Product Description

BAUER GRU® XL DUPLEX: Biogas Membrane Feed Compressor for Larger Applications

The BAUER GRU® XL DUPLEX biogas compressor is designed for larger flow applications where extreme turn-down and site redundancy are required. The BAUER GRU® Biogas compressor range has been specifically designed for the biogas upgrading process. The function of the biogas compressor system is to elevate the pressure of the incoming biogas from 1-7 psig (typical) to 90-240 psig, which is the typical operating pressure requirement for most PSA/membrane type gas upgrading systems.


The most comprehensive size and performance range in the industry

BAUER offers 5 different sizes and models of the GRU® Duplex Biogas Compressor System, ranging from 250 to 500 HP (150-370 kW). This range allows BAUER to size the compressor system specific to the performance requirements of each individual biogas upgrading project.

  • Horsepower range: 250-500 HP (150-370 kW)
  • Biogas Flow Rate: 500-1600 scfm (850-2790 nm³/h)
  • Typical dimensions with enclosure and vent stacks: 216.5” L x 96.5” W x 154.3” H (5499 mm X 2451 mm X 3919 mm)
  • Dimensions without enclosure and vent stacks: 216.5” L x 96.5” W x 96.1” H (5499 mm X 2451 mm X 2441 mm)

Standard scope of supply

  • Heavy-duty rotary screw compressor manufactured by BAUER’s Rotorcomp® division at the heart of the system
  • Variable speed control of compressor to modulate the flow of biogas based on the incoming supply of gas (VF drive located remote from skid as defined by Class 1, Div 2 code requirements per NEC NFPA70
  • Heavy-duty TEFC electric motor
  • Stainless steel construction of piping and major P&ID components
  • PLC control of all major system components
  • BAUER CONNECT® remote telemetry IoT with full remote HMI control function, historical reporting, SCADA and AI-driven self-diagnosis
  • Fully integrated system built on a heavy-duty steel skid designed for plug and play installation

Available options include

  • Gas inlet particulate filter
  • Gas aftercooler (air-cooled)
  • Heavy-duty weatherproof enclosure
  • Sound attenuation
  • Ultrasonic testing of piping welds (100% material NDE traceability for process components)
  • Hydro testing of piping and relevant components (100% material NDE traceability for process components)
  • Modbus TCP/IP or Profinet connection to customer’s control network
  • Special certifications and documentation
  • CE electrical code, CRN pressure vessel code
  • Heat recovery
  • Cold weather package

All BAUER GRU® compressor systems are designed and manufactured in the USA in accordance with US and Canadian standards and are backed by BAUER’s legendary Customer Support and Lifecyle Performance guarantee.

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