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Anaergia Inc. is a global leader in offering sustainable solutions for the generation of renewable energy and the conversion of waste to resources. Through a proven portfolio of proprietary technological solutions, Anaergia maximizes the generation of renewable energy, diversion of waste from landfill and reduction of greenhouse gases for customers across the municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Through its subsidiaries, including Anaergia Services and UTS Biogastechnick GmbH, Anaergia is trusted at more than 1,600 operational renewable energy projects globally.


Our history

Anaergia was built on acquisitions of highly capable and experienced organizations as well as focused investment into innovation and a global footprint of execution capabilities. Through these acquisitions and investments in R&D, Anaergia is able to provide fully integrated and innovative solutions that reduce life cycle costs, maximize biogas output and provide flexible delivery models to our customers


What we do

Municipal wastewater

Anaergia provides solutions to increase the efficiency and can transform wastewater treatment facilities into assets that are net producers of electricity in a number of ways.

  • Renewable energy: Solutions to convert flare gas into renewable electricity and heat for plant operations. Learn More
  • Digester capacity increase: Retrofits to convert existing digesters or storage tanks into high solids anaerobic digesters for increase capacity.
  • Food waste co-digestion: Technologies to enable co-digestion of food wastes and other organic wastes in existing infrastructure for increased diversion and onsite energy generation. Learn More
  • Biosolids management: Solutions to dewater and dry digestate in a cost effective and odour free manner that meets Class A biosolids standards. Learn More


Municipal solid waste

Anaergia provides a new approach to for municipalities to recover resources from municipal solid waste and treat residuals. Anaergia combines several proven technologies to help municipalities achieve renewable energy and diversion targets.

  • Waste diversion: Solutions to divert over municipal solid waste and source separated organics from landfills while recovering plastics, papers and metals for recycling. Learn More
  • Renewable energy: Solutions to separate and generate electricity from both the biogenic and non-biogenic fractions of mixed waste streams. Learn More



Anaergia provides solutions for farms and food processors to reduce waste disposal costs using proprietary anaerobic solutions that recover resources from high strength wastewater and organic solids.

  • Renewable energy: Convert solid organic waste and high strength wastewater into renewable base load electricity or renewable fuel. Learn More
  • Nutrient management: Integrated solutions that recover nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium from waste streams and convert them into natural high quality fertilizer. Learn More


Why we are different

In-house manufacturing – Exclusive technology

Proprietary in-house manufactured technology and exclusive equipment packages from some of the most recognized equipment providers globally uniquely position Anaergia to provide fully integrated solutions for recovering resources and generating renewable energy.


Delivery models

  • Engineered process and equipment package
  • Fully integrated design build solutions
  • Design build own operate solutions


For more information, please visit Anergia’s website.


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  • Biogas & RNG Project Consulting
  • Biogas System Consulting
  • Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)
  • Construction Services

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