Product Description

PowerCompact: A 1-stage biogas plant for your dairy farm

The PowerCompact system is an economic 1-stage biogas plant with a power output of 100 kW to 250 kW. The PowerCompact system has been especially developed for dairy farms, and can operate with a 100% slurry substrate. The design is based on a reinforced concrete tank with a double membrane gas storage facility on top.

Due to the compact design of the plant, the tank can be simply scaled to the size required according to the desired output and the type and quantity of substrate. The PowerCompact system is notable for its compact design, as well as its ease of operation and servicing. The plant design and dimensions have proven their worth in our reference plants. Due to their ease of accessibility and the external motors, servicing the main agitators is a very simple procedure.

Liquid substrates are pumped into the digester. Depending upon quantity, solid substrates are either premixed in the trough mixer and then fed into the fermenter via a pump, or fed in via the solid feed system. With no additional energy input, the fermented material (digestate) leaves the main digester via a spillway to enter the final storage or intermediate buffer. The PowerRing has an extremely low internal power consumption thanks to its agitator technique, feed system and overall design.

The plant is completely automated and controlled by a user-friendly operating system accessed via touchscreen. The measurements and parameters of greatest importance to the biogas process are logged, allowing the plant processes to be recorded and permanently monitored on an ongoing basis.

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