BAUER COMPRESSORS: 75 Years of Experience in Gas Compression

BAUER’s core competence is in gas compression. For the past 75 years, BAUER has been the global market leader in low and high-pressure compressor systems for a wide variety of applications that require compressors. BAUER COMPRESSORS are known around the world for their extreme durability and reliability.

All BAUER COMPRESSORS and compressor systems are backed by BAUER’s unmatched 2-Year comprehensive warranty as well as Lifetime Support guarantee. Combined with BAUER’s global reach (35 offices in 20 countries) and over 600 distributors world-wide, no one in the industry can match BAUER’s dedication to supporting their customers.

Another major BAUER advantage is that BAUER not only makes the most reliable and durable compressor in the world but, BAUER also designs and manufactures the entire compression solution in-house. Most other compressor manufacturers rely on outside packagers to provide the end-user compression solution. At BAUER, we manufacture both the compressor and complete compression system which allows us to take full responsibility for the entire system.

BAUER has extensive experience in providing compression solutions specifically in biogas applications. To date, we have completed over 100 compressor installations in biogas processing and over 2,000 successful installations in CNG applications.


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