Optimizing digestion process

Optimizing digestion process


When: 2020-06-16 From : 01:00 PM TO 02:00 PM

Where: Online - Webinar

Event language: English

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    Maintaining a stable and healthy digestion process is key to maximizing the beneficial use of biosolids and keeping solids disposal costs low. Digester upsets can quickly become very costly, and both process design and operation play an important role in reducing 'indigestion'. During this 45-minute webinar, we discuss the digestion process, how mixing plays an important role in process stability and how to diagnose and treat common digester ailments. We'll also save time for live Q&A with process and product specialists to answer your questions.

    Here's what you'll learn:
    • A deeper understanding of anaerobic digester biology and the digestion process
    • How to apply best practices to maximize digester performance and improve process stability
    • How proper mixing design plays an important role in the success of a digester

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