFPFrance2018-07-042018-09-24
Utility Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBelgium2018-08-162018-09-24
Sample R & I flowcharts for biogas production plants Professional ServicesRFPGermany2018-09-032018-09-24
Purchase of new suburban buses and their maintenance services - CNG NGV & Fueling StationsRFPLithuania2018-08-102018-09-25
Public-service transport NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2018-09-052018-09-25
Three Lab Bioreactor Systems Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2018-09-142018-09-25
Design of Four (4) Landfill Gas Collection System Expansions Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-08-312018-09-26
Installation Works - WWTP Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-112018-09-26
Water Pollution Control Facility Digester Improvements Phase II Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-08-292018-09-26
Legal, Technical and Economic Study for the Realization of a Closed Biogas Network Linked to an Agricultural Biogas Unit Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-08-242018-09-27
CNG Combination Truck-Sewer VehiclesRFPUnited States2018-08-272018-09-27
Solid Waste Management Plan - Identification and Evaluation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-072018-09-27
LANDFILL GAS SYSTEM OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-09-052018-09-27
Biogas Potential Assessment in Timor-Leste Professional ServicesRFPEast Timor2018-09-192018-09-27
Design and Production of Biomethane Grid Injection Unit and Connected Work at Clos de Hilde WWTP Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPFrance2018-07-262018-09-28
Biogas Works at ISDND of Tienne Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-08-312018-09-28
Design-build contract for the construction of an anaerobic digestion unit with biogas purification EPCRFPFrance2018-07-272018-10-01
Delivery of 9 Low-emission Buses with CNG Engine NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2018-08-102018-10-01
Biogas Boiler - Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-09-072018-10-02
Measuring equipment EquipmentRFQDenmark2018-09-172018-10-02
Renewable Liquefied Natural Gas Supply RNGRFPUnited States2018-09-172018-10-02
Digester Valves EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-09-142018-10-02
Purchase of Pipes and Components for Landfill Gas System EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-09-182018-10-02
Biogas and Natural Gas Supply Professional ServicesRFPSweden2018-08-222018-10-03
Purchase of New Gas Bus VehiclesRFPSweden2018-09-032018-10-03
Landfill Gas Civil Works Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-072018-10-03
Landfill Gas Vertical Well Installation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-072018-10-03
CNG Bus-Fueling Facilities Repair and Maintenance Services NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2018-09-112018-10-03
Digester Improvements and Rehabilitation Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-08-302018-10-03
WRC Digester Improvement & Rehabilitation Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-09-252018-10-03
Lviv Wastewater Biogas Project MiscellaneousRFPUkraine2018-08-132018-10-04
Public-Private Partnership: Renewable Energy Projects MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-09-122018-10-04
Biogas Upgrading Equipment Purchase Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2018-09-212018-10-04
Construction and Operation of 3 Biogas Plants (Energy Stations) Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPNorway2018-09-112018-10-08
Equipment for Biogas, Ram, and Load Management EquipmentRFPNorth Korea2018-09-202018-10-08
Gas Compressors EquipmentRFPDenmark2018-09-202018-10-08
Design And Develop An Organic Waste Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-08-242018-10-09
Provision of Odorant Intensity Assessor Services to GNI Professional ServicesRFPIreland2018-09-052018-10-09
CNG Delivery NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2018-09-102018-10-09
Closure of landfill cells - LET of Valoris Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-172018-10-09
Digester Cleaning Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-202018-10-09
Skid Mounted Landfill Gas Flare EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-09-242018-10-09
Heavy Duty CNG Buses VehiclesRFPCanada2018-08-292018-10-10
DIGESTER MIXING IMPROVEMENTS Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-09-052018-10-10
Organics Processing Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-122018-10-10
Road-maintenance vehicles VehiclesRFPGermany2018-08-272018-10-11
Gas Detectors, Verification Systems and Standard Gas Cylinders EquipmentRFPFrance2018-09-212018-10-11
Biosolids Processing Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-142018-10-12
Landfill Gas Use Professional ServicesRFIFrance2018-09-202018-10-12
Purchase of Firm Renewable Natural Gas Funding opportunitiesRequest for OffersUnited States2018-09-182018-10-12
Liquefied Natural Gas Supply Funding opportunitiesCall for ProposalsCanada2018-08-162018-10-15
Partnership Invite - Treatment Technologies to Convert Digestate into a Suitable Fertilizer Partnership invitationExpression of InterestSpain2018-09-042018-10-15
Organics Infrastructure Grants Funding opportunitiesFunding United States2018-09-042018-10-15
Services for Project Activities in the Area of Biogas Technology in South Africa Professional ServicesRFPAustria2018-09-132018-10-15
RNG Purchase RNGRFPUnited States2018-09-132018-10-15
Study on biogas Emissions as Part of the Condé-Pommeroeul Canal Resettlement Project Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-09-212018-10-15
High-quality organic fertilisers from biogas digestate Funding opportunitiesFunding Belgium2017-10-272018-10-16
SUPPLY OF BIOGAS EQUIPMENT EquipmentRequest for QuotationGhana2018-10-032018-10-16
Maintenance Contract for CNG Terminals NGV & Fueling StationsRFQUnited States2018-09-282018-10-17
Engineering Services - Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater with CHP Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-022018-10-18
CNG Procurement NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNetherlands2018-09-072018-10-19
Monitoring of Groundwater, Waste Produced (Leachate), Biogas and Air Quality Professional ServicesRFPItaly2018-09-142018-10-19
Anaerobic Digester/ Biodigester for Swine and Poultry Farms Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUruguay2018-08-292018-10-19
Landfill Engineering Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-182018-10-19
Public-service Buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2018-09-132018-10-19
Motor vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBelgium2018-09-182018-10-22
Gas Compressor Stations for Upgraded Biogas EquipmentRFPDenmark2018-09-202018-10-22
Landfill Works Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-09-262018-10-22
Design and Construction Engineering Services – Northwest Langley WWTP Professional ServicesRFQCanada2018-09-212018-10-23
Design and Construction Engineering Services - NWLWWTP Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-212018-10-23
CNG Fuel Station Maintenance NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2018-08-312018-10-25
Labour,Equipment, Materials for Digesters Cleaning Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-09-202018-10-25
Biogas User’s Survey 2018/19 for Nepal Biogas Support Programme Professional ServicesRFPNepal2018-09-272018-10-25
Renewable Energy RFP Funding opportunitiesRFPUnited States2018-09-212018-10-26
Filtration of biogas from the La Loge landfill EquipmentRFPFrance2018-09-282018-10-26
Installation of landfill gas extraction wells Professional ServicesRFPSouth Africa2018-10-082018-10-26
Biogas Capture Network at Landfill Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-172018-10-26
Landfill Gas Extraction Wells EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-10-022018-10-29
Plastic Filling for H2S Removal from Biogas MiscellaneousRFPBelarus2018-10-102018-10-30
Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (LIWWTP) Biogas Cleanup Project Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-102018-10-30
Biosolids Receiving and Processing Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-122018-10-30
Analysis of drinking water, wastewater and sludge at WWTP Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-122018-10-30
CONSTRUCTION OF ADDITIONS TO THE PUMPKINVINE CREEK WPCP Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-10-242018-10-30
Bioenergy Program Funding opportunitiesFunding Canada2018-08-272018-10-31
Scaffolding for the Digester Inspection Programme Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2018-10-032018-10-31
Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Wastewater Pumps And Accessories At Pumping Stations EquipmentRFPMauritius2018-10-222018-10-31
Digester Gas Testing Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-10-242018-10-31
Supply and installation of pumps and other components - WWTP EquipmentRFPCanada2018-10-102018-11-01
Off-Site Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-10-122018-11-01
Landfill Miscellaneous Materials Purchase EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-10-222018-11-02
