Rebranding and New Positioning for the Italian Company that Designs and Builds Biogas and Biomethane Plants

By | 2022-05-27

Sebigas launches a new logo and brand image to better reflect the company’s values and mission of providing innovative and sustainable technology

Milan, 26th May 2022 – A more defined positioning and mission: this is how Sebigas, a company specialized in biogas with more than 80 plants around the world, announces its rebranding by unveiling its new logo and pay off – lean and green. The new brand image is the result of a structured work starting from a market analysis and a dialogue with the stakeholders: numerous and diversified insights have allowed the company to analyse its external perception and start a value path, able to exalt the technology and emphasize the importance of implementing conscious choices for its company and the environment.

The flame, the logo’s defining symbol, was revised, making it more modern, fluid and harmonious. A choice based on a rationalization process, which led to a linear graphic sign to communicate with greater immediacy the company’s values and represent sustainability issues. A new colour palette, moreover, characterized by brighter and more cohesive colours, makes the flame itself more modern and dynamic.

A colour crescendo marked by the introduction of a green shade, representing renewable energy, and identifying the group’s green vision, which joins the consolidated orange and red, made brighter and more cohesive, symbolizing energy, passion and intensity. A simple and well-defined choice to symbolize the drive toward energy issues, sustainable innovation and circularity that underpin Sebigas’ constant growth process.

The same inspiring simplicity used to create the new pay off “lean and green,” clear, direct and at the same time full of meaning and motivation.

Roberto Salmaso, General Manager of Sebigas, comments, “The choice of Lean and Green as our new pay off summarizes two fundamental ideals that guide our activities and motivate our commitment professionally and as citizens. “Lean” represents our commitment that every plant can be a real value driver in achieving continuous technological, engineering and process improvement. The assonance with the term “clean” reminds us of the need for a change of mindset and a new approach to sustainability at all levels of the company, so that anaerobic digestion technology can truly be instrumental in the production of a new energy that is not only “green,” but also “lean.” A “Green” approach, based on the importance of proposing to the customer a sustainable, circular technological solution that is available immediately.”

Sebigas’ rebranding path aims to represent the values of the company’s mission and to relaunch its positioning as a key technology player towards a more sustainable future, as well as to enhance the growing presence in the international market that will allow Sebigas’ brand to be taken around the world.

To watch the logo reveal video, click here.

About Sebigas

Sebigas is an Italian engineering company active since 2008 and specialized in the design, construction and management of biogas and biomethane plants worldwide. With a portfolio of more than 80 plants built on 3 continents, and from 200 kW to 3 MW installed capacity, Sebigas plants record 98.2% availability at full capacity, equivalent to about 8,600 hours of operation per year with plant downtime kept to a minimum. Sebigas is a reliable partner with well-established experience in the processing of heterogeneous biomass, able to provide tailor-made plants designed on the customer’s needs to ensure optimal and continuous operating efficiency. From its headquarters in Italy Sebigas operates worldwide supported by its membership since 2020 in the international TICA group, with about 4,500 employees, 10 production plants worldwide and more than 70 Branch offices.