Nivelles – Belgium: New Sebigas Plant in Operation

By | 2021-04-26

Olgiate Olona (VA) – 21st April 2021

Sebigas team is pleased to announce that its internationalization process is moving forward at full speed. A few days ago, a new biogas plant came into operation in the Belgian city of Nivelles, the second Sebigas’ plant located in Belgium.

The city of Nivelles, sited on the Thines river, counts around 25.000 citizens, and hosts Sebigas client. The company has a key function in the territory, as it plays a major role in the regional environmental and sustainability initiatives. It is strongly involved in the biomethanization process in the Walloon region cooperating with logistic, financial, and technical partners.

With the implementation of the plant engineered by Sebigas, the company can now substantially contribute to the development of a circular economy, proving how important is to enhance agricultural waste management. The plant is composed of a single-stage AD process fed with liquid and solid biomass, specifically corn, equines, cattle, pigs’ slurry and manure; it has an installation power of 600 kW. 

Great attention has been placed in the process of loading biomass with straw: the loading line equipped with a shredder, and the technological choices focused in providing a flexible use of the plant, will guarantee limited plant maintenance operations, maximizing the number of operating hours per year. 

Thanks to the production of biogas, Nivelles is now able to produce energy and further enhance its waste by producing a quality digestate which is later conferred in agriculture as a soil improver and fertilizer.