Membrane Biogas-to-RNG Upgrading System at the Walker Family

By | 2024-04-16

With four generations of farming under their belt, the Walker family farm continues to expand and take on new & exciting ventures. In 2021, they completed the addition of an on-farm dairy processing facility and are now producing, processing, and packaging their own milk – all within 150 meters of each other. A local & fresh approach to providing healthy dairy options for Ontarians, as well as a sustainable commitment to the environment is a cornerstone in the farm’s commitment to the future.

The Walker Farm has readily adopted new technologies and worked hard to reduce their carbon footprint, creating their newest venture in Walker RNG. Their decision to also partner with the experienced & talented team at DLS Biogas to ensure nothing goes to waste sees two digesters producing over 1,000 Nm3/h of carbon-neutral biogas from animal waste. AB Energy’s BIOCH4NGE® Upgrading system was chosen to condition and upgrade the biogas to RNG; feeding the local gas grid with clean, renewable natural gas; in turn helping local businesses and residents achieve a lower carbon footprint with biomethane. In support of the facility, an ECOMAX® cogeneration unit produces the power and heat required for the digesters, material handling and RNG-Upgrading – even further offsetting carbon emissions from traditional boilers, as well as energy transmission losses. A unique, powerful combination in clean energy technologies, BIOCH4NGE®& ECOMAX® each provide RNG-Upgrading projects with compelling capabilities in achieving optimal carbon intensities.

This project joins more than 80 worldwide RNG or RLNG sites in different stages of planning, construction, or operation. AB has also provided or installed over 1,750 ECOMAX® on-site energy systems globally. “The ability to integrate and control an efficient and compact biogas-to-RNG upgrading system with local plant power and heat generation, along with their strong and local service presence was a decisive advantage AB Energy offered our project. Their experience in manufacturing & installing high-quality on-site energy systems with low operational costs will ensure the success of our site. We’re confident BIOCH4NGE® will provide a sustainable source of clean fuel and income not only for this project, but for many more to come.” says John van Logtenstein, DLS Biogas/Walker RNG.

AB’s versatility in supporting & integrating RNG projects with multiple, beneficial technologies in BIOCH4NGE® and ECOMAX®, along with our local & dedicated service teams, enables us to help in achieving climate goals. We’re also exuberant to be working alongside the incredible teams at DLS Biogas and Michael Brown, MD of MBI Consulting in helping more projects see their RNG goals come to life” says Jan Buijk, CEO at AB Energy Canada.

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