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As it leaves the digester, raw Biogas is saturated with water and must be dried before it can be used.

It is therefore cooled to 41°F (5°C) in the VALOGAZ unit, which separates and eliminates the liquid fraction contained in Biogas. The unit is dimensioned in a way that allows cooling the maximum flow rate of gas in even the toughest conditions.

For this, PRODEVAL employs the use of smooth, 316L stainless steel tubes, alongside with two chillers to handle any variations in temperature.

The gas is then moved onto the next stage, VALOPACK, via the blower.


  • Compact, self-contained plug and play unit, specially adapted to the needs of the site
  • A wide range covering needs from 59 to 1558 scfm (94 to 2500 Nm3/h)
  • Quality equipment designed for Biogas applications in difficult environments
  • Redundancy of the refrigeration unit for maximum coverage of the operating range
  • Smooth tubes enable the maximum flow rate of gas to be cooled

VALOGAZ unit is delivered in a plug-and-play container*, which contains for the whole range

  • 1 skid / container, painted RAL 6012 quality C3
  • 1 Blower painted to RAL 6012, with IE3 rated motor
  • 1 Tubular heat exchanger
  • 1 Condensate separator with level detection
  • 2 chillers
  • Gas pipes
  • Fully insulated chilled water pipes

*NOTA: for units from NA _Valogaz 08 to 11, chillers are installed outside the container.

VALOGAZ options:

  • A second identical blower allows 100% redundancy in the event of the first blower failure
  • Low ambient temperature -40°F (/°C)
  • Control cabinet for the stand-alone version


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