Waste to Energy Facility - Construction Services Professional ServicesRFPFinland2018-10-242018-11-02
CNG Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBelgium2018-10-262018-11-05
Cogeneration and Solids Improvements at Willow Lake Water Pollution Control Facility Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-09-262018-11-06
Biogas Network Maintenance Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-052018-11-06
WWTP Digester No. 1 Floating Cover Replacement EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-10-242018-11-06
General overhaul and maintenance contract of the biogas CHP modules Professional ServicesRFPGermany2018-10-252018-11-06
Construction - Anaerobic Digestion Plant at Operations Building Professional ServicesRFPMalta2018-10-252018-11-06
Delivery of fuel for CNG cars NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBelgium2018-10-012018-11-07
Engine-Generator Air-Fuel Control System for Landfill EquipmentRFPCanada2018-10-172018-11-07
Alternative Fuel Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-10-252018-11-08
Biogas Asset Maintenance Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2018-10-262018-11-08
Framework Agreement for Gas Compressor Packages EquipmentRFPDenmark2018-10-302018-11-09
Supply of natural gas and biomethane/RNG Professional ServicesRFPGermany2018-09-252018-11-12
Enclosed Landfill Gas Flare Station EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-10-012018-11-12
Supply and Distribution of Natural Gas and Biogas Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-092018-11-12
Fuel (Biogas) Supply Professional ServicesRFPSweden2018-10-102018-11-12
WWTP Biosolids Dewatering Systems Upgrade Professional ServicesRequest for PrequalificationsUnited States2018-10-222018-11-13
Covering and Biogas Collection Work - Landfill Valoparc in Saint Severe Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-232018-11-13
Organics Management Strategy Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-242018-11-13
Private Wire Power Purchase Agreement MiscellaneousRFPUnited Kingdom2018-10-242018-11-13
Rehabilitate Dairy Complex Digester Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-10-242018-11-14
Lab Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-152018-11-15
Supply and Delivery of Spare Parts for Biogas Generators Installed at the South WWTP EquipmentRFPMalta2018-10-222018-11-15
CNG Virtual Pipeline - SCI Huntingdon and DHS White Haven Center MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-10-242018-11-15
Partnership to procure, finance and share net costs arising from the Regional Municipality of Durham’s Long Term Organics Waste Management Solution MiscellaneousExpression of InterestCanada2018-11-022018-11-15
Call for projects - Acquisition, Implementation and Commercialization of technologies to reduce GHG emissions Funding opportunitiesRFPCanada2018-08-292018-11-16
Operation and Maintenance of Various Wastewater Treatment Facilities Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-232018-11-16
Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester 4 Professional ServicesRequest for QualificationsUnited States2018-10-232018-11-16
Landfill Gas Feasibilty Study Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-312018-11-16
Implementation of an Anaerobic Digestion Unit with Biomethane Injection in the Gas Distribution Network Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-022018-11-16
CHP unit EquipmentRFPBelarus2018-11-092018-11-16
Biosolids Renderer Vessel EquipmentRFPCanada2018-10-102018-11-19
Commissioning of the program management \" klimaaktiv biogas \" Professional ServicesRFPAustria2018-10-222018-11-19
Extension and upgrading of the Souleyrie WWTP Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-232018-11-19
Portable and Fixed Gas Detection EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2018-11-072018-11-19
Renewable Energy Power Purchase Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-09-252018-11-20
Digester - Delivery and Installation EquipmentRFPBelgium2018-10-242018-11-20
Construction of a New Landfill Cell - Plan and Estimate, Certificate of authorization and Site Supervision Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-072018-11-20
Saint Barthélémy d\'Anjou operating center to the RNG / biogas use for buses Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-112018-11-21
Organic Waste Recycling Facility Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-10-092018-11-21
Measuring Systems for Potential Biogas Tests EquipmentRFPGermany2018-10-222018-11-21
Landfill Environmental Monitoring & Consulting Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-022018-11-21
WWTP Operation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-052018-11-21
WWTP Operation and Related Work Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-072018-11-21
Landfill Gas Beneficial Use Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2018-11-072018-11-21
Organic Material Processing MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-11-142018-11-21
Landfill Works Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-052018-11-22
Humber Treatment Plant Waste Gas Burner Upgrades Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-172018-11-22
Compressor plant for biogas EquipmentRFPSweden2018-10-222018-11-22
Tank facility for Biogas EquipmentRFPSweden2018-10-222018-11-22
Robust, Energy-Positive Wastewater Treatment System for Forward Operating Bases Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2018-11-022018-11-22
Guelph Wastewater Treatment Plant, Digester 3 Refurbishment Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-10-302018-11-22
Service Provider for the for the Upscaling of Biogas Production Integrated Croplivestock System Professional ServicesRFPSouth Africa2018-11-062018-11-22
Refurbishment of the Biofilter No. 1 in the Wastewater Treatment Plant Professional ServicesRFPPoland2018-11-132018-11-22
Electric and Gas Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPFinland2018-11-142018-11-23
AEP’s Proposed Renewable Energy Projects Impact on Economic Development Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-212018-11-23
Delivery of 20 buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2018-10-182018-11-26
Bioenergy Request For Proposal MiscellaneousRFPCanada2018-10-292018-11-26
Installation of biogas collection system at landfill Professional ServicesRFPRussia2018-11-122018-11-26
Manufacture and Supply Horizontal Filter Separators EquipmentRequest for Supplier QualificationCanada2018-11-162018-11-26
Quality of Biogas Derived from Wastewater Solids and Co-Digested Organic Wastes: A Characterization Study Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-10-012018-11-27
Purchase, Installation and Commissioning of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressor System EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-10-302018-11-27
Landfill Gas Control Repairs & Installation Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-062018-11-27
Landfill Cap Maintenance and Repairs Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-072018-11-27
LANDFILL GAS CONTROL REPAIRS AND INSTALLATION Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-072018-11-27
Renewable Energy Purchase Agreements (REPA) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-212018-11-27
Closed Landfill Gas Monitoring, System Maintenance and Operations Consultant Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-10-302018-11-28
High Capacity Natural Gas Meters EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-162018-11-28
Waste Sludge Pump -Knob Creek WWTP EquipmentInvitation to QuoteUnited States2018-11-162018-11-28
NEUSE RIVER RESOURCE RECOVERY FACILITY BIOENERGY RECOVERY PROJECT Professional ServicesPrequalificationUnited States2018-11-212018-11-29
Organic Waste Treatment at Landfill Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-10-262018-11-30
Technical Assistance and Supervision For Hakkâri Integrated Solid Waste Management Project Professional ServicesRFPTurkey2018-10-302018-11-30
Treatment of Organic Waste - Longueuil MiscellaneousRFICanada2018-11-162018-11-30
Wildcat Hill WWTP Digester Gas System Improvement Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-072018-12-03
CRD Kitchen Scraps and Organics Residuals Processing MiscellaneousRequest for Expression of InterestCanada2018-11-072018-12-04
Biosolids Valve and Piping Modifications at South Cross Bayou Water Reclamation Facility Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-072018-12-04
Sewage-treatment plant construction work Professional ServicesRFPPoland2018-11-082018-12-04
LFG Header Replacement and Sanitary Upgrades Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-162018-12-05
Economic Advisory and Consulting Services Professional ServicesRequest for QualificationsUnited States2018-10-242018-12-06
Alternative Landfill Managements Options Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-142018-12-06
Works for the purification, counting and burning of biogas from the ISDND de Chagny, and corresponding follow-up services Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-192018-12-06
Renewable Energy Request for Proposals MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-10-162018-12-10
