Biogas HANDS ON 8-Day Online Training

Biogas HANDS ON 8-Day Online Training


When:  From: 2020-08-31 to 2020-09-09

Where: Online - Webinar

Event language: English

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    IBBK’s flagship training “proBIOGAS International” will be online this year! 

    As conditions change, we have to adapt! 

    But: we still want to offer you the same service and a similar, interactive experience like one of our live biogas trainings – so you can load up on specific, in-depth knowledge to apply directly once things get back to normal again.

    That is why we are combining the flexibility and convenience of an online training  with the interactive character of our live events in a practical and affordable way.

    A large part of the world is in a “lockdown-mode” and it is very hard to travel internationally.

    But this also means right now it is your perfect time to get ahead while you have the time for it. So instead of meeting in a class room this summer/fall, we will take everything online!

    During this 8-day biogas training, you will get the in-depth experience of our live biogas trainings combined with the ease of attending an event from the comfort of your home.

    We will conduct this event August 31st – September 9th, and it is divided into 5 days of presentations and workshops during week 1… and 3 days of personalized Q&A sessions during week 2.

    We have support and endorsement by the University of Hohenheim, one of the world’s most renowned agricultural and biogas research institutes.

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