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U.S. Gain: Our Tailored Approach to RNG Development

At U.S. Gain, we provide tailored solutions to account for all our customer’s project needs and help them to derive value from every engagement – both economically and environmentally. Whether you are seeking a fixed or variable gas offtake agreement or an equity investment, U.S. Gain can help you realize benefit from an RNG development project. As a tenured leader in all aspects of RNG development and project management, we can help you account for project regulations, waste management and gas rights, clean-up, pipeline interconnect negotiating, trucking logistics and gas storage.


Backing of USV

Backed by the strength and size of U.S. Venture, Inc., a $9 billion company headquartered out of Appleton, Wisconsin, we are committed to finding a better way for our customers to succeed. Our team is continually pursuing unconventional, innovative solutions, and with the financial backing of U.S. Venture, Inc., we can pioneer the way forward for our customers.


Project Experience

U.S. Gain is currently working with farmers, landfill owners and municipalities across the nation – enabling waste to be transformed into clean, renewable natural gas. Through direct investment and offtake agreements, U.S. Gain is developing RNG at more than 20 agricultural facilities, landfills and wastewater treatment plants. Further, as a vertically integrated natural gas provider, we can streamline the process of bringing your RNG to market. U.S. Gain currently supplies RNG to over 50 natural gas fueling stations and 100 other delivery points – serving as your direct link to the transportation market. 


Compliance and Trading Expertise

Our team of tenured compliance experts have been working with environmental commodity programs such as the LCFS, CFP and RFS since their inception – enabling fleets to obtain financial benefits simply by using alternative fuel. Also, our tenured in-house trading team has extensive experience in commodity and credit trading – maximizing value for all parties. Since U.S. Gain often shares a portion of these credits with fleets and organizations, it provides you an opportunity to significantly offset the total cost of ownership for an alternative fuel development project and the ability to generate a new revenue stream.


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