Does your organization provide solutions that could contribute to the development of the Brazilian Biogas chain?

By | 2021-04-28

The Tropicalization Program provided by The Brazil GEF Biogas Project promotes cooperation between Brazilian and foreign companies to identify business opportunities that meet the demands of the local market. The goal of this Program is to integrate and engage national and international stakeholders to foster economic development and technological innovation aimed at the biogas value chain in Brazil.

Initially, 8 Concept Notes will be selected by the Program. Each Concept Note must meet at least one of the challenges listed by the local market, as well as, all the other requirements of this Call. The six (6) challenges identified for this project are listed in the figure below:

In addition, the project proposals (called Concept Notes, or CNs) should promote knowledge transfer and establish commercial and/or industrial partnership between Brazilian and foreign companies.

The Brazil GEF Biogas Project is led by the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI), implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The International Center for Renewable Energy (CIBiogás) is the main implementing entity of the Project.

The Brazil GEF Biogas Project is going to provide technical assistance to the company (or companies) selected by the Tropicalization Program, focusing on fundraising and prospecting resources for the implementation of demonstration projects in Brazil.

The Program’s selection is going to be performed in stages, and will last until October 2021. During this time, Brazil GEF Biogas team will provide guidance and technical support to contribute to prepare Concept Notes and to identify potential Brazilian partners. To participate, it is necessary to establish commercial and/or industrial partnership between Brazilian and foreign companies. Proposals can be sent by email to:

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Documentation: download the brochures about the Tropicalization Program and GEF Biogas Brazil.

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