Product Description

Reduce Volume with sludge dewatering


With installations across the globe, the Sludge Screw Dewaterer is the ideal solution for dewatering municipal and agricultural biosolids to produce dry cakes comparable to any centrifuge or decanter. With a high capture rate, the liquid fraction is low in suspended solids.
The SSD’s robust design allows for long operation times, minimal maintenance, and extremely low power consumption.

ANAERGIA - Sludge Screw Dewaterer


• Innovative wipers reduce the risk of screen blockage
• Integrated spray cleaning system for easy maintenance
• Adjustable cake dryness



1. Sludge fed to the SSD is conditioned for thickening by polymer addition.
2. Free water is drained from the feed sludge in the first stage of thickening.
3. Two stages of pressing occur, and a high solids cake is squeezed out of the SSD.



• Long life and maintenance free operation due to slow rotation speed
• Continuous operation and long duty cycles
• Low energy requirements, often 90% less than comparative decanters or centrifuges
• Dewatered cake for volume reduction and reduced disposal fees

Anaergia- Process of biogas utilization and production with the sludge screw dewaterer

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