With 30+ years of experience delivering solutions for demanding water and wastewater applications, GTI has grown to become a global leader in cover and liner systems. We offer total turnkey solutions—everything from custom-design work, to fabrication, to installation and commissioning, to aftercare service. Our team has completed 250+ installations in the industrial, municipal, and agricultural sectors around the globe.


GTI’s covers and liners are designed to:

  • Collect biogas to be converted into green energy
  • Control odors and temperature fluctuations
  • Block sunlight to control algae growth
  • Reduce contamination and disinfection by-products
  • Protect the environment through safe containment


State-of-the-art fabrication facility

GTI owns and operates a large fabrication facility to ensure our covers live up to both our and our customers’ budget and timing expectations. It provides us the flexibility to carefully fabricate large panels to provide built-to-last products.


Strong relationships

We work with all our customers to truly understand their needs so that we can suggest the appropriate solution. By having the same team dedicated to fabricating, installing, and maintaining most of our products, GTI can build a genuine rapport with customers and offer a unique, personalized experience. We can also assure that high-quality standards are met throughout all stages of the project.

Not a current GTI customer? Let our experienced team assess conditions at your facility, provide recommendations, and help you implement them. We employ expert professionals who happily service your cover or liner systems even if they were not provided by Geomembrane Technologies Inc..

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