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ANGI Energy Systems is a U.S.-based manufacturer of quality engineered gas compression equipment and a leading supplier of compressed Natural Gas (NGV) refueling equipment and systems. 

ANGI has a longstanding reputation as a leader and innovator in both the compression and NGV refueling station industries and has over 30 years of experience providing worldwide clients with high quality products and services.

ANGI designs, engineers, and manufactures well valued, reliable, engineered compression packages and systems for clients up and down the energy stream.

ANGI designs, engineers, manufactures and installs a complete line of the safest and most reliable CNG refueling equipment with the lowest overall life-cycle cost in the industry.

Natural gas fueling equipment is our core business. We provide a specialized team of sales, project management, engineering, and field support experts who work with each customer to analyze their unique fueling needs, supply complete fueling solutions, and coordinate to required standards and codes.

ANGI provides superior customer service, maintenance, and training programs that enable a complete and optimized natural gas refueling solution for all CNG systems. ANGI Energy Systems is supported by the industry’s most comprehensive product line offerings. From dispensing units, fuel management systems and distributed control systems, to the widest range of compressors, that satisfy any fueling need.


 Our mission & vision

Mission To live our core values as we continuously improve ANGI’s solutions and services to satisfy our employees, customers and shareholders.

Vision To be the global leader of trusted, innovative solutions which accelerate progress through fueling the world with economically beneficial and environmentally friendly alternatives.


The facility offers ANGI 141,000 square feet of manufacturing and material handling floor space with dedicated shop areas for: gas and control panel assembly, compressor assembly, welding and fabrication, machining and hydrostatic testing. The new testing facility is 6,500 square feet with 750 kilowatts of programmable testing power, with a high-flow re-circulation loop that includes: 30,000 standard cubic feet of high pressure storage, a regulated manifold, load regulators, flow metering and fluid handling.  This testing facility supports extended testing of the largest compressors ANGI packages on natural gas, at the customer’s specified suction and discharge conditions.


ANGI has delivered high quality CNG refueling products for over 30 years.  These products meet the most demanding performance requirements worldwide.  ANGI proudly achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification in November 2009 through Bureau Veritas, aligning the company with the latest internationally accepted quality standards and continuing ANGI’s tradition of ISO certification that began in 2003. ANGI is authorized to build UL listed electrical panels for hazardous locations and ANGI products have passed MET Laboratories, Inc. certification.  ANGI welds pipe to the standard of ASME B31.3 and fabrication welds to AWS D1.1. Rigorous design and fabrication standards and a comprehensive quality management program, matched with a commitment to customer satisfaction and continual improvement are the cornerstones of ANGI’s success.


Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) applications

ANGI- Natural gas vehicles (NGVs)

State-of-the-art products are just the beginning of a complete system. ANGI Energy Systems takes pride in serving as a dedicated partner in developing custom systems that meet your specific needs. ANGI brings its significant engineering expertise to every project, helping our customers create fully customized, turnkey fueling systems that meet exacting specifications. With ANGI, you’ll find fueling solutions that are as unique and innovative as your business. Typical NGV Applications are:



Technical services

ANGI- Technical Services

ANGI can certainly provide all the equipment necessary for a well performing CNG system but ANGI can do much more.  ANGI is one of the most experienced CNG system designers in the world. ANGI has also been involved with the installation of 2000, and counting, CNG systems worldwide. This experience and the engineering support can be applied to new projects in a number of different ways including:

ANGI can participate on projects individually or in a combination of these roles as well as supplying NGV equipment. For more information, please visit ANGI Energy Systems’ website.


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