Delivery of spare parts and consumables for engines and gas system of MAN Lion\'s City G CNG NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBulgaria2018-11-062018-12-10
SUPPLY OF GAS PARTS EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2018-11-072018-12-11
Replacement of Engine, Management System and Controls for Two Biogas Compressors and Related Work at CESM Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-132018-12-11
Implementation of an Organic Waste Program Located at Eight LTC Homes MiscellaneousRFPCanada2018-11-262018-12-11
Demonstrating Innovative Solutions to Convert California’s Residual Forest Biomass Resources into Renewable Gas Funding opportunitiesRFPUnited States2018-10-302018-12-12
CHP plant EquipmentRFPGermany2018-11-062018-12-12
Purchase and Installation of CNG Compressors NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2018-11-142018-12-12
Biogas Membrane Removal and Replacement Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-282018-12-12
Portable Gas Analyzer EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-052018-12-13
WRF Solids Handling Expansion Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-132018-12-13
Improvement of the WWTP Sludge Treatment, Injection of Produced Biogas and Energy Optimization Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-152018-12-13
Post-exploitation monitoring of the technical center for landfill at Lucé Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-162018-12-13
WSCC Gas and Environmental Monitoring Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2018-11-162018-12-13
Bozeman Water Reclamation Facility Solids Handling Expansion Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-262018-12-13
Community Generation Program Design Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-282018-12-13
Utility Corporation Technical Support Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-032018-12-13
Sludge Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-072018-12-13
Food Waste Landfill Services Professional ServicesSources Sought Announcement United States2018-12-132018-12-13
Clean Growth Fund: Request for Proposals MiscellaneousRFPUnited Kingdom2018-10-232018-12-14
Landfill Works Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-192018-12-14
Construction Works for Landfill of ISDND de Saint-Fromond Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-262018-12-14
Compost Facility Upgrades Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-282018-12-14
Polymers for WWTP EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-282018-12-14
Supply of Aluminum Sulphate for Wastewater Systems EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-282018-12-14
The North Shore LNG Project Coordination Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-052018-12-14
Procurement and Supply of Biogas Equipment EquipmentRequest for QuotationsKyrgyzstan2018-12-102018-12-14
Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program Funding opportunitiesFunding United States2018-08-272018-12-15
Project Design of Biogas Plant, including Subsequent Purchasing and Installation Services Professional ServicesRFPBelarus2018-11-262018-12-15
Anaerobic Chamber System EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-072018-12-17
Center for Organics Treatment via Anaerobic Digestion - Supply of Chemical Tanks EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-142018-12-17
Professional services for Anaerobic digestion unit, including biogas upgrading and grid injection Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-142018-12-17
Construction of AD Systems at La Teste de Buch WWTP Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-142018-12-17
Refuse Collection Vehicle Run on Biogas NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNorway2018-11-212018-12-17
Separator - Sludge EquipmentRFQUnited States2018-12-062018-12-17
Combined Heat and Power System EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-12-072018-12-17
Digester Gas Pipeline Replacement at South Shore Water Reclamation Facility Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-212018-12-18
2019 Acute Toxicity Testing of WWTP Effluents Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-282018-12-18
Professional services for physicochemical and bacteriological analyzes of wastewater, drinking water, surface water and swimming pool water Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-282018-12-18
Supply of Green Electricity MiscellaneousRFICanada2018-11-302018-12-18
Design and Construction/Decommissioning Engineering Services for Landfills Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-062018-12-18
Tenneville cogeneration plant EquipmentRFPBelgium2018-11-192018-12-19
On-Call and Maintenance Services for Landfill Gas Collection, Control, and Compression System Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-212018-12-19
Effluent Pumping System EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-262018-12-19
Provision of Laboratory Services Professional ServicesRFQCanada2018-11-302018-12-19
Wastewater Facility Professional ServicesRFQCanada2018-12-032018-12-19
Detailed District Energy Business Case Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-052018-12-19
2017 Appleton Wastewater Plant Improvements Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-11-212018-12-20
Procure, Install and Warranty the Digester Piping Professional ServicesRFQUnited States2018-12-072018-12-20
Services for 2 biogas CHP modules Professional ServicesRFPGermany2018-12-132018-12-20
Wastewater treatment System Preliminary & Detailed Design Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-132018-12-21
Gas Detector EquipmentRFQUnited States2018-12-132018-12-21
Vehicle gas 2019 (Biogas) NGV & Fueling StationsRFPSweden2018-11-262018-12-22
Plastic Filling for H2S Removal from Biogas EquipmentRFPBelarus2018-12-062018-12-26
Biogas Plant Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPPakistan2018-12-172018-12-26
NEUSE RIVER RESOURCE RECOVERY FACILITY , BIOENERGY RECOVERY PROJECT - Major Bid Packages Biogas & RNG SystemsRequest for PrequalificationsUnited States2018-11-282018-12-27
Delivery and replacement of the external, internal and bottom coating of the biogas tank Professional ServicesRFPPoland2018-11-022018-12-28
Climate & Clean Energy Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia MiscellaneousRFPIndia2018-04-262018-12-31
Call for Applications - Natural Gas Innovation Fund Funding opportunitiesCall for ApplicationsCanada2018-07-312018-12-31
Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Storage Solutions Funding opportunitiesRFPUnited States2018-01-122018-12-31
Supply of Biomass MiscellaneousPeriodic indicative noticeIreland2018-11-022018-12-31
Leading by Example Program - Feasibility Studies Grant Program for State Facilities Funding opportunitiesGrant ProgramUnited States2018-11-072018-12-31
Motor Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2018-11-262019-01-02
Expansion of Biowaste Processing Plant Professional ServicesRFPGermany2018-12-192019-01-02
Supply of Gas (including Biogas) and Electricity Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-062019-01-03
Mill Bay Wastewater Integration Project - Design Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-262019-01-03
Construction Management Services - Mill Bay Wastewater Project Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-11-262019-01-03
Procurement of Isotopic Analyser EquipmentRFPNorway2018-11-162019-01-04
Construction of the Frank Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project Professional ServicesRequest for Pre-qualificationsCanada2018-11-302019-01-04
Gas fuel for the operation of CNG buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPHungary2018-12-052019-01-04
Anaerobic Digester Nutrient Management Plan and Report Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-132019-01-04
Feasibility Study for Construction of AD Unit to treat Green Waste and Biowaste Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-11-262019-01-07
Waste to Energy Plant - Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer MiscellaneousRFPIndia2018-11-262019-01-07
Assessment, Supply, Delivery and Installation of 4 cum Domestic Biogas Plants Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPNepal2018-12-102019-01-07
Sewage plant equipment EquipmentRFPNorway2018-12-132019-01-07
Zero Waste Strategy Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-072019-01-08
Anaerobic Chamber EquipmentRFPCanada2018-12-102019-01-08
Low-floor buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2018-12-132019-01-08
Portable Greenhouse Gas Analyser EquipmentRFPCanada2018-11-302019-01-09
Plan and Estimate, Certificate of Authorization and Site Supervision for the Construction of a New Landfill Cell Professional ServicesRFPCanada2018-12-102019-01-09
Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation NGV & Fueling StationsRFPItaly2018-12-132019-01-09
CNG Passenger Road Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2018-09-052019-01-10
Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering Screw Press EquipmentRFPUnited States2018-12-052019-01-10
Design and Optimization Work of the Venesys Organic Recovery Unit, including Operation and Maintenance Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-12-132019-01-10
