Turning Landfill Gas into Renewable Natural Gas: Waga Energy and Steuben County’s Vision to Make RNG Accessible to All

By | 2024-05-08

With a strategic focus on expansion into North America, Waga Energy has made significant progress in recent years. Waga Energy has commissioned its first Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) project in the United States in March 2024, and has 7 more projects under construction in the US.

In a partnership between Waga Energy and Steuben County, a new chapter in renewable natural gas production unfolds at the Bath Landfill in Steuben County, New York. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of renewable energy solutions, harnessing innovative technology to convert landfill gas into RNG – a clean, local, and renewable energy source.

Waga Energy, renowned for its expertise in RNG production from landfill gas, has deployed its cutting-edge WAGABOX® technology at the Bath Landfill, producing up to 207,000 MMBtu (60 GWh) of RNG annually. This achievement not only proves Waga Energy’s dedication to environmental sustainability but also reflects Steuben County’s proactive approach to harnessing their landfill gas to create a local source of energy.

By utilizing membrane filtration paired with cryogenic distillation to upgrade landfill gas, Waga Energy’s WAGABOX® facility ensures the production of RNG of the highest quality, regardless of variations in landfill gas composition and flow. This innovative approach maximizes the renewable energy potential of landfills while curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Steuben County’s decision to partner with Waga Energy exemplifies its commitment to environmental commitment and its willingness to embrace forward-thinking solutions for sustainable energy production. As the first municipality in the United States to adopt Waga Energy’s breakthrough technology, Steuben County sets a precedent for other communities to follow.

The benefits of this collaboration extend beyond environmental conservation. By supplying RNG to the existing Corning Natural Gas network, the project not only reduces CO2 equivalent emissions by an estimated 13,500 tons per year, but also provides RNG to the equivalent of 4,000 households annually. The project generates revenue through the sale of RNG, with proceeds shared between Waga Energy and Steuben County, further incentivizing the adoption of the WAGABOX® technology on landfills.

In a world in search of sustainable energy solutions, Waga Energy stands out as a pioneer in the production of RNG from landfill gas. Their innovative technology turns a pollutant into a valuable resource while supporting a circular economy. Their recent expansions in North America and the commissioning of several WAGABOX® units are a testament to their commitment to global sustainability. Waga Energy’s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of innovation and partnership in building a cleaner, greener future for all.