Product Description

Feedstock Preparation with organics polishing


Organic feedstock produced by Anaergia’s line of Organics Extrusion Presses is cleaned by a dynamic cyclone that reliably removes small contaminants such plastic film, and inert floating material. This efficient system reduces digester maintenance and helps facilities meet strict digestate quality requirements without the need for post screening.



Feedstock Preparation: Polishes organic fraction extruded by Anaergia’s OREXTM or BIOREXTM presses to produce an organic feedstock for anaerobic digestion and removes packaging and film plastics from slurries of food waste

Improved Digester Performance: Reduces digester maintenance requirements

Improved Biosolids Quality: Physical contaminants are removed to facilitate production of high quality digestate

Anaergia- Cleanrex process



  • Adjustable screen sizes allow for up to 99% removal of plastic contaminants
  • Integrated air blower optimizes plastic separation, makes a cleaner reject and controls odorous air
  • Exchangeable hardox centrifugal wearplates
  • Integrated screen cleaning water maintains a high screen open area ensuring a high level of organics recovery
  • Clean organic fraction improves digester performance, increases digestate value and meets stringent compost requirements



  • Optional hopper for dosing, mixing and buffering of the organic fraction; designed to prevent bridging
  • Main bearings located outside of the machine increase lifespan and accessibility for exchanges
  • Main bearings are equipped with temperature sensors to predict failure and prevent major machine damage
  • Shaftless screws made of wear-resistant steel
  • Exchangeable impeller shaft and screen
  • Skid mounted system with integrated PLC and automatic controls

Anaergia- Cleanrex picture

Anaergia- Role of Cleanrex in biogas production process

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