Product Description

A high quality & profitable small scale system

The VALENTIN biogas plant offers the newest digester size in the PlanET fleet. Its small, modular design is specifically targeted toward farms that have not been able to implement larger digester projects. Like all other PlanET digesters, the VALENTIN benefits from our 20 years of experience designing and building best-in-class digesters.

This plant uses the same, trusted components used in the 1,000+ digesters PlanET has built, however this design allows for quick and easy construction on site. The organic materials fed into the digester are converted into high quality biogas which can be used to run a combined heat and power unit (CHP) to produce electricity and heat or strictly as a boiler fuel substitute for heat generation.


Benefits of the VALENTIN

The benefits enjoyed by owners of VALENTINE include:

• Power sales to diversify farm revenues
• Reduction or possible elimination of electricity costs
• Elimination of all or a portion of bedding costs in the future
• Energy independence
• Weed seed destruction
• Reduction of odors from manure
• Useful heat may be produced for buildings near the digester


Your tailored independent energy solution

Base load renewable power: not possible with wind and solar energy plants

Island mode operation: allowing independence from the grid

Complete disassembly: 90% of plant can be torn down and relocated if needed

75 to 150 kW: depending on the substrate used

Large gas storage: for operational flexibility


Components & Layout

The VALENTIN biogas plant was specially designed as a small-scale plant, which can be operated in remote areas to produce electricity and/or heat, even if the farm is grid constrained or even if no power grid is available. It is highly standardized and engineered for easy integration into an existing farm and it can be assembled and commissioned without advanced tools or digester construction knowledge.

At most potential locations, especially on farms, there is already existing infrastructure for manure management on site. Instead of pumping the manure straight from the barn into a lagoon or storage tank, the customer just integrates an additional step to produce their own electricity. The technical module contains all moving parts and it is preassembled for easy transport and installation





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