Product Description

UgnCleanPellets® for H2S removal

UGN Umwelttechnik Ltd offers a natural desulphurization adsorbent which is engineered and produced in Germany and already utilized in hundreds Biogas sites worldwide (reference in US available). The adsorbent UgnCleanPellets® is applied in external desulphurization processes and has the property making raw and fine purification process in one step. It is possible, reducing H2S loads in one purification reactor from ~ 5000 ppm below < 5, depending on gas conditions, composition, and flow. UgnCleanPellets® for H2S removal has following features:

  • Effectiveness: Applicable in a wide range of biogas conditions and loads up to 5.000ppm H2s-level, purifying it below < 5ppm
  • Harmless: UgnCleanPellets® are before and after use not hazardous to human and environment
  • Availability: Made in Germany and therefore stable and secure availability for the long term
  • Price: Stable price, not related to oil products
  • Quality: Uniform quality, pore structure and pellet size (3mm, 7mm, 13mm) for low pressure loss

Following advantages of the UgnCleanPellets® for H2S removal:

  • Cost benefits – reasonable cheaper than activated carbon / other adsorbents
  • Comfortable handling – less technical parts results in smooth desulphurization operation
  • Low asset costs – no raw gas conditioning such as cooling / condensation required necessary
  • Low operational costs – reduced pressure loss results in lower electricity demand
  • Fewer emissions – replacing activated carbon by UgnCleanPellets® safes hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions
  • Long operation period – same or even higher H2S/Sulphur loading like activated carbon
  • No waste – loaded material can be recycled in compost factory (depends on regional law)
  • Valuable by-product – valuable fertilizer as waste product for fertilizer companies



All Biogases and other biogenic / natural gases need to be purified before application (e.g. upgrading, biomethane, combustion in CHP). Therefore, there is a wide range of application forms for UgnCleanPellets®, such as:

  • Biogas and landfill treatment
  • Odor control (H2S elimination as source of bad odor)
  • Pyrolyze gas treatment
  • Others

For more information on UgnCleanPellets® for H2S removal, please visit our website.

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