Product Description

Fitec Automated Bicarbonate Analyzer

Bacteria in anaerobic digesters require a pH-value in the range of about 6.5 to 8 to efficiently produce biogas. Stabilization of the pH-value within this range is predominantly obtained by the release of large amounts of bicarbonate from the anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes.

Process interruptions such as overfeeding often result in increased concentrations of volatile fatty acids (VFA) and to decreasing amounts of bicarbonate as these acids consume the bicarbonate and in extreme cases, even leading to biological collapse and plant failure.

Monitoring the bicarbonate values in the digester is a reliable and accurate tool for determining feeding rates.

Advantages of process control with an automated bicarbonate analyzer

  • With fully automatic monitoring of a plant’s bicarbonate levels
  • Detects changes earlier than other tools available
  • Rapid results gives an operator the time needed to avoid economic losses
  • The large amount of data generated by fully automatic monitoring enables a close relationship to the existing operating conditions inside a digester. Determining what causes dips in biogas production becomes significantly easier
  • The automated measurement feature enables 24/7 remote monitoring of the biological system
  • Increases the availability of biogas plants and thus their financial success
  • Data is easy to understand
  • No calibration required
  • No messy sampling required

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