Product Description

PanaFlow Z2G Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic gas flow meter for hazardous area with optional methane content determination in biogas

The biogas that comes from the digester is typically low pressure. It is saturated with water (6% @ 40 °C) and contains CO2 (20% – 40%). Such an application requires powerful transducers to be able to measure this gas mixture at very low pressure.

Biomethane is the other typical measurement here, easier to handle. Panametrics holds a strong heritage in difficult gas flow measurement gained from flare gas experience.


  • Industrial designed flowcell to minimize flow disturbances at optimal chord locations.
  • New T19 high performance transducers with improved acoustic isolation for improved signal to noise (SNR)
  • Advanced diagnostics to not just measure flow but understand meter performance and validate process conditions and stability
  • 1% of measurement typical accuracy (two path), 1.5% accuracy (one path)
  • Dedicated biogas algorithm to measure CH4 concentration accuracy 2%. This measurement requires the input of an external temperature probe.
  • Analog, Pulse, Frequency, HART, and Foundation Fieldbus for communications
  • Available for 2” to 16” (50mm to 400mm) sizes standard (other sizes available up request
  • MOC of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel(other materials available upon request)
  • Flange ratings from 150# to 600# or PN10 to PN63 (other flanges sizes available up on request
  • Shares a Panametrics heritage of engineering design and global Baker Hughes field service support

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