SEBIGAS hits the American market

By | 2021-01-05

The strategical partnership with BiogasWorld kicks off

Olgiate Olona, December 18, 2020 –Sebigas, leading provider in the biogas industry and main supplier of biogas plants worldwide, will promote a number of initiatives to develop and strengthen the American market, starting 2021.

In order to implement their technology’s development strategy with American high profile partners, the first main step is to create collaborations with specialists in data analysis and communication like Biogas World and to develop a network of the industry’s stakeholders through the membership of associations like ABC.

Sebigas is going to focus the strategy on the power of technology and on the figures collected so far, without forgetting that the process of internationalization needs to take every single State’s values and specificity into consideration. Very important partnerships for plants collaborations with American companies which have been on the market for years are being defined and will soon be announced.

Sebigas will hit the American market from the main door, thanks to the important transfer of ownership to the TICA group, which relaunched the International growth perspective of the company, renewed its financial support (capital increase up to 500.000 € and opportunities of financing the plants), developed a technical and trading network with local companies.

The biogas American market is the third most important in the world, featuring the production of 3 MTOE and -according to NREL data – growth opportunities are likely to be up to 7,8 millions of tons of gas from renewable sources per year. Relevant figures which caught Sebigas attention.   

According to the ABC data, in the United States 2,200 plants producing biogas (including tips) are currently working compared to the 11,000 in Europe, the growth potential of the American biogas industry is enormous. According to an assessment carried out with USDA, EPA and DOE as part of a federal schedule about biogas opportunities, these new systems could produce 103 trillion kilowatt-hour of electricity every year and reduce the equivalent of the emissions of 117 million vehicles on the streets.  A big step forward for the United States, whose hope is that Biden relaunches their national green policies.

The growth tendency of biogas connected to food waste and agricultural waste management is strongly increasing and a lot of industrial producers (including Unilever and Pepsico) have chosen biogas as source of income support and circular waste management.  Sebigas is willing to share their experience with the new oversea partners in order to create customized systems featuring solid business plans.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Natural Resources Defense Council, which showed deep interest in the plants of waste and slurry anaerobic digestion treatments, we believe that the new policies of impact of waste are the next big development step which leads to selecting more performing  and circular systems of recovery and reuse of waste than the current ones. 

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