Azura Associate: Wastewater to Cleantech

Azura Associates have the leader wastewater and cleantech experts in North America. They are an experienced technical execution, regulatory compliance, and industrial & commercial advisory firm. Their highly experienced consultants work with manufacturers, farmers, end users, wastewater & cleantech companies, investors, and other consultancies.

What do they do?

  • Regulatory Compliance & CSR
  • Risk Management/ Due Diligence
  • Test Plan / Data / 3rd Party Reviews
  • Process & Energy Optimization
  • Technology & Equipment Selection
  • Technology Validation Studies
  • Technical Execution
  • Data & Market Insight
  • Cost Saving Methods


How do they do it?

Clients benefit from the unrivalled depth of knowledge and extensive practical commercial experience of their seasoned professional team.


  • Biogas Engineering and Consulting
  • Laboratories and Scientific Services

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