Procurement of Real Time Monitoring Systems (RTMS) at 3 Landfill Sites and of a Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (MAAQMS) EquipmentRFPJordan2018-11-142019-01-14
Landfill Gas Purification - Peyrat de Bellac Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-12-132019-01-14
Public-service buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2018-12-132019-01-14
Gas fuel for operation of CNG buses Professional ServicesRFPHungary2019-01-102019-01-14
Partnership invite - biogas plant builder from Germany, Austria or Switzerland Partnership invitationRFPItaly2018-06-182019-01-15
Flow Meter and its components EquipmentRFPCanada2018-12-052019-01-15
WWTP Biogas Cogeneration - Construction Works Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-12-102019-01-15
Supply of Equipment for the “Renewable Youth Energy Operation” EquipmentPrior Information NoticeTurkey2018-12-132019-01-15
Anaerobic Hood EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2018-12-172019-01-15
Plastic Filling for H2S Removal from Biogas EquipmentRFPBelarus2019-01-102019-01-15
North Cultus Wastewater Treatment Plant Centrifuge RFQ EquipmentRFQCanada2018-12-172019-01-18
Supervision of Works - WWTP Construction and Upgrading Professional ServicesService Prior Information NoticeMacedonia2018-12-192019-01-18
Consulting Engineering Services LIWWTP Digester Professional ServicesRFQCanada2019-01-072019-01-22
Organics Processing Services MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2018-11-292019-01-23
Sludge Dryer Installations EquipmentRFPFrance2018-12-172019-01-23
Construction of an anaerobic digestion unit for sewage treatment plants and sludge in the food industry Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-01-102019-01-23
Works on biogas capture and re-injection of leachates Professional ServicesRFPFrance2018-12-132019-01-24
Professional Biosolids Consultant Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-01-022019-01-24
Landfill Final Cover and Gas Collection Control System Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-01-082019-01-24
Design, Build, Operate & Maintenance Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Station NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2019-01-082019-01-24
Delivery of Buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2019-01-102019-01-24
Operation, Maintenance, Feedstock Supply, Food Waste, Additional Services AD Plant Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2018-12-072019-01-25
Construction of Biogas Plant Professional ServicesRFPBelarus2019-01-102019-01-25
Midterm Review of Promoting Production and Utilisation of Biogas from Agro-Waste in South-Eastern Botswana Project Professional ServicesRFPBotswana2019-01-222019-01-25
Methane Purchase NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2019-01-142019-01-28
BIOSOLIDS PROCESSING FACILITY CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2018-12-202019-01-29
Phase Separator Dewatering Roll-off Containers EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-01-152019-01-29
Food & Drink Waste Advice &Support Service Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2019-01-102019-01-30
Beneficial Reuse of Landfill Gas MiscellaneousRequest for Expressions of InterestAustralia2018-11-292019-01-31
Flow-measuring Equipment EquipmentRFPPoland2018-12-192019-01-31
Supply and installation of heat recovery equipment produced by a power plant from biogas Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPFrance2018-12-202019-01-31
Improvements to Digester Gas Handling Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-01-022019-02-01
Landfill Works - Development of Bioreactor Lots Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-01-072019-02-01
ANNUAL LANDFILL COVER EquipmentRFQCanada2019-01-142019-02-01
Pre-feasibility Study of a Biomass Cogeneration Network Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-01-162019-02-01
Sewage-treatment plant construction work Professional ServicesRFPItaly2018-12-192019-02-05
Closed Landfill – Landfill Gas (LFG) Management System Expansion Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-01-142019-02-05
Design and Construction of the New WWTP in Genoa Professional ServicesRFPItaly2019-01-162019-02-05
Influent Chopper Pumps for WWTP EquipmentRFPCanada2019-01-232019-02-07
Landfill Works at Naujac sur Mer Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-01-162019-02-08
Training program on organic waste management, biogas and bio-methanation technologies Professional ServicesRFPIndia2019-01-222019-02-08
Natural Gas Meter Set Installation and Inspection Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-01-302019-02-08
Supply and commissioning of a composting line for the Methavalor biogas plant EquipmentRFPFrance2019-01-142019-02-11
Landfill Works - Construction, Cover and Biogas Capture Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-01-162019-02-13
Anaerobic Digestion Benchmarking Study Update Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-01-252019-02-14
Biosolids Cake Pump EquipmentRFPCanada2019-01-282019-02-14
Combined Heat and Power Grant Program Funding OpportunitiesFunding United States2018-07-182019-02-15
Design and Construction of New Landfill, Closure of Existing Old Dumpsites and Operation of Existing and New Sites Professional ServicesRFPArmenia2018-11-062019-02-15
Clean Trucking Initiative Pilot Program NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCanada2019-01-012019-02-15
Biosolids Processing Facility Improvement Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-01-082019-02-15
Biomethane Receiving Station EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-01-252019-02-15
Design, Supply, Construction and Maintenance of a Natural Gas Fueling Station for NGV and Upgraded biogas Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-09-142019-02-18
Analysis of Environmental Samples Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-01-212019-02-18
Construction of a heat and power plant Professional ServicesRFPPoland2019-01-232019-02-18
the Supply of a Biogas Pilot Scale Equipment Unit Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPIreland2019-01-302019-02-18
Design, Supply, Construction, and Maintenance of Fueling Station for NGV and BioNGV NGV & Fueling StationsRFPFrance2019-02-052019-02-18
Gas Analyzers EquipmentRFPRomania2019-01-162019-02-19
Portable Gas Analyzer EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-132019-02-19
Test Biogas System for Laboratory Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPGermany2019-01-102019-02-20
Purchase of Fixed LNG - CNG Charging Facility NGV & Fueling StationsRFPHungary2019-01-212019-02-20
Small vehicles run on biogas NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNorway2019-01-222019-02-20
Gas Analyzers EquipmentRFPCzech Republic2019-01-232019-02-20
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Aeros-coolants for Biogas Upgrading Unit EquipmentRFPFrance2019-02-052019-02-20
Vans Procurement NGV & Fueling StationsRFPGermany2019-01-162019-02-21
Replacement of Eight Biogas Wells Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-02-062019-02-21
Purchase of 30, 35 & 40-Foot Transit Buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2019-01-082019-02-22
Gas supply system with a gas mixing system EquipmentRFPGermany2019-01-212019-02-22
Sewage plant equipment EquipmentRFPSwitzerland2019-08-142019-02-25
Procurement of Biogas MiscellaneousRFPSweden2019-01-222019-02-25
High Rate Anaerobic Digester Design Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-01-232019-02-25
Concession Production Installation - Green Gas Facility Professional ServicesPrior Information NoticeNetherlands2019-01-292019-02-25
Gas Adsorption-Desorption Analyzer EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-112019-02-25
Portable Gas Analyzer for Landfill Gas (LFG) Extraction Systems EquipmentRFQUnited States2019-02-192019-02-25
Bellows Gas Meters and Meter Fittings EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-01-292019-02-26
Supply and Delivery of a Greenhouse Gas Analyzer System EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-132019-02-26
Supply of CNG Compressed Gas NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBelgium2019-01-232019-02-27
Control of Biogas Composition and Emissions Analysis Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-02-192019-02-27
Framework Agreement - Supply of CNG Compressed Gas NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBelgium2019-02-192019-02-27
Supply of RNG MiscellaneousRFPCanada2019-02-122019-02-28
Supply and Installation of Cogeneration System EquipmentRFPFrance2019-01-252019-03-01
Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative - Clean Technology Funding OpportunitiesCall for Expressions of InterestCanada2019-02-072019-03-01
Purchase of gas-powered city buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPEstonia2019-01-102019-03-04
3 Passenger Cars of Category M1 with CNG / Petrol NGV & Fueling StationsRFPCzech Republic2019-02-072019-03-04
Biogas Desulphurization System Pre-Selection EquipmentRFQCanada2019-02-132019-03-04
Construction of Kastamonu Wastewater Treatment Plant Professional ServicesRFPTurkey2018-11-292019-03-05
CBMO - Centre of Anaerobic Digestion Treatment of Organics - Supply of Tanks EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-132019-03-05
