Prodeval: a player in the biogas and bioNGV sector in France, in Europe and North America

PRODEVAL is a French company that has, since 1990, been specialised in the treatment and recovery of biogas issued from the methanisation of organic waste. An independent and human-sized company, PRODEVAL has broadened its skills over the last three decades in order to provide its clients with innovative and made-to-measure solutions, in response to all of the issues linked to biogas. In November 2019, Prodeval opened a new subsidiary in North America. Prodeval Inc. has their headquarters in Montreal, Quebec and is managed by their DG, Sophie Chainel.

Prodeval: History of the company

Prodeval, for the energy transition

We use our expertise to help you develop the tools of tomorrow.

Surrounded by local and specialised partners, we design and manufacture our main technologies (biogas treatment, biomethane production, production and distribution of bioNGV) in the Drôme, and it is important to us that we are part of the local business community.

Our team of experts

Our organisation is structured around 7 strategic axes:

  • General Secretariat: Supply Chain, General Means, HR, Management
  • Mission Leaders
  • Trade & Contracts: Business Development, Marketing
  • Quality: Process, HSE
  • R & D and Consulting & Studies
  • Operations: Design Office, Production, Assembly & Commissioning
  • SAV: Preventive / Curative, Hotline 24/24, Yard / Network, Shop

Our job consists in collecting gas issued from organic waste (biogas) and differentiating its different components (methane, CO2, water and pollutants) in order to keep only the methane that will be re-injected into the GRDF national network or used as fuel for vehicles (BioNGV). Our solutions have been developed to address all the gas-related problems.

We handle the assembly, installation, commissioning as well as full maintenance of the equipment that we provide you with.

Prodeval: How does the company convert your organix matter into biogas/biomethane?
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