Product Description

INTRUPTor: From Waste to Fuel

When organic waste decomposes, it releases a biogas rich in methane. Instead of letting this gas escape into the atmosphere and contribute toward climate change, this raw biogas can be captured and purified to create low carbon renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG is a drop-in fuel and works interchangeably in the natural gas infrastructure, thereby rapidly displacing a fossil-based fuel.

The INTRUPTor System overcomes the inherent disadvantage of conventional biogas upgrading technologies. With its 50% CAPEX and OPEX savings combined with its small scale, the INTRUPTor™ will unlock access to RNG production for dispersed feedstocks and produce RNG onsite for local fueling needs or to a virtual pipeline system – or a combination of both.

  • Rapid cycle regenerative process completes in seconds
  • Heavy lifting done by proprietary nanomaterials


Distinguished in Market by its Scalability

The INTRUPTor™, which is short for Intensified Regenerative Upgrading Platform Technology, turns waste gases into clean fuels.

This proprietary adsorption-based system is noted for its simplicity, compact size, and fast response time. These characteristics translate into capital and operating cost savings, less equipment, lower energy consumption, plus better carbon intensity score when compared with current technologies.

  • Low-grade energy is used to achieve high-efficiency gas separation
  • Retains 99% of prouct gas and provides minimal methane loss
  • High-demand components such as compressors, vacuums, and other anciiliary equipment are not required

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