Polymer for Centrifuges-Furnish and Deliver EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-01-152019-03-06
Upgrade of CNG Facility Equipment NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2019-02-072019-03-06
Upgrade of CNG Facility Equipment NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2019-02-072019-03-06
CBMO - Centre of Anaerobic Digestion Treatment of Organics - Civil Engineering Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-02-132019-03-06
Sludge Transfer Pump at the Angus WWTP EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-222019-03-06
Existing Qualified Historically Farm-Related Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Systems Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2018-12-062019-03-07
Refurbishment Exist. Qualified Historically Farm-Related ADG to Elec. Category C (PON 3739- Category C) Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-01-182019-03-07
Demonstration of New Business Models, Marketplace Development and Refurbishment of Existing Qualified Historically Farm-Related Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Systems Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-01-182019-03-07
Partnership Streams of the Low Carbon Economy Challenge Funding OpportunitiesInvitation to applyCanada2019-01-172019-03-08
Biogas Conditioning System EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-02-202019-03-08
Transfer, Transport and Processing of Organics Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-02-222019-03-11
Landfill Gas Facility Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-02-222019-03-11
Purchase of Gas Meters EquipmentRFPHungary2019-01-292019-03-12
Phase 2 - Finalization and commissioning of a bioreactor Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2019-03-042019-03-12
Installation of a Biogas Valorization Unit on the Houga Landfill Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-02-192019-03-13
Source Separated Organics Processing Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPCanada2019-02-222019-03-13
Energy Programme in Romania - Renewable Energy MiscellaneousRFPRomania2018-10-232019-03-14
Waste Diversion VIllage and Parks - Waste Sorting Systems EquipmentRFICanada2019-02-272019-03-14
Digester Gas Compressor Packages-Maintenance and Repair Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-03-052019-03-14
Gas Monitoring Systems EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-042019-03-15
Sanitary Landfill Gas Collection & Control & Leachate Collection EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-02-072019-03-15
Maintenance and Modifications to Biogas Systems Professional ServicesRFPNetherlands2019-02-112019-03-15
Remodeling of the Can Barba Composting and Biomethanization Plant Professional ServicesRFPSpain2019-02-142019-03-15
Financing, Design, Construction and Operation of an Anaerobic Digestion System Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-02-192019-03-15
Supply of Equipment for the “Renewable Youth Energy Operation” EquipmentRFPTurkey2019-01-142019-03-18
Pumps EquipmentRFPIreland2019-02-132019-03-19
Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas Scrubber Detailed Design Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-042019-03-19
Portable Dissolved Gas Analysis Test Set EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-03-132019-03-19
Professional Services for Procurement of Electricity with Renewable Energy Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-03-072019-03-20
Purchase of Fixed LNG - CNG Charging Facility NGV & Fueling StationsRFPHungary2019-03-072019-03-20
WWTP Upgrade Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-02-062019-03-21
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance/Upgrades Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-02-282019-03-21
Supply of Portable Gas Detectors EquipmentRFPFrance2019-02-192019-03-22
Facilities Renewable Energy Plan Project Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-072019-03-24
Biomethane Injection Compressor EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-03-132019-03-25
Audit Instrumentation Equipment EquipmentRFPCanada2019-03-202019-03-25
Supervision of the Works Contracts for Construction of WWTP and Rehabilitation and Upgrading of the Sewerage Network Professional ServicesRFPMacedonia2019-02-192019-03-26
CBMO - Centre for Anaerobic Digestion Treatment of Organic Waste - Supply of Heat Exchangers EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-202019-03-26
Sludge Treatment - Biogas Valorisation Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-02-222019-03-26
Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-02-272019-03-26
Supply of Rotary Booster Pumps EquipmentRFPCanada2019-02-202019-03-26
Small Vehicles Run on Compressed Biogas NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNorway2019-02-272019-03-26
Maintenance of WWTP Boilers Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-052019-03-26
Wellhead Compressors, Spare Parts and Maintenance Service EquipmentRFPRomania2019-02-132019-03-27
WDML Landfill Construction of Landfill Cell 12 Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-122019-03-27
Calibration, Monitoring and Maintenance of Biogas Capture and Removal System Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-052019-03-28
Energy Study and Related Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-072019-03-28
Installation of External Pipeline at Biogas Plant Professional ServicesRFPBelarus2019-03-212019-03-28
Gas Engine System for WWTP EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-02-272019-03-29
Waste-to-Energy Systems Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPMozambique2019-03-132019-03-29
LNG for Vehicles from Commercial Card-Lock Dispensing Stations NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2019-03-212019-03-29
Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Guaranteed Loans & Grants Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-02-052019-04-01
Smart Energy Module for the Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC) EquipmentPrior Information NoticeUnited Kingdom2019-02-112019-04-01
WWTP Digester & Heating Upgrades Project Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-052019-04-01
Food Waste Co-Digestion Program Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2019-03-072019-04-01
Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant Professional ServicesRFPCroatia2019-03-212019-04-01
Gjilan Wastewater Development Project Professional ServicesPrior Information NoticeKososvo2019-03-272019-04-01
Construction of the new wastewater treatment plant at Jouanas in Mont-de-Marsan EquipmentRFPFrance2019-01-292019-04-02
GfG Multi-Gas Monitors, Repair and Replacement Parts, Accessories, and Services EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-03-072019-04-02
Annacis Island WWTP – Digester Heat Exchanger Expansion Professional ServicesRFQCanada2019-03-122019-04-02
Polymer for Sludge Dehydration EquipmentRFPCanada2019-03-122019-04-02
Odor Attribution Study Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-03-202019-04-02
Design, Construction and Operation of AD Plant Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-02-062019-04-03
Case Studies - Sludge and Manure Treatment Professional ServicesRFPItaly2019-03-052019-04-04
Sludge-processing equipment EquipmentRFPBelgium2019-03-072019-04-04
Biogas Blower Replacement Works at STEU Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-112019-04-04
Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station NGV & Fueling StationsRFPUnited States2019-03-132019-04-04
Procurement of Two Trucks Run on Biogas NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNorway2019-02-272019-04-05
Gas Collection and Control System Construction Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-03-202019-04-05
Design and Construction of WWTP Professional ServicesRFPPoland2019-03-072019-04-09
Design and Construction - Extension of Bellecombe WWTP Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-03-112019-04-10
Center of Biomethanation of Organic Matter (CBMO) - Supply of a Dissolved Air Float EquipmentRFPCanada2019-03-122019-04-10
Laboratory Based Biomass Analysis Services Professional ServicesRFPIreland2019-03-132019-04-10
Supply of Organic Materials in Bulk for 2019 Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-252019-04-10
Measurement of Hydrogen Sulphide Professional ServicesRFPSweden2019-03-112019-04-11
Renewable Natural Gas for STIA Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-01-102019-04-12
Organic Waste Recycling Facility Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-02-072019-04-12
Integrated Energy Meters EquipmentRFPIreland2019-03-152019-04-12
Delivery of Heat Storage Tanks / Semi-trailers EquipmentRFPGermany2019-03-212019-04-15
Construction of Biological Reactor and Other Upgrading Work Professional ServicesRFPPoland2019-03-252019-04-15
Biogas Wells Drilling Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-272019-04-15
Supply of Biomethane Fuel Professional ServicesRFPItaly2019-04-012019-04-15
Biogas Plant: Works on Heating and Gas Supply Systems Professional ServicesRFPBelarus2019-04-102019-04-15
