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Feedstock Supply, the backbone of AD Plants



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2020-12-17 From 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

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Part of a webinar series to discuss how modern solutions can resolve everyday problems and reduce costs






Feedstock Supply, the backbone of AD Plants 

December 17th, 2020 

AD plants require an appropriate quantity and quality of feedstock in order to achieve consistent operations. This AD process involves complex biological and chemical interactions. The most cost effective way to achieve profitability is to carefully plan what feedstock is fed into the digesters. Often, combining feedstock types can keep a digester running optimally with maximum productivity and profitability. This webinar will explore the feedstock supply chain for AD plants, will discuss some challenges and how to avoid them.
If you are an OPERATOR this webinar will help you get the most from your installation simply by improving feedstock planning.
If you are a PROJECT DEVELOPER this webinar will help you learn how to present the most compelling case with your available feedstock that each plant is safely operating at  maximum capacity.
If you are an INVESTOR this webinar will help you identify which AD projects have a stronger feedstock plan than others and therefore minimize risk.

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Jordan Solomon
Christopher Maloney
VP & Global Head, Organics Diversion
Zenviro Tech


Amir Akbari