Product Description

BPC® Go: the next generation of gas volume and flow meter for laboratory applications

BPC® Go is the next-generation gas volume and flow meter containing an in-built computer to simplify and secure low gas flow measurements. It automatically measures both wet and dry gases at laboratory scale with high precision and accuracy without the need for recalibration. Built to the highest standards of Scandinavian quality, it is simple to set up and use for online, real-time monitoring from any location.

BPC® Go offers you:

  • Embedded microcontroller to secure measurements and data acquisition
  • AuroraTM software platform includeds
  • Two measurement resolutions (9 ml and 2 ml)
  • Large storage capacity (up to 135 000 litres of gas)
  • Wide measurement range (0.2 ml to 6000 ml/h)
  • View standardised results from anywhere; even on your phone or tablet
  • Run both batch and continuous experiments with remote access


To know all the details and technical specifications about BPC® Go, please visit the BPC Instruments website or download the BPC® Go Brochure.


For applications where precise measurements are key

BPC® Go is an excellent instrument for any application where the precise volume and flow measurements of wet and dry gases are key. It normalises gas flow rates and volume measurements at 0 ˚C and 1 standard atmosphere (atm). It is also possible to adapt the measurement to either wet or dry gases by allowing or removing measurement contributions from water vapour. Real-time temperature, pressure and humidity compensation ensure all gas volume and flow measurements are accurate.

BPC® Go provides a wide detection range with high linearity up to 1500 ml/h for 2 ml flow cell and up to 6000 ml/h for 9 ml flow cell.


Zero labour

All gas flow measurements are taken online and in real-time, requiring no labour, freeing up time for other activities.


Easy to start up, easy to use

It’s automatic! That means no costs for labour, no expenses for expert help, and no writing results in Excel files or notebooks. A simple intuitive user interface makes setting up and monitoring any research project simple. Just fill it with water, connect to a power source, then start.


Read results from anywhere on any device

It is easy to connect to your local network or the internet, meaning laboratories and R&D institutions around the world can monitor results from any device, including tablets and mobile phones.


Easy maintenance and calibration free

A modular design makes the maintenance of BPC® Go easier than in any BPC Instrument product before it. The calibration-free flow cells come in two resolutions (2 and 9 ml) and can be exchanged at any point.
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