Product Description

VALODOR: Gas Odorisation System

Prodeval offers VALODOR, a gas odorisation system. Biomethane is odorised using the by-pass method, by running the gas through a tank containing a liquid odorant. Ensured by the difference in pressure both upstream and downstream of the apparatus, the biomethane flow rate does not necessitate a pump and therefore there is no energy cost involved. The final concentration of THT injected in the biomethane is regulated continuously by an automated system.

Prodeval - VALODOR process

SAVINGS MADE by the sale of biomethane in start-up and shut-off phases

222,000 € over 15 years (for sole use of VALODOR®)

132,000 € over 15 years (for use of VALODOR® and the rental of the current odorisation system)



Ease of use & reliability of the method

Rapid stabilisation of the desired THT content

No loss of production linked to the start-up and shut-off phases

Simple integration into the VALOPUR® treatment process

Precision of the THT content in the biomethane



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