Product Description


The upgraded Biogas comes out of the VALOPUR at a pressure lower than 20 barg. The Booster RNG is a solution that can be integrated into any type of Biogas treatment and recovery facility to meet the specifications for injection into medium and high pressure gas networks, virtual pipeline or fueling stations. In order to transport RNG at such pressurized networks, additional compression is necessary to allow its injection in complete safety. The pressure in these pipelines is variable, ranging from 290 to 4350 psig (20 to 300 barg).


  • Easy integration on any type of existing Biogas treatment and upgrading installation below 20 barg
  • Modular compression for reinjection between 290 and 4350 psig (20 and 300 barg), depending on the network’s conditions
  • Maintenance and monitoring performed by PRODEVAL in the same way as all the installations

The BOOSTER RNG unit is delivered on a plug-and-play skid, which contains for the whole range:

  • 1 Compressor integrated in its enclosure, with a C3 quality painting at the RAL of the supplier
  • 1 Motor IE3 for the compressor
  • 1 Electrical control-command cabinet packaged with the enclosure (includes PLC and HMI)
  • 1 Power cabinet (includes VFD) – installed outside of the enclosure, outdoor in a safe area
  • Standard sound level of the machines is 79 dB(A) @ 3m.

BOOSTER RNG options:

  • Power cabinet included in the enclosure
  • Glycoled water cooling (instead of air cooling)
  • Low ambient -40°C (/°F) design
  • Desiccant dryer at the outlet, for very low water content (below 0.5lb/million cubic feet – recommended for trailing)

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