Providing Improved Sales & Service to the Permian Basin

By | 2024-04-30

Profire’s New Office and Warehouse in Odessa, Texas, is Officially Open!

Profire’s new location in the Permian Basin is all about providing you with better service. By opening this office & warehouse, they’re strategically placing themselves amongst the local industries they serve, increasing efficiency and providing direct access to the expertise their customers need. Profire’s goal is to enhance their customers’ experience with their innovative solutions—from the convenience of Odessa, Texas.

Here is what you need to know about their new location:

  • They’re enhancing expert availability in the Permian Basin;
  • They’re improving localized services for better access to support;
  • They’re minimizing downtime with a fully stocked warehouse;
  • They’re offering in-house training for your teams.

Profire Permian Basin Sales & Service Office

A Solidified Presence in the Permian Basin

Profire’s new warehouse and office in the Permian Basin solidifies their presence in a fast-growing region full of potential and opportunity. At the heart of America’s booming oil & gas hub in Odessa, Profire’s team is elevating customer experience by streamlining the delivery of their solutions, reducing lead times for enhanced convenience. By setting up shop in this new location, their products & services are now more accessible to you than ever. Their presence will be able to better cater to your unique regional needs!

Improved Service & Support Efficiency

The Odessa office will be your source for Profire Solutions in the Permian area, acting as a local hub for parts distribution. This strategic decision will boost Profire’s service & support efficiency, reducing wait times with their new fully stocked warehouse, and minimizing downtime to keep your operations running smoothly. At this new warehouse, you can walk in with an issue and walk out with a customized solution the same day! If you can’t pick up items in person, don’t worry: Profire’s quick delivery time will also reach you faster than ever.

New On-site Training Available!

Profire’s new facility in the Permian Basin can serve as a centralized hub for accessible training sessions on system installation, operation, and troubleshooting led by their experts. If you or your team are looking for specialized training on their Burner & Combustion Management solutionscontact Profire’s experts today to schedule a session!

Behind the Decision: Why Odessa?

Profire’s decision just makes sense. Their new location is right in the heart of the Permian Basin, one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the US. It’s an area where their services and solutions are the most needed. Ultimately, their investment here is all about improving your access to innovative technologies for safer, more efficient, growth in your operations.

More In-House Solutions Delivered Straight to You

Profire announced they’ll now be able to deliver services like Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) directly from their warehouse, not only speeding up your project timelines but also increasing overall efficiency and providing a level of reliability you can depend on. Profire will continue increase their in-house offerings to better benefit your operational needs.

If you’re in Odessa on May 17th, come to Profire’s Open House! Tour Profire’s warehouse, enjoy food, enter to win an RTIC Cooler, and get to know the Profire team. RSVP HERE.