Environmental Characterization of Wet and Moist Environments at the Effluent Discharge Site Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-212019-04-16
Gas Meters EquipmentRFPPoland2019-03-212019-04-16
Construction of Cells and Partial Final Cover at Technical Landfill Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-272019-04-17
City of Edmonton Road to Renewables Electricity and Natural Gas Load Forecasting Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-042019-04-18
Instruments for Measuring Flow, Level and Pressure of Liquids and Gases EquipmentRFPItaly2019-03-212019-04-19
Supply of a Mobile GC Analyser for Analysis of Biogas and Syngas Samples EquipmentRFPIreland2019-03-252019-04-20
Renewable Energy Development Grant Funding OpportunitiesFunding opportunityUnited States2019-03-212019-04-22
Renewable Energy Engineering and Technical Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-03-262019-04-22
Biogas Procurement Professional ServicesRFPSweden2019-03-122019-04-23
Turbine Meters EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-03-212019-04-23
Dewater Equipment EquipmentRFPNorway2019-03-252019-04-23
Treatment of Organic Waste Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-042019-04-23
Sewage Pumping Station for Biogas Plant EquipmentRFPBelarus2019-04-162019-04-23
Biogas Measuring and Regulating Stations EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-04-152019-04-24
CVWMC Landfill Closure Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-012019-04-25
Maintenance and Repair Services for Biomethane Injection Compressors Professional ServicesRFPDenmark2019-04-012019-04-25
Heat Exchanger for Sludge Heating at WWTP EquipmentRFPCanada2019-04-042019-04-25
Biogas Capture Works Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-04-042019-04-25
Organics Management Services Professional ServicesRequest for Expression of InterestCanada2019-04-082019-04-25
Transaction Advisor for Biogas to Energy Cogeneration Professional ServicesRFPSouth Africa2019-04-182019-04-25
AGRI Bioenergy/Biochemical Pilot Project Grant Funding OpportunitiesFunding opportunityUnited States2019-03-212019-04-26
Alternative Fuel Technology Consulting Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-03-252019-04-26
Organic Waste Treatment Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-152019-04-26
Polymer Waterproofing of Three Tanks - Biogas Plant Professional ServicesRFPBelarus2019-04-242019-04-26
Technical Assistance to the Development of Anaerobic Digestion in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-03-262019-04-29
Equipment for Sewage Treatment Plant EquipmentRFPPoland2019-04-012019-04-29
Biogas Plant Insurance Professional ServicesRFPDenmark2019-03-122019-04-30
Vermont 2019 Standard Offer Program Request for Proposals Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-01-302019-05-01
Environmental Engineering Consultancy Services - Landfill Professional ServicesRFPIreland2019-04-112019-05-01
Membrane C02 Capture System EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2019-04-112019-05-01
Bid to Establish Catalog Pricing for Bio-Digesters for Organic Waste Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2019-04-162019-05-02
Expression of Interest - Sale of Landfill Gas Professional ServicesRFICanada2019-04-152019-05-03
Construction, Installation and Commissioning Services - Biogas Plant Professional ServicesRFPBelarus2019-05-012019-05-04
Improving Performance and Reliability of Renewable Energy Power Systems in Samoa (“IMPRESS”) Project Professional ServicesRFPSamoa2019-03-202019-05-06
Creation of a Biomethane Heat Network - Electricity and HVAC Portions Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-04-152019-05-06
Drying System for Biological Sludge EquipmentRFPItaly2019-04-042019-05-07
Technical Audit - Amiens Biogas Plant Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-04-222019-05-07
WWTP Sludge Dewatering System EquipmentRFPSpain2019-04-012019-05-08
Greenhouse Gas Detector EquipmentRFPCanada2019-04-292019-05-08
Construction of Landfill Cell and Civil Works Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-182019-05-09
Sewage Treatment Plant - Construction Professional ServicesRFPPoland2019-03-272019-05-10
Biogas Generation & Food Recovery Initiative RFP - No-Cost Technical Assistance Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-04-112019-05-10
Operation of WWTP, Construction and Operation of Future Biogas Unit Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-04-112019-05-10
Supply and Delivery of Submersible Pumps EquipmentRFQCanada2019-05-012019-05-10
Laboratory Services for Drinking Water and Wastewater Samples Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-042019-05-13
Supply of Green Electricity Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-04-042019-05-13
Procurement of Rear Loaders Running on Bio-CNG NGV & Fueling StationsRFPNetherlands2019-04-082019-05-14
Delivery, Installation and Service of Compressors for Injection of Upgraded Biogas EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-04-162019-05-14
Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2019-04-212019-05-14
Vehicle & Gaseous Fuels Research Grant Funding OpportunitiesFunding opportunityUnited States2019-03-212019-05-15
Municipal Electricity Supply, including Renewable Generation Resources Professional ServicesRFIUnited States2019-04-102019-05-15
2019 Renewables Request for Proposals MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2019-04-162019-05-15
Processing Services for Treatment of Source Separated Organics (SSO) Professional ServicesRFQCanada2019-04-182019-05-15
Road to Renewables - Electricity Options Analysis Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-212019-05-16
Digester Roof Gas Pipe Repair Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-292019-05-16
Landfill Tarp Deployment System EquipmentRFQCanada2019-04-292019-05-16
WWTP Sludge Treatment Professional ServicesRFPRomania2019-03-122019-05-17
Upgrading of WWTP Professional ServicesRFPPoland2019-03-252019-05-17
Sludge Management Equipment EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2019-04-162019-05-17
CNG Fuel Supply NGV & Fueling StationsRFPHungary2019-04-182019-05-17
Exploitation of Biomethanization Unit Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-02-152019-05-20
Maintenance Service of Biogas Compressors Professional ServicesRFPItaly2019-04-182019-05-20
Pipes Supply for a Biogas Plant EquipmentRFPBelarus2019-05-152019-05-21
European Comparison of Statistical Methods for Recording Decentralized Electricity and Heat Supply from Renewable Energies Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-04-162019-05-22
CBMO - Center for the Recovery of Organic Matter - Civil Works Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-182019-05-22
CBMO - Center for the Recovery of Organic Matter - Concrete Foundation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-182019-05-22
Design and Construction of Composting/Biogas/Biomethane Plant Professional ServicesRFPBelgium2019-02-272019-05-23
Submersible Sump Pumps EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-05-012019-05-23
Landfill Operation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-082019-05-23
BC Biorefinery Investment Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-03-282019-05-24
Study of the Bioenergy Sector Possibilities Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-04-182019-05-24
Delivery and Assembly of a Centrifuge for Sewage Sludge Dewatering EquipmentRFPPoland2019-04-182019-05-24
CNG Vehicles NGV & Fueling StationsRFPGermany2019-04-252019-05-24
Laboratory Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-04-252019-05-24
Solicitations for Large-scale Renewables MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2019-04-252019-05-24
Rural Water and Landfill Gas Monitoring Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-04-252019-05-24
Rural Water and Landfill Gas Monitoring Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-04-252019-05-24
Urban Water and Landfill Gas Monitoring Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-04-252019-05-24
Introductory Training in Renewable Energy Technologies Professional ServicesRFPIreland2019-05-082019-05-24
Natural Gas Meters EquipmentRFPCanada2019-04-182019-05-27
Supply of Renewable Electricity Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-04-182019-05-27
Operation of Amiens Biogas Plant Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-04-222019-05-27
Vehicle Procurement - CNG Buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPGermany2019-05-022019-05-27
Treatment and Final Disposal of Source-Discharged Food Waste Professional ServicesRFPSweden2019-04-102019-05-28
Landfill Gas Flare Maintenance and Landfill Gas Monitoring Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-082019-05-28
Roster for the Provision of Rehabilitation and Upgrades to Sewage Pumping Stations Professional ServicesRequest for PrequalificationCanada2019-05-012019-05-29
Air Compressor for Landfill Gas Control System EquipmentRFPCanada2019-05-162019-05-29
Landfill Gas Blower System EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-04-252019-05-30
Landfill and Landfill Operator Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-162019-05-30
Landfill and Environmental Engineering Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-162019-05-30
Landfill Gas Blower System Replacement Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-162019-05-30
Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP) Funding OpportunitiesLoanUnited States2019-03-202019-05-31
New Anaerobic Digesters or Enhancements to Existing Anaerobic Digester Projects on Vermont Farms Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-05-012019-05-31
Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Procurement Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-082019-05-31
Prevention of Methane Loss on Biogas Plants Professional ServicesRFPDenmark2019-05-012019-06-03
Consulting Services for Drinking Water Production, Waste Water Treatment and Biogas Production Professional ServicesRFPNorway2019-05-012019-06-03
Delivery of 20 Buses (CNG) NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2019-05-022019-06-03
Biogas Upgrading System (Landfill) - Installation and Operation Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPFrance2019-05-032019-06-03
Cogeneration Unit and Other Equipment for Biogas Plant EquipmentRFPBelarus2019-05-072019-06-03
Update of the Sewage Treatment System of the Landfill Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-082019-06-03
Climate Ambassador Pilot Program Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-122019-06-03
Bioenergy Technologies Office Multi-Topic Funding Opportunity Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-05-152019-06-03
Equipment for Sewage Treatment EquipmentRFPPoland2019-05-232019-06-03
Source Separated Organics Leachate Collection, Transport and Processing Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-082019-06-04
Landfill Gas Collection and Control System Expansion Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-082019-06-05
Centrifuges for Sludge Dewatering EquipmentRFPItaly2019-04-252019-06-07
Renewable Energy Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-012019-06-07
Wastewater Tanks Upgrade Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-082019-06-07
Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-05-092019-06-07
Reception and Treatment of Food Waste Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-05-092019-06-07
Landfill Gas Well Construction Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-222019-06-07
Procurement of Biogas Professional ServicesRFPSweden2019-05-072019-06-10
Drainage and Wastewater Treatment System Professional ServicesRFPCroatia2019-05-232019-06-10
Design of the Bedwell Bayfront Park Landfill Leachate and Gas Collection and Control Systems Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-06-052019-06-10
Delivery for the CNG fuel NGV & Fueling StationsRFPBelgium2019-05-022019-06-11
Procurement of CNG and bio-CNG NGV & Fueling StationsRFPFrance2019-05-032019-06-11
Activity Specific Environmental Auditing Services Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-05-092019-06-11
Compressing and Refueling Natural Gas NGV & Fueling StationsRFPHungary2019-05-152019-06-11
Natural Gas Meters and Regulators EquipmentRFPCanada2019-05-232019-06-11
Construction of a Biomass Fermentation Plant Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-05-162019-06-13
RES Purchase of New York Tier 1 Eligible Renewable Energy Certificates MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2019-05-222019-06-13
New Construction of a Biomass Fermentation Plant Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-06-052019-06-13
Flare EquipmentRFPFrance2019-05-152019-06-14
2019 Indiana Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Program Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-04-112019-06-17
Lab Services - WWTP Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-192019-06-17
Portable Multi-Gas Detection Equipment EquipmentRFPCanada2019-05-232019-06-17
Reconstruction of Landfill Cells Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-05-232019-06-17
H2S Monitoring for City of Calgary Sanitary Infrastructure EquipmentRFPCanada2019-05-292019-06-17
Transportation, Receipt and Reclamation of Organic Materials Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-052019-06-17
Residual Waste for Energy Recovery Professional ServicesRFPNorway2019-05-152019-06-18
Center of Biomethanisation of Organic Matter (CBMO): Quality Control of Materials Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-05-152019-06-18
Supply and Installation of WWTP Operating Equipment EquipmentRFPGermany2019-05-162019-06-18
Delivery of Biogas Professional ServicesRFPSweden2019-05-162019-06-18
Organics Processing Services Program Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-302019-06-18
Landfill Gas System Expansion - Landfill Gas Piping Installation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-052019-06-18
Landfill Gas System Expansions - LFG Well Installation Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-052019-06-18
Renewable Natural Gas Services Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-162019-06-19
Landfill Gas System Wellhead Conversions Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-032019-06-20
Water Soluble Polyelectrolyte for Biosolids Dewatering and Waste Activated Sludge Thickening EquipmentRFPCanada2019-05-232019-06-21
Village of Ludlow Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade - Construction Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-232019-06-21
Procurement of a Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) for Landfills EquipmentRFPJordan2019-04-212019-06-24
Development of NGV / BioGNV Mobility in Lot-et-Garonne Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-05-292019-06-24
Project Development, Execution of the Works and Exploitation of the New WWTP of Silvouta Professional ServicesRFPSpain2019-05-292019-06-24
Renewable Liquid Natural Gas MiscellaneousRFPUnited States2019-05-302019-06-24
Condensate Pumping Station - Biogas Plant EquipmentRFPBelarus2019-06-202019-06-24
Biomethane Injection Facilities EquipmentRFPIreland2019-03-072019-06-25
Waste Activated Sludge Pump System - Supply and Installation EquipmentRFPCanada2019-05-292019-06-25
Organic Materials Processing Services of Montcalm MRC Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-052019-06-25
Center for the Recovery of Organic Matter (CRMO): Supply of Process Equipment for Sorting and Pre-treatment EquipmentRFPCanada2019-04-112019-06-26
Sludge Thickening Polymer EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-05-222019-06-26
Beneficial Biosolids Reuse Program Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-05-082019-06-27
Landfill Gas Utilization Project Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2019-06-122019-06-27
Pre-Qualification Landfill Contractors Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-06-122019-06-27
Organics to Energy Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-02-062019-06-28
Grant - Feasibility Study for Existing or New Anaerobic Digester Facilities for Use of Biogas as a Renewable Energy Source Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-02-062019-06-28
CNG Buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPPoland2019-05-202019-06-28
Organics Processing Facilities Owner\'s Engineer Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-052019-06-28
Landfill Development Optimization and Landfill Gas Action Plan Update Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-102019-06-28
Supply,Delivery and Commissioning of Submersible Pumps EquipmentRFPCanada2019-06-242019-06-28
MA Clean Vehicle Program Replacement of Diesel Waste Collection Vehicles with CNG/Propane Funding OpportunitiesProgram Opportunity Notice (PON)United States2019-03-132019-06-30
Program for the Establishment and Dissemination of Biodigesters in Rural Areas of Senegal Professional ServicesPrior Information NoticeSenegal2019-05-272019-07-01
Emissions Monitoring Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-052019-07-01
Transport and Final Treatment of Food Waste Professional ServicesRFPNorway2019-06-052019-07-01
Commercial Food Waste Prevention Grant Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-06-212019-07-02
Rehabilitation of the Digesters at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-272019-07-02
Solution for the Sludge Management System Professional ServicesRFPPoland2019-05-232019-07-03
Fuel and Biofuel Partnership Professional ServicesRFPNetherlands2019-05-272019-07-03
Biogas Digester Appliances EquipmentRFQBotswana2019-06-272019-07-03
Dehydration Service for Sludge Professional ServicesRFPItaly2019-05-292019-07-04
Landfill Closing Works Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-272019-07-04
Cogeneration Plant and Biomass Granulator EquipmentRFPBelarus2019-06-052019-07-05
Request for Expressions of Interest for Renewable Energy Solutions MiscellaneousRFPCanada2019-04-182019-07-08
Operation and Maintenance of the Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Center Professional ServicesRFPGreece2019-05-292019-07-08
Trucks for Biogas and Slurry Transport EquipmentRFPDenmark2019-06-122019-07-08
Landfill Full Cost Accounting Analysis Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-192019-07-09
Landfill Generator Maintenance Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-122019-07-10
Development of Landfill Cell 3 and Partial Covering of Cell 2 Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-202019-07-10
Waste Management Facility (WMF) South Development Project Professional ServicesRFICanada2019-06-252019-07-10
Leichner Landfill Micro Flare - Manufacture, Delivery and Technical Assistance for Installation EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-06-272019-07-10
WWTP Engineering Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-032019-07-10
Waste composition study Professional ServicesRFOCanada2019-07-032019-07-11
Nitrogen Purging and Digester Maintenance Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2019-06-122019-07-12
Technical Assistance - Biogas Injection Installation at WWTP Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-212019-07-12
Fixed LNG - CNG Charging Facilities NGV & Fueling StationsRFPHungary2019-06-202019-07-15
Processing of Green Waste Compostable Materials EquipmentRFPCanada2019-06-252019-07-15
Multi Gas Detectors EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-07-102019-07-15
Centrifuge for Sewage Sludge Dewatering EquipmentRFPPoland2019-06-112019-07-16
Multichannel Gas Analyzer and Other Instrumentation EquipmentRFPGreece2019-06-122019-07-16
Wastewater Management Plan - Engineering services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-032019-07-16
Volumetric Flow Meters for Biogas Tests EquipmentRFPGermany2019-06-202019-07-16
Wastewater lagoon expansion Professional ServicesRFQCanada2019-07-032019-07-16
Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Recovery Project (ERP) Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-06-052019-07-17
Wastewater Treatment Design and Construction Services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-202019-07-17
Supply of Green Gas or Biomethane Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-202019-07-17
Net Zero Energy (NZE) Wastewater Treatment Plants Funding OpportunitiesRFPUnited States2019-02-062019-07-18
Centrifugal Compressor Water Chiller EquipmentRFPCanada2019-06-202019-07-18
Sludge-drier installation Professional ServicesRFPNetherlands2019-06-252019-07-18
North Fill Area Landfill Gas Collection System Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-272019-07-18
Consulting Services, BioSolids Growth Feasibility Study Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-272019-07-18
Supply, Energy Use and Degassing Management at Landfill Professional ServicesRFPSpain2019-06-242019-07-19
Replacement of ASCO Gas Safety Valves Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-042019-07-19
Final Cover Works and Biogas Management - Landfill Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-202019-07-22
Operation of Thermal Installations - Supply of Biogas Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-202019-07-22
Methane Gas Surface Emissions Monitoring Surveys Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-06-272019-07-22
Landfill Gas and Leachate Infrastructure at Silliot Hill Integrated Waste Management Facility Professional ServicesRFPIreland2019-06-272019-07-22
Supply of Renewable Electricity Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2019-07-102019-07-22
Cogeneration Plant, Biomass Granulator, Packing Machine EquipmentRFPBelarus2019-07-102019-07-22
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-162019-07-22
Landfill monitoring services Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-022019-07-23
Natural Gas H2S Analyzers EquipmentRFPCanada2019-07-172019-07-23
Consulting services for solid waste operations Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-032019-07-24
Study of Renewable Energy Potential Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-052019-07-25
Biogas Treatment Services Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-202019-07-25
Rental of a Sludge Dewatering Unit EquipmentRFPCanada2019-07-102019-07-25
Engineering work - Sewage treatment plant sludge management optimization Professional ServicesRFPPoland2019-07-172019-07-25
Biomass CHP Professional ServicesRFPUkraine2019-07-172019-07-25
Green gas compressor package (GCP) EquipmentRFPUnited Kingdom2019-07-092019-07-26
Bio Solids Renderer Vessel EquipmentRFPCanada2019-06-192019-07-29
Membrane Repair Work Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-07-182019-07-29
Digester gas tank coating Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-242019-07-29
Bioenergy Recovery Project - THP & Anaerobic Digestion Biogas & RNG SystemsRFPUnited States2019-06-202019-07-30
South Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Gas Reuse Green Project Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-06-272019-07-30
Water Plant Sludge Dewatering and Disposal Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-172019-07-30
Service Contract for 2 Biogas Block Heat and Power Plants (CHP) Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-06-122019-07-31
Design and Construction of Sludge Dewatering and Drying Installation - WWTP EquipmentRFPNetherlands2019-06-202019-07-31
Sludge Thickening Equipment EquipmentRFPGermany2019-06-202019-07-31
Equipment for WWTP Upgrade - Digester, Pumps, etc. EquipmentRFPGermany2019-06-202019-07-31
Screw Pumps EquipmentRFPGermany2019-06-202019-07-31
Sludge-dewatering plant construction work Professional ServicesRFPNetherlands2019-06-272019-07-31
Sewage treatment services Professional ServicesRFPUnited Kingdom2019-07-032019-07-31
Digester rehabilitation project - floating cover Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-242019-07-31
Technical Assistance - Tendering Processes for Renewable Energy Plants Professional ServicesPrior Information NoticeCôte d‘Ivoire2019-06-202019-08-01
Operations and Maintenance Services at Biogas-to-Electricity Facility Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-06-242019-08-01
Organic waste processing Professional ServicesRFQCanada2019-07-102019-08-01
Renovation of the Biogas Electricity Production System EquipmentRFPItaly2019-07-102019-08-01
Calibration and maintenance of Gas Detection equipment Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-162019-08-01
Natural gas small meter supply EquipmentRFPCanada2019-07-162019-08-01
Chemical Analytical Services for Municipal Wastewater and Solids Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-182019-08-01
Waste to Energy Facility condition assessment Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-232019-08-01
Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services Professional ServicesRFPBelgium2019-06-272019-08-02
Organic material processing Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-172019-08-02
Landfill Gas System Expansion Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-042019-08-03
Supply of Biomethane Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-07-102019-08-05
Bioenergy Recovery Project - Screening & Pre-conditioning EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-06-202019-08-06
Digester cleaning Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-242019-08-06
Digester/Biosolids System Upgrade Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-032019-08-07
Monitoring and reporting of closed landfill sites Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-232019-08-07
Digester membrane replacement EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-07-242019-08-07
Digester roof replacement EquipmentRFPCanada2019-07-242019-08-07
Acquisition, transport and disposal (agricultural or thermal) of dewatered sewage sludge Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-07-032019-08-08
Technical Assistance for Progress Report on Renewable Energy Professional ServicesRFPBelgium2019-07-042019-08-08
Landfill management services Professional ServicesRFPGreece2019-07-042019-08-08
Supply of Heat Exchangers EquipmentRFPCanada2019-07-102019-08-08
Supply of Equipment for Saint-Étienne-des-Grès Landfill Biogas Wells EquipmentRFPCanada2019-07-182019-08-08
Landfill Gas Siloxane Pre-Treatment System Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-242019-08-08
Installation of landfill gas extraction wells at the Crapo Hill Sanitary Landfill Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-08-012019-08-08
Renewable Natural Gas Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-07-122019-08-09
WWTP Flares - Pilot Flame Alarm EquipmentRFPCanada2019-07-162019-08-09
Landfill expansion project Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-172019-08-09
Landfill gas facility upgrades (TSSA) Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-232019-08-09
Landfill gas collection and control EquipmentRFPUnited States2019-07-312019-08-09
Conversion of a Sewage Pumping Station Professional ServicesRFPGermany2019-07-102019-08-12
CNG Tanks for buses NGV & Fueling StationsRFPHungary2019-07-172019-08-12
Repair and Parts for Gas Engine - Pig Farm Biogas Plant Professional ServicesRFPBelarus2019-07-182019-08-12
Cell Construction - Landfill Professional ServicesRFPUnited States2019-08-072019-08-12
Food Waste Treatment Professional ServicesRFPSweden2019-07-042019-08-13
Landfill organic waste transfer station construction Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-232019-08-13
Construction of a new wastewater pumping station Professional ServicesRFPCanada2019-07-302019-08-13
Regulatory analysis of biogas and flare discharges Professional ServicesRFPFrance2019-08-012019-0