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Check Valve Bray-Rite: State of the Art 

Ritepro’s Bray/Rite wafer combination swing check valves are flow activated and Rite Sized. Bray/Rite inlet ports and disc have been shape optimized to achieve a fully open position at low flow rates (3 ft/s on average). Therefore, the Bray/Rite operates exceptionally well in the flow rates typically found in pipelines containing control valves and lines with varying media flows.

Compare the Bray/Rite to typical full-sized swing check valves. Due in part to their oversized, heavier discs, these valves only fully open at an average flow rate of 11 ft/s. When activated at a lower flow rate, these valves loose true controllability and do not fully open. A partially open disc creates an obstruction that produces a higher pressure drop and fluttering of the valve disc – disturbing the flow and increasing the chance of water hammer.

Bray/Rite is Rite Sized to eliminate these problems. It has been engineered to accelerate line media through the valve and achieve a virtually unobstructed full opening in low pressure. Rite Sized, combined with the limited movement of internal parts during operation, reduces wear – enhancing the long service life of a Bray/Rite valve.

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Check Valve Bray-Rite by Bray ControlsModels: 201, 203, 205, 210, 212, 312, 260, 211

Size Range: 1″ – 60″ (25mm – 1500mm)

Pressure Ratings: PN10, ASME 125 lb, ASME 150 lb, PN 16, PN 25, ASME 300 lb, PN 40

Body Materials: ASTM A 126 CLB, ASTM A 395, ASTM A 216 WCB, ASTM A 351 CF8M, Titanium

Seats: BUNA-N, EPDM, A240 – 304 (Inserted or Integral) ***, PFTE, Viton

Spacers: PTFE (Standard on 1″ – 12″ Cast Iron Bodies), A479 – 316

Applications: Reduction of Water Hammer


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