Biogaz Europe 2018

8th Biogas Asia Pacific Forum



Event Date

From 2019-11-26 to 2019-11-27

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This is one and only Biogas Forum in Asia Pacific that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss!






Taking place at The Tribrata Opus Grand Ballroom in Jakarta, Indonesia on 26-27 November 2019, this is the one forum focusing on on-going and upcoming biogas development that will take place starting 2019. 

 The current status of biogas in Indonesia will revolves around BioCH4/BioCNG which will open up countless opportunities for the biogas market. Transporting BioCNG via trucks or pipeline is seen to be a good alternative for industries and power. 

 Many industries in Indonesia and South East Asia will need BioCNG to fuel their operations and power needs. 

 Thus, this forum will bring together all stakeholders ranging from Plantation Owners, Industry players, government agencies and transportation companies to one place, one location - to utilize biogas and BioCNG in “Accelerating The Development Of The Regional Biogas Industry ”.