UBE CO2 Separator Provides Sustainable Solutions Through its Superior Performance in Canada

By | 2024-04-22

UBE Corporation is a Japanese business group with more than 125 years of history. UBE is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas separation membranes with more than 35 years of experience in providing high-performance membranes for several applications. UBE CO2 Separator purifies the Biogas, converting it into Biomethane (CH4) and efficiently collecting CO2.

UBE is constantly updating this technology and its main advantage is the high resistance to H2S, operating up to 30,000ppmv concentrations in inlet gas to membranes without damaging the material. The high chemical, thermal, and mechanical resistances of UBE polyimide hollow fiber membrane also guarantee a long life. The excellent permeability and selectivity guarantee to UBE CO2 Separator a compact process with low CAPEX and OPEX.

UBE CO2 Separator has been installed in more than 200 Biogas upgrading plants worldwide, with many installation track records in North America. With the experience of the world’s highest capacity of over 20,000 scfm LFG to RNG facility in the United States, UBE CO2 Separator has shown that low CAPEX and OPEX are achieved by its superior performance expands the potential of membrane technology which is conventionally considered suitable for small-scale RNG facilities to the large one.

UBE has decided to expand the polyimide hollow fiber production facilities at its Ube Chemical Factory and the gas separation membrane module production facilities at its Sakai Factory in order to meet rapidly growing demand, particularly for CO2 separation membranes. Both expanded facilities are scheduled to go on-line in the first half of fiscal 2025, increasing production capacity by about 1.8 times. This expansion of production capacity will enable UBE to catch up with the demand for Biogas upgrading membranes in Canada, where the market is expected to grow even more significantly in the future.

UBE will contribute to the development of a sustainable world by expanding its business in the environmental and energy fields through the supply of CO2 separation membranes for Biomethane.

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