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Since 2008, Sebigas designs, constructs and manages biogas plants worldwide. Supported by the strong industrial experience and capability of the TICA Group, Sebigas claims a solid expertise in the biogas sector, with a portfolio of over 80 biogas plants located all over the world, with units from 100 kW to more than 3 MW in cogeneration, thermal and biomethane production.
Sebigas can offer tailored plants that satisfy clients’ needs, exploit the potential of the substrate and guarantee optimal and long-lasting performances. Sebigas portfolio today boasts a track record of over 8600 hours/year of operation at the maximum power.


About TICA Group

The TICA Group is an international Group with a worldwide presence thanks to its 10 factories located in China, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Brazil and a network of over 70 branch offices and 3000 employees.

The Group is specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service in environmental cleaning and thermal energy utilization.

In the energy sector TICA is active since 2015, when TICA and United Technology Corporation (UTC) struck a global strategic JV agreement. As an element of this agreement, TICA purchased the PureCycle ORC power system series from UTC’s company Pratt & Whitney and acquired more than 100 patents and copyrights.


Featured project: Maserati Energia Plant

The Maserati Energia plant, located close to Piacenza in Italy, has been designed to treat 50,000 tonnes of OFMSW per year, as well as 5,000 tonnes of green waste. The different treatment phases optimize the entire process and thus reduce the final waste output. In fact, nearly 93% of received waste is treated besides plastics, metals and other tailings.

The biogas produced from the anaerobic digestion process is then treated in the specific upgrading system that separates the CO2 from the methane, producing 5.1 million Nm3 biomethane every year to use for transportation.

The facility transforms organic waste produced by about 600,000 citizens in one year, in over 180,000 methane car fill up, more than 54 million kilometers, 90,000 car travels from Rome to Milan in one year. Moreover, the plant allows a local management of the collected waste, minimizing transports and thus reducing the environmental impact of the entire process, generating a high value economics and incentivizing circular economy and renewables.

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