Bauer’s Plug and Play Biogas Upgrading Compressors for Prodeval Dairy Projects

By | 2022-09-07

September 2022 – BAUER COMPRESSORS is providing PRODEVAL, INC. with an order for multiple containerized BAUER GRU® 28-250 simplex systems.

The BAUER GRU® units are complete biogas boosting compression systems on a single skid, enclosed by a 40-foot ISO container. Each system contains one (simplex configuration) or two (duplex configuration) compressors capable of high flows (up to 1600 scfm), a hot start for fast oil heating during winter conditions, gas cooler, gas condensate evacuation, an oil/gas separator tank, a VFD-controlled motor, optional heat recovery circuit, and more. The power control room is also housed within the enclosure, while still maintaining Class 1, Div 2 hazardous area code requirements. Each system is precisely controlled by the electronic PLC system which is paired with a state-of-the-art VFD and optimized with BAUER’s proprietary IoT remote control and monitoring solution (BAUER CONNECT®).

With this “plug and play” turnkey biogas boosting system, every component is housed within a single enclosure for convenience and ease-of-access; it must simply be hooked up to power and the incoming / outgoing gas line, thus minimizing onsite installation and commissioning time.

PRODEVAL CORP. indicated that they were impressed by BAUER’s ability to customize their units, and had this to say on a previous project in Alberta, Canada:

“During the production process…BAUER [was] open to make design changes to the system based on the needs of our specific project. When we arrived for the Factory Acceptance Test…we were very happy to see the layout of the system and how easily accessible the components are for our service team to maintain. We were impressed with the amount of testing hours BAUER put on the unit before we arrived to the facility to ensure the product was completely functional by our visit. We are looking forward to growing our partnership with BAUER on seven [future] United States Biogas Upgrading Projects.”

The 250 hp simplex or 500 hp duplex BAUER GRU® 28-250 units will be utilized on dairy farms in the USA. The units will boost biogas pressure from 0.5 PSIG to 230 PSIG, to feed into PRODEVAL membranes that separate methane (CH4) from carbon dioxide (CO2) and other molecules. This process cleans the gas to achieve pipeline quality. The consequent methane will be injected in the gas grid as renewable natural gas (RNG). For projects of varying sizes, BAUER offers a complete BAUER GRU system size range from 10 HP to 750 HP (7.5-560 kW).


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