Product Description

Your Biogas Project: Value Agricultural Materials into Energy!

About Methalac

Over the past 10 years, Methalac has developed a real expertise through the construction of more than 50 biogas plants, each of which is distinguished by key stages, each as important as the others, where our team of engineers support you step by step from start to finish.


Your Project from A to Z

1. Study & Business Plan
We define quickly and efficiently, according to your data, the best way to make your project successful, technically, biologically, and economically.

2. Design
Méthalac’s design office will carry out the layout, drawings, and technical study of your project so that your biogas plant fits in with your operation.

3. Realization
Our experienced technicians install proven equipment in the biogas sector from the European market. They will ensure the good realization of your plant.

4. Commissioning
Our engineers design the automation program, commission it on-site and train you in its use. Our mastery of new technologies will ensure the best possible start-up for your biogas plant.

5. Operations
Our teams can monitor your plant in real-time, our assistance is available 24/7. We ensure the electrical, mechanical and biological monitoring of your plant to optimize its profitability.


The Benefits

The exploitation of a biogas plant allows you to valorize your agricultural materials and to produce several types of energy: biomethane, green fuel, heat, electricity, and also a green fertilizer.

Your biogas plant operates all year round and 24/24h regardless of weather conditions, season, or other external factors.

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