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Panametrics’ experience and solutions in Renewable Natural Gas Industry

Panametrics’ technologies are enabling customers to achieve their decarbonization strategies.
Each year, livestock produces billions of tons of waste and is estimated to reach at least 5 billion tons per year by 2030. The USA processes approximately 34 billion gallons of wastewater every day. Wastewater treatment plants produce biomethane by produce biogas.

Panametrics process analyzers and flow measurement devices have been ensuring customer and process safety for decades. As a recognized leader in measuring and analyzing moisture, oxygen, liquid, steam, and gas, you can be sure that we provide the best combination of technology and expertise to ensure accurate process measurements. Panametrics process analyzers and flow meters are designed for complex applications that require maximum reliability and measurement accuracy.

Reach our team of experts to learn how Panametrics’ smart sensor technologies can optimize your biogas upgrading processes. Learn how our experts can ensure your Renewable Natural Gas is ready for combustion or entry into the grid.

Moisture, Oxygen, and Hydrogen Sensor Solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).


RNG Solutions

  • Gas Analyzers
    • XMO2 provides a robust measurement of oxygen in biogas with little maintenance and unsurpassed calibration stability. The transmitter uses the paramagnetic properties of oxygen to generate a “magnetic wind”.XMTC provides a robust measurement of carbon dioxide in methane with little maintenance and unsurpassed calibration stability. The transmitter uses the differences in thermal conductivity to report percent level measurement.
  • Moisture Analyzers
    • The Aurora is built upon a heritage of moisture measurement, calibration, and sample system expertise. It provides a sealed laser source with glass window separating the laser from the process gas, superior background gas compensation, pressure and temperature compensation, and hands-free operation, living up to its specifications as stated.
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
    • The biogas that comes from the digester is typically low pressure. It is saturated with water (6% @ 40°C) and contains CO2 (20-40%). Such an application requires powerful transducers. Panametrics holds a strong heritage in difficult gas flow measurement gained from flare gas experience.



Panametrics’ Process Analyzers and Flow Meters



Smart sensor technologies to optimize upgrading your biogas to biomethane



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