Product Description

High solids mixers: Premium Digester Mixers

Lowest Energy. Highest Performance. Maximum Flexibility.

Anaergia’s ultra-efficient yet powerful mixers were perfected in over 2,000 of the toughest digester applications. The mixers simplify installation, operations and maintenance, save energy, increase flexibility and enhance digesters to mix virtually any type of feedstock.



How does the high solids mixers work?


ANAERGIA – How does High Solids Mixers with Service Boxes work

Ultra efficient mixers with real-time intelligent controls adjust speed to save energy and avoid cavitation

Fully adjustable mixers increase redundancy and mixing energy across the tank while maximizing tank turnovers to increase biogas production

Rugged and proven design including stainless steel components

Powerful direct drive Permanent-Magnet

Synchronous Motor provides required torque for higher viscosity applications including food waste and energy crop feedstocks



Service boxes

ANAERGIA – Service boxes of High Solids Mixers with Service Boxes

Operator flexibility to adjust mixer heights and angles from outside the tank

Easy access for mixer inspection and maintenance while the digester remains in service

Eliminate complex external sludge pipes and valves

Uncompromised Performance and Flexibility

Lowest Cost and Energy Use

Energy use is minimized while digester mixing performance is greatly enhanced. Simple installation eliminates all external pipes and valves.


Flexibility to Mix High Solids

Unique high torque mixers were perfected to mix everything from sewage sludge to food and agricultural waste. Mixer adjustment and service box provide unparalleled fl exibility for O&M and facilitates periodic digester cleaning cycles to suspend grit.


Rugged and Reliable Construction

Rugged high quality materials and slow moving clog-resistant blades have worked reliably in over 2,000 installations and minimize O&M burden.

ANAERGIA – High Solids Mixers with Service Boxes picture

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