Biogas Upgrading & CBG Roundtable 2019

Biogas Upgrading & CBG Roundtable 2019


When:  From: 2019-08-14 to 2019-08-15

Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Event language: English

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    Being the major producer of agriculture products, such as rice, rubber, sugarcane, cassava, fruits, cone and palm oil, Thailand’s energy consumption has increased dramatically over the past decade. Due to the economic and population growth, it is expected to be continuously growing for many years to come. To reduce the energy supply from foreign imports while meeting the domestic energy demand in a more sustainable way, Thai government is highly encouraging the use of renewable energy produced from agricultural wastes

    This forum will offer deep insights into how Thailand tackles all the challenges and made itself the Leader of Biogas Upgrading in South East Asia gaining the renewable electricity, heat and vehicle fuel generate from waste.

    If you have questions such as: 
    • What’s the alternative when selling of electricity to the grid is not feasible due to distance?
    • Power grid is at full capacity! How? 
    And let the professionals surprise you with the efficiency and compatibility of dual fuel engine! 

    You are welcome to join us at the Biogas Upgrading And CBG Roundtable 2019 on 14 - 16 August at Northern Science Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The key players involved in Biogas Upgrading will the there! Get all your queries answered by the right person!

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