Product Description

Increase Capacity with sludge thickening


The SST enables high solids digestion by thickening digester solids and returning them to the digester. The liquid fraction, which is extremely low in suspended solids, is rejected and can be sent to headworks for treatment. Removing the liquid fraction of digestate frees space for solids loading, and digester capacity is increased. The SST’s robust design allows for long operation times, minimal maintenance, and extremely low power consumption.



1. Digester sludge is fed to the SST for thickening.
2. The liquid fraction of the sludge, or filtrate, is removed.
3. The solids fraction is pressed out of the SST as a cake and returned to the digester.



• Anaerobic Digestion: Recuperative thickening enables high-solids digestion and increased biogas production.
• Municipal Sludge: Thicken municipal sludge to reduce volume.
• Agricultural: Thicken manure to reduce volume for hauling, composting, and land application.

ANAERGIA - Sludge Screw Thickener (SST) process

Low solids filtrate (left) is removed from digestate
(right) while concentrated cake is returned to the






ANAERGIA - Advantages of the Sludge Screw Thickener (SST)Advantages

• Reduced risk of screen blockage
• Integrated spray cleaning system for easy maintenance
• Adjustable cake dryness
• Slow rotation speed minimizes maintenance
• Continuous operation and long duty cycles
• Low energy consumption, often 90% less than traditional decanters or centrifuges
• Increases existing digester capacity


ANAERGIA - Process of biogas production and utilization with the sludge Screw Thickener (SST)


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