UGN-Umwelttechnik: New Way of Gas Desulphurization and Exhaust Air Purification

Who we are
As globally active company, we can look back at more than 15 successful years specializing in designing and distributing desulphurization, exhaust air purification plants and filtering material that we develop and manufacture ourselves.
Over these years, we set ourselves the task of providing new solutions for effective and cost-efficient exhaust air purification and biogas desulphurization. The core element of these solutions is the production of the cellulose fibre-based filtering material UgnCleanPellets®.
Our customers are free to focus on their core business while we take care of their problems. We guide the customer through the entire process from analysis to optimizing and maintaining existing plants.
Our idea
In a time where clean biogas and odourless exhaust air are an important matter, the question of finding efficient processes becomes increasingly important. The concept of sustainability is often put aside. We have taken on the task of confronting this very situation and providing our customers with a filtering material that is both – effective and sustainable. In this regard, UgnCleanPellets® have proven a great success. It is more than just an alternative to activated carbon filters and the savings in costs are quantifiable.
Our mission (worldwide)
Finding (reliable) partners worldwide who are as confident as we are about a 100% CO2-free desulphurization process.
Our goals

  • With our products and services, we hope to provide efficient, economic and sustainable solutions that are based on laws / legal standards and customized to our customer’s specific problem
  • We strive for trusting customer relationships, solid market presence, economic stability, and independence
  • We are a motivated, reliable, and fair business partner that acts ecologically


Proof of Concept

With currently more than 100 running systems worldwide supplied by UGN with UgnCleanPellets®, we proved, that our products and services function on high quality standards.

Our Services and Products

  • Biogas desulphurization systems
  • Exhaust air treatment systems
  • Filtering material UgnCleanPellets® (adsorbents)
  • Filter and Tools (to eliminate pollutants, odorous substances, and biogenic corrosions)

For more information, please visit UGN’s website or download our brochure.

International sales partners wanted!

For the expansion of our international sales network, we are looking for partners who can competently advise our customers with professional support. If you are interested, please contact Christian Richter (CEO).


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