Product Description

Fibreplate ultrafiltration membranes for water and wastewater treatment

Fibracast, a member of the Anaergia group of companies, has developed a breakthrough in ultrafiltration membrane technology for Water and Wastewater applications. FibrePlate™ is a next generation hybrid membrane that integrates the strengths of both hollow fibre and flat plate membrane technologies while eliminating the weaknesses of each.

FibrePlate™ provides a cost effective solution through a simplified product design and reduced facility footprint. The exceptional membrane strength of the FibrePlate™ also lowers lifecycle cost by providing exceptional membrane durability and life expectancy.

These membranes are uniquely suited to wastewater treatment by providing :

  • High Sustainable Fluxes with low operating costs
  • Higher throughput per unit volume
  • Robust membranes that are operator friendly
  • Minimized potential for sludging

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