PRODEVAL: a trusted player in the development of Renewable Natural Gas and BioCNG sector in the world


PRODEVAL, company founded in 1990, is specialized in the treatment and Biogas upgrading from the methanization of organic waste. The company has developed its technologies for RNG production, Bio-CO2 valorization, and BioCNG production and distribution.

Its main technologies are based on the Biogas upgrading into RNG that will be injected into city gas networks or recovered as fuel for BioCNG-equipped vehicles (light, heavy, tractors). Its membrane separation technology enables it to produce high quality biomethane, with an efficiency of over 99%.

PRODEVAL ensures the assembly, installation, commissioning, and complete maintenance of the equipment it supplies, and its solutions cover all the problems related to biogas in all territories.

Prodeval Expertise

PRODEVAL, committed to the energy transition


In 2022, PRODEVAL is certified ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, Qualimétha, and Module H. The company employs more than 320 employees and has a turnover of €113 million, 25% of which is generated abroad, with 5 subsidiaries in Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, United States and Germany. Thanks to its international network of technical experts, it can supply 125 upgrading units per year.

Since 2019, the training center PRODEVAL FORMATION allow to promote the development of the skills of Biogas actors.
At PRODEVAL, we believe tomorrow will be a global world fueled by renewable energy produced locally. Our innovative solutions currently prevent the emission of 50,45 tons of CO2 per hour. Recover and reuse endlessly, to create a virtuous circle decelerating global warming.

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PRODEVAL in North America


PRODEVAL opened two subsidiaries in North America, in Canada in January 2020, and in the United States of America in June 2021. Its ambition is to make its young subsidiary benefit from its know-how and its local partnerships. North America is an emerging market with great potential, thanks to the government incentives in favor of RNG development and the orientation of the population towards renewable